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Pergola Relocation: Is It Possible or a Pipe Dream?

Pergola Relocation: Is It Possible or a Pipe Dream?

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Have you started to think about buying a pergola for your backyard? Many people love pergolas because of how nice they look as well as how practical they are.

Having a pergola could make your backyard that much nicer. It’ll add some aesthetic appeal to the yard while also giving you a nice new gathering location.

If you decide that you want to move the pergola, is it possible to do so? Or are you supposed to keep it in the same location forever?

Keep reading to dig into this topic further. You’ll learn about what you can and cannot do once a pergola has been installed on your property.

You Can Technically Move a Pergola

Technically, you can move a pergola if you really want to. However, doing so is rather impractical.

You see, pergolas need to be anchored to the ground securely. There are several different anchoring methods that are used for pergolas.

Some people sink the posts into the ground and then use concrete to anchor them. They remain anchored at the ground level and aren’t meant to be moved.

Other anchoring methods include using heavy steel brackets. Either way, the most common anchoring methods involve using concrete to ensure that the pergola isn’t going to go anywhere.

As you’d expect, this will make it decidedly difficult to move the pergola to a new location. You would need to dig up the posts and safely move everything to the new location.

Often, moving a pergola is going to be more work than it’s worth. You might need the help of professionals to move the structure safely.

It’s important to have the necessary tools to dig the posts up out of the ground. Sometimes the pergola might need to be dismantled so it can be moved safely.

Most people choose to simply keep pergolas in the same spot once they’ve been installed. They aren’t really meant to be moved once they’ve been put in place.

Can You Move a Pergola to a New House?

Once again, this is something that is technically possible. It’s possible to move a pergola to a new location, but it’s not a practical idea in practice.

Since pergolas are anchored to the ground, it’s going to be tough to dig the posts up safely. This might require professional help and you run the risk of tearing up your yard.

If you’re moving to a new home, you might want to take your current pergola with you. As much as you love your pergola, it’d likely be more practical to leave the pergola where it is.

The pergola should be seen as a part of the house now. Uninstalling the pergola and getting it ready to move would require quite an effort on your part.

Generally, you’d need professional movers to handle such a big job. Pergolas weigh quite a bit and that would add to the cost of your move.

Since you can buy a pergola for $1,500 or so, it’s likely much more practical to buy a new pergola once you get to your new home. If you have an unlimited budget and movers that are willing to accommodate your requests, you could try to move a pergola to your new property.

Keep the Pergola Where It Is

Keeping the pergola where it is will truly be the best choice. You want to choose a good spot for the pergola before you have it installed.

Whenever you buy a pergola, it’s wise to take some time to think about where it would look the best on your property. Some people attach pergolas to the house while others put them in various locations throughout the yard.

Pergolas can be great to own, but they’re going to require a bit of work to install. You have to anchor them to the ground and doing so will involve using concrete.

Your pergola will be in place and it shouldn’t be moved once it’s been installed. Ideally, you want to put it in a spot where you’ll get the most enjoyment out of it.

Don’t have the pergola installed until you’re sure that you’ve picked out the right location. Take your time to think things over.

Whether you’re installing the pergola yourself or if you’re getting professional help, it’ll be best to take your time. You won’t feel the need to move it to another spot if you choose wisely in the beginning.

Installing a Second Pergola

If you have a large property, you might want to have a pergola in multiple locations. Perhaps you’ve considered moving your current pergola to a different spot that you want to use more often.

Instead of going this route, it might be better to just buy another pergola. While this might seem strange at first, it’s quite a bit easier than moving the pergola.

You can buy another pergola kit from a home improvement store and get to work. Install the pergola the same way that you did the other pergola that you own.

Yes, you will likely need to spend $1,500 or more to get a second pergola, but it’s more practical. If you want to have a pergola in a different spot on your property, buying another one might be for the best.

Otherwise, you might want to consider a similar structure. For example, you could buy a gazebo and put it in your garden.

People often confuse gazebos and pergolas because they’re used for many of the same purposes. Either way, just make good choices that will keep things easy for you on your property.

Final Thoughts

It’s not a great idea to try to move a pergola. You can do it if you have the necessary tools and help, but it’s not easy to accomplish.

Pergolas are anchored to the ground securely. They’re stuck in the ground with concrete and it’ll be quite difficult to dig the posts up.

It’ll cost a lot of money to move a pergola and it’ll require a substantial effort on your part. It’s likely that you’ll need to pay professionals.

You’re better off keeping the pergola where it is. Buy a new pergola if you’d like to have one in another spot or consider getting an alternative structure such as a gazebo.


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