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Can I Shorten My Patio Heater?

Can I Shorten My Patio Heater?

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The patio is an excellent spot to hold outdoor BBQs, sip on delicious drinks, or even read a book at the end of the day.

Installing a patio heater allows you to use this precious space throughout the year. Patio heaters keep you warm when the temperature drops and add aesthetic value to your outdoor space.

But your patio heater might need some readjustment. So, you might be asking yourself, “Can I shorten my patio heater?”

Luckily, you’ve found this article because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this topic. So, keep reading.

What is a Patio Heater?

A patio heater is an outdoor heating device that adds value to your patio. In most cases, people don’t use their patios when the temperature drops, but with the help of your patio heater, this outdoor space will be highly appealing.

Patio heaters come in different shapes and sizes. Some use natural gas or propane, while others use electricity, but they all turn this fuel into heat to warm up your outdoor space.

Thanks to your patio heater, you can host gatherings and organize dinners on your patio. It also adds light and complements the other fixtures in your outdoor space.

Can I Shorten My Patio Heater?

Although a patio heater is a great addition, it can be challenging to move around, especially if it’s too long.

Some people find the patio heater too close to the roof, especially if the attached patio cover is made of fabric or wood.

Others think about shortening the heater because it’s using too much fuel, so they feel a shorter one will be more affordable.

So, can you shorten a patio heater?

You shouldn’t attempt to shorten the center post of the patio heater because this will damage it. Any modifications you do alone might cause the patio heater to malfunction or even catch fire.

This is why you should leave the center post of the patio heater the way it is.

Some manufacturers might list guidelines regarding shortening patio heaters. In this case, contacting a professional is best to see how this works.

You should also study the effect of this modification on the patio heater’s performance.

What Should I Do If My Patio Heater Is Too Long?

You shouldn’t modify or cut your patio heater if it’s too long. The only thing you should do is get a shorter one.

Ask a professional to assess your outdoor space and see how the heater will fit. A shorter patio heater will emit enough heat and use less fuel.

Should You Shorten Your Patio Heater?

Although, theoretically, you can unscrew your patio heater, it’s not the best idea.

Even if shortening the patio heater is safe, we don’t recommend doing this because it’s a risky and challenging job.

First, you have to find a certified professional to do the job. Attempting to do this job on your own is dangerous and can lead to serious injury.

You should gather all the needed tools and disassemble the patio heater carefully. You might lose or break some parts during this stage before you shorten the center post.

So, before attempting to shorten your patio heater, you should consider a few points.

  • Changing the patio heater’s height affects its performance. It might lead to increased fuel consumption or decreased heat output.
  • You might not be able to put all the pieces back together.
  • When the heat is too close to people sitting on the patio can be a safety hazard.
  • Shortening the center post usually violates the warranty. This means that the manufacturer won’t back you up or be responsible if you face any problems with your heater.
  • Modifications can result in liability concerns, as the manufacturer won’t be responsible for accidents.
  • You might break local building codes and laws by shortening the patio heater.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t attempt to shorten your patio heater as it can result in a malfunctioning issue. It can also be a safety hazard and start a fire.

If your current patio heater is too long, you can replace it with a shorter one.

Even if you hire a professional to do the job, there’s a big chance that your heater will malfunction or be too dangerous to use.


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