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Can Gutters Be Painted? (The Steps Involved)

Can Gutters Be Painted? (The Steps Involved)

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Gutters protect your property from damage by collecting rainwater and efficiently draining it away from your roof. But when they’re old, rusty, and dirty, they will affect the exterior look of your house.

Paying attention to how your house looks increases its curb appeal and market value. Moreover, you’ll enjoy an updated and renovated look without much hassle.

So, can gutters be pained? If yes, then how can you do this?

We’ve answered several questions regarding this topic, so keep reading to learn more about it.

Can Gutters Be Painted?

You can definitely paint gutters. As a matter of fact, this is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to update the look of an old property.

Gutters protect your home from water damage and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. And painting them will make them look good without affecting their function.

Depending on where you live and the material previously used to paint the house’s exterior, you might need to repaint it every five to ten years. So, the next time you plan to do so, you might also consider painting your gutters.

The actual painting job is pretty straightforward. However, due to the height and location of gutters, many homeowners consider hiring specialists to do this job.

This will definitely be an excellent decision if you have no previous painting experience. In addition, professionals have access to safety and work tools you don’t have, so they’ll do the job safer, faster, and probably in better quality.

What Color Should Gutters Be on a House?

Whether installing gutters for the first time or simply trying to renovate their look, there are multiple options regarding the gutters’ type and color. However, there are some factors that you might need to take into consideration.

  • Some neighborhoods and cities might have regulations or requirements regarding the gutters’ type and color. So, before you begin the painting job, you should ask about these.
  • Many interior and exterior decorators recommend picking the same color as your sidings for the gutters. However, a shade lighter or darker might also work to ensure that your painted gutters blend seamlessly with the house’s overall look.
  • For a unique look, you can choose a color that contrasts the sidings’ color but matches the trim on your house.
  • Light-colored gutters will show dirt more obviously if you don’t paint them regularly.
  • If you have very old gutters that you want to renovate, you might want to consider a slightly darker color because it won’t show discoloration.
  • Most people would go for white or off-white gutters because these two colors match beautifully with many different roof, siding, and trim colors. Nevertheless, other colors are also available.
  • Some homeowners consider installing copper gutters because they look unique, and their color changes over time.

Can Aluminum Gutters Be Painted?

When picking gutters for your property, you can choose between wood, copper, vinyl, steel, and aluminum.

Seamless aluminum gutters are probably the most popular ones because they’re strong, lightweight, and durable. Moreover, you can easily paint them if you’re planning to renovate your property.

Painting old aluminum gutters is a job that requires a lot of preparation and planning. When not done properly, the paint will quickly peel, and your gutters will look worse than they were before.

Can You Paint Gutters With a Brush?

Using a brush is better than using a roller when you’re painting your gutters. The brush will give you more control to tackle all the sides of your gutters for an excellent finish.

If you’re using a water-based color, pick a synthetic-bristle brush because it won’t soak up the water the way a natural-bristle brush would.

How to Paint Gutters

Painting gutters isn’t tricky, but there are specific steps to follow for the best result.

  • Safety is crucial, so don’t attempt to do this job by yourself, even if you have painting experience. At least two people should work together, and one should always secure the ladder.
  • Pick the right season to paint your gutters to allow the paint to set. It shouldn’t rain or snow for a few days, and the temperature shouldn’t fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the gutters before you start painting.
  • Remove gutter shields before painting.
  • Use soapy water to remove the dirt and scrape away any old paint that might be present.
  • Rinse the inside and outside of your gutters using a garden hose and remove any objects clogging them.
  • Fix any leaky seams before beginning the painting job.
  • Apply primer to extend the life of your paint. Allow it to set for at least 48 hours.
  • Apply a base coat of your paint, and don’t overdo it.
  • Wait for the paint to dry.
  • Apply a second layer for a seamless look and let it dry.
  • Reinstall the shields and braces after you’re done. If this painting job seems too challenging, you can definitely hire professionals to do it on your behalf.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Gutters?

You can use acrylic or oil paint to paint your gutters. Most homeowners prefer acrylic paint because it’s beginner-friendly and works well with aluminum gutters.

Moreover, acrylic paint dries in a few hours, while oil paint takes about a day. Since you’ll be applying at least two paint coats, acrylic paint will allow you to finish the job faster.

Several colors and shades are available, and acrylic paint has good waterproof properties. When you apply it over a primed surface, it tends to last for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Painting your gutters is an excellent way to renovate your home’s exterior. This is an easy job that you can finish with a friend or hire professionals to do it on your behalf.

You can paint all types of gutters using acrylic or oil paint, and there are various available shades and colors to choose from. Just ensure you’ve cleaned the gutters, removed any objects clogging them, and scraped old paint before you apply a fresh coat.


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