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Can You Wash Gazebo Covers in a Washing Machine? (Here’s What to Check)

Can You Wash Gazebo Covers in a Washing Machine? (Here’s What to Check)

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Gazebo covers are one of the few decorative items that combine aesthetics and functionality.

Not only do they add character to your house, but they also protect your gazebo from frost damage.

So, cleaning these covers is necessary to maintain that layer of protection. The question is: Can you wash gazebo covers in washing machines?

The answer is more complex than you think, so let’s not waste any time and get right to it!

Can You Machine Wash Gazebo Covers?

That’s not a yes or no question, as several variables factor into the equation. Let’s see what that means.

Type of Fabric

The first thing you need to consider before putting your covers in a washing machine is the durability of the fabric. Yes, all gazebo covers aren’t created equal.

Some fabrics, like silk for instance, can be too fragile for washing machines. They’ll end up warped, shrunk, or torn.

You can identify whether your covers’ material is safe for washing machines by checking their labels. If it doesn’t specify, you can Google it.

State of the Fabric

Your covers can be compatible with washing machines but not be in a state that allows them to withstand those aggressive cycles. So before washing them, look for any signs of damage, tears, or rips.


Because adding damaged fabric to a washing machine is a recipe for further damage. You also want to check for mold, as it can spread throughout the fabric when you wash it.

While minimal mold isn’t a big issue, extensive mold requires pre-treatment.

Your Machine’s Capacity

Washing machines have a limited capacity. If yours is too small, not only will it not clean the covers well, but it can also damage the fabric. If that’s the case, take your covers to a laundromat, as they usually have washing machines of various sizes.

Type of Machine

The type of washing machine you use can influence the success of the cleaning process. If you’re using a top-load agitator washing machine, adding gazebo covers wouldn’t be a good idea. These machines are usually too aggressive and can easily tear your fabric.

How to Clean Gazebo Covers With a Washing Machine

Washing gazebo covers isn’t the same as washing regular clothes. While the steps are the same for the most part, you have to make a few tweaks to accommodate the nature of the fabric.

Set the Covers Up for Washing

Checking for mold isn’t the only pre-washing step you should take.

You also want to give the covers a quick wash with a garden hose to remove debris, leaves, and dirt. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, you can use white vinegar and water.

Mix them together and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray your mixture generously and scrub the dirt or debris with a sponge.

Wash Your Covers

Avoid washing your covers with warm water, as it can cause them to shrink. Use cold water instead.

While some use chlorine bleach to wash white fabrics, using it on gazebo covers will damage the fibers.

Pro tip:

While the regular laundry detergent is good enough to remove dirt, OxiClean will give you better results.

Once you finish washing your covers, I recommend not keeping them in the dryer because that might cause them to shrink. Your best bet is to let them air dry on patio furniture or porch railing.

If you cleaned your covers in a laundromat, you can keep them in a big trash bag until you get home.

What’s the Safest Way to Clean Gazebo Covers?

Using washing machines might be the most convenient way to clean gazebo covers, but it’s not the safest. Washing them by hand is the perfect way to combine safety and great results.

Prepare Your Solution

You don’t have to use a fancy cleaning solution. A mixture of water and any mild detergent is good enough. You want to avoid strong alkaline and acid cleaners though, because they can damage the fabric.

Start Scrubbing

Grab a soft brush, dip it into the solution, and scrub your covers. Don’t scrub too hard so as not to damage them. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, you can just use a harder brush.

After that, leave the covers for a few minutes to allow the solution to sink in, then wash it off. You may have to repeat the process several times if the stains don’t go away.

Finally, rinse the covers, let them dry in the sun, and they’ll be good to go.

Final Thoughts

So if any of your friends get a new gazebo and ask: Can you wash gazebo covers in washing machines? You can tell them about the several variables factoring into the equation.

Those include the type of fabric, its state, the type of their machine, and its capacity. They also want to follow a specific cleaning procedure to avoid damaging the fabric.

That said, using washing machines isn’t the only option. If they’re up for a light workout, washing the covers by hand is a viable, efficient method.


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