This Is How I Use My Oven to Grill Indoors

No Grill?

Whether your grill is broken, it's cold and windy, or you simply want to stay indoors, sometimes, grilling outside just isn't an option.

Fortunately, you have a few ways to grill indoors. Try these simple ideas using your stove or oven to bring the grilled flavor inside.

Idea #1

Broiler Pan

One of the easiest ways to grill indoors is to use a broiler pan. This process will have your oven set at its highest temperature, so plan on a quick cook.

Idea #2

Cast Iron

Cast iron grill pans are made to withstand the high temperatures of your oven, making them a great option for grilling indoors. Be sure to place your pan on the lowest rack in your oven.

Idea #3

Grill Pan

The oven isn't your only option for grilling. Try using a grill pan on your stove as well. Make sure to load up on spices and seasonings to replicate that grilled flavor.