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Can You Cook On a Fire Pit? (What to Expect)

Can You Cook On a Fire Pit? (What to Expect)

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Fire pits are some of the best outdoor features to install in your backyard and enhance your outdoor experience.

They don’t just add aesthetic value to your property, but they also provide you and your guests with light and warmth throughout the year.

But can you use your fire pit for other purposes? Can you cook on a fire pit?

Keep reading to learn about the best way to use your backyard’s focal point.

Can You Cook On a Fire Pit?

A good fire pit can cost between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. So, thinking about the most efficient ways to benefit from installing one in your outdoor space makes sense.

Luckily, you can cook on a wood-burning fire pit, and the wood you use will enrich your food with a delicious mouthwatering aroma. People love listening to the crackling sounds of the wood, and family and friends will enjoy conversations while waiting for your culinary skills to shine.

Some fire pits come with a grill grate attachment, or you can buy one from the hardware store. Some models come with built-in cooking surfaces, and some manufacturers offer them as add-ons.

Can You Cook On a Propane Fire Pit?

I don’t recommend cooking on a gas fire pit. Propane doesn’t give your food a delicious taste, and the grease drippings might clog the burners and affect your fire pit’s functions.

Can You Cook On a Fire Pit Table?

A fire pit table is a safer option than ordinary fire pits as it provides protection from open flames, especially if you have kids.

Since most fire pit tables use propane gas as fuel, I wouldn’t recommend using one for cooking food. You can toast some marshmallows or use it to heat a water pot for drinks.

Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend it for grilling meat or chicken.

What to Cook On a Fire Pit

Even if you aren’t a seasoned chef, you can experiment with several cooking ideas using your fire pit and impress everyone with your culinary creativity.

  • Grilling is probably the most common cooking technique. If you don’t want to use the grill crate, you can buy your guests individual grilling baskets where they can cook their food on their own.
  • Make skewers of meat, chicken, shrimp, fish cubes, and vegetables and rotate them regularly until they’re cooked. Stack your favorite ingredients and create customized skewers to suit your guests’ tastes.
  • Put a pot or pan directly on the grill or hang a pot from a tripod for slow cooking.
  • Spit roasting is another popular cooking technique, but it takes more time. So, plan ahead for summer nights, and the results will be exceptional.
  • You can use your fire pit to boil water for hot drinks.

Tips For Cooking On a Fire Pit

Cooking on a fire pit can be an entertaining activity that everyone enjoys.

Here are some tips to allow you to enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner.

Get Your Tools Ready

Always wear heat-resistant gloves while handling the fire pit. They will provide good protection while handling the grates and tongs and protect you from burns.

You’ll also need a thermometer to ensure your meat is properly cooked, a grill brush to season your food, and a fire extinguisher if something goes wrong.

Use the Right Type of Fuel

You can use various types of wood in your fire pit. I don’t recommend using softwood, even if it burns quickly because it smokes a lot and produces a lot of ash and resin.

Hardwood like oak, maple, and hickory will enhance the flavor of your food. Hickory wood is best suited to most meat, chicken, and turkey types.

You can use a mix of maple and mesquite for pork and chicken. Oakwood works for red meat and pork.

I don’t recommend using damp branches and leaves as they smoke terribly. This smoke will negatively affect your food’s flavor.

Start Your Fire Early

Take your time to start your fire early. Starting your fire late means that it takes more time to cook your food.

You might give out food too early because your guests are hungry, without ensuring it’s properly cooked. Consuming raw meat and chicken can lead to medical complications and should be avoided.

You should wait until all the logs have caught fire and then until your fire dies a little. This is the best fire to use for grilling your food.

Final Thoughts

You can use a wood-burning fire pit to cook your food, and there are several cooking techniques to experiment with. I don’t, however, recommend using propane fire pits for cooking because the propane will affect your food’s flavor.

You should wear protective gloves while handling the hot fire grill and pick the correct type of wood that enriches your food with a tasty aroma. You should also start your fire early and give it time to thoroughly heat up before you start cooking.


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