This Is How I Heat My Shed Without Electricity

Need Heat?

While sheds are typically used for storage, many people use them as work areas as well. The question is - how do you stay warm in the cooler months?

While most sheds aren't heated, there are several simple ways you can stay warm while you work. Try these ideas if you want to use your shed for more than just storage.

Idea #1

Solar Power

Using scrap materials, such as black spray paint, soda cans, sheets of insulation, lumber, and a window with a frame, create a DIY solar box to capture and release heat into your shed.

Idea #2

Propane Heater

While most propane heaters are not suited for indoor use, there are some available that are safe to use. Pay special attention to the instructions and ensure proper ventilation.

Idea #3

A Fireplace

While some sheds are too small for a fireplace, if you have a larger one, it might be the perfect addition. Choose one that's slim in size, as most sheds are made to be compact.