This Is How I Grill Without a Grill

No Grill?

Not much beats tossing your favorite foods on the grill on those warm summer days. So what do you do when the weather doesn't cooperate?

Thankfully, there are a few simple methods you can use to get that grilled flavor without using a grill.

Method #1

Oven Broiler

If your oven has a broiler function, it's a great way to grill indoors. The extra high heat will come from the top of the oven and produce a crispy outside and juicy inside.

Method #2

Cast Iron Skillet

If you're looking for a way to grill on your stove, a cast iron skillet is a great option. While the results won't be as good as a grill, it's another great indoor option to consider.

Method #3

Slow Cooker

If you're looking to barbecue something like pulled pork or a brisket, a slow cooker is a great option. Simply add your sauce and spices and cook on low heat over several hours.

Method #4

Culinary Torch

If you happen to have a culinary torch at home, it can be a great option to add a grilled touch to your foods. After your food has been cooked, use the torch to slightly char it.