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What is a Crawl Space Basement?

What is a Crawl Space Basement?

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You know that many homes have crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are important because they allow you to access pipes underneath your home easily.

Some homes don’t have crawl spaces because they have basements. In some areas, basements aren’t common home features.

Have you ever heard of a crawl space basement? Does such a thing exist?

Continue reading to learn about crawl space basements. You’ll understand the purpose of them and why it might be beneficial to have one.

What is a Crawl Basement Exactly?

When some people say “crawl space basement,” they’re simply referring to a normal crawl space. It’s just a different way of saying it. However, there is something that is sort of like both a crawl space and a basement at the same time.

There is something that some people refer to as a crawl basement. This is essentially a type of crawl space and basement hybrid that you can access via stairs.

A crawl basement isn’t really a normal type of basement that you’d use for storage. It’s more of a crawl space, but the ceiling will be higher than normal.

These crawl basements will generally allow you to stand up once you get down there. It’s not a full basement, but it’s not a standard crawl space either.

You can use this area for a few different purposes. It can be utilized for storage purposes.

Fitting totes and other things in the crawl space basement might be possible. It depends on how big it is and whether you think your items will be safe down there.

If it’s a finished space, you likely don’t have anything to worry about. Some crawl basements have bare earthen floors, though.

Also, you can check out the pipes and other things underneath your home from this space. So workers might need to access this area from time to time.

So What is a Crawl Space?

If you come from an area where most places have basements, you might not be too familiar with crawl spaces. Even if you have a vague idea of what a crawl space is, it’d be good to understand it better.

A crawl space is a small space that exists beneath some homes. This area will have a very low ceiling.

You’ll usually have to crawl to enter the space. That’s why it’s called a crawl space in the first place.

Often, the ceiling will be so low that you won’t be able to sit up while underneath the house. You’ll simply have to crawl on your hands and knees.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the crawl space. People usually only access the crawl space when they need to check something out underneath the house.

What is a Basement?

A basement is a level of your home that exists underground. Typically, basements are the lowest level of a home.

Basements can be used in many different ways. People often use basements as storage areas, but it’s also common for people to transform them into laundry areas.

You can turn basements into finished rooms and use them for just about anything. Some people use basements as entertainment areas where they can host when they have company.

Of course, basements do often have problems with being damp and humid due to being underground. It might be necessary to use a dehumidifier.

This is especially true if you live in certain areas where humidity is higher. Regardless, having a basement can be very useful.

It’s also worth noting that many people use basements as storm shelters. You can hide out in the basement when bad storms are passing through the area, and you’re worried about damaging winds or tornadoes.

Why Having Crawl Spaces or Crawl Basements is Good

Usually, it’s going to be better to have some type of crawl space under your home. This is going to make a lot of things easier.

When you have a crawl space, you can access your pipes, your HVAC ducts, and many other things. These would be much harder to access if your home didn’t have a crawl basement or a crawl space.

Those who live in places with warm weather benefit from having crawl spaces, too. It gives their homes better ventilation overall.

If the home was simply placed on a slab, it wouldn’t have good ventilation at all. This would make it harder to keep the home cool.

Problems with Crawl Spaces and Crawl Basements

Despite there being some positive reasons to have a crawl space or crawl basement, there are also problems to consider. Both crawl spaces and crawl basements often have significant issues with humidity and moisture.

Too much moisture can lead to issues such as mold or mildew growth. You could wind up having to deal with rotting wood as well as problems with your joists.

So you’ll need to work to keep moisture from becoming a problem. This involves ensuring that the crawl space or crawl basement has proper ventilation.

Using a dehumidifier in the crawl basement can be very helpful, too. If you notice any issues with mold, solve them as soon as you can.

Installing a sump pump can work to protect you from issues with pooling water. You just want to do your best to protect your home and keep things safe.

Final Thoughts

After learning about crawl basements, you should have a better understanding of what they are. A crawl basement isn’t a full basement.

It’s somewhere between a crawl space and a normal basement. These convenient spaces allow you to access ductwork, HVAC, pipes, and more easily.

You can also use crawl basements for other things. So you can think of them as crawl spaces with higher ceilings if you want to keep things simple.

For many, it’ll be good to have either a crawl space or a crawl basement. It helps with ventilation and it can be useful when it comes to accessing your pipes and ducts.

A full basement might be a better choice for certain people. However, basements aren’t common in certain areas of the world.


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