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How to Connect a Blackstone Griddle to a RV Campers Propane?

How to Connect a Blackstone Griddle to a RV Campers Propane?

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One of the primary reasons I branched out from my Big Green Green and picked up this 28″ Blackstone Griddles is because I was looking for something that was easily transportable for camping. In doing this, nobody wants to haul an extra 20 lb tank with them if you have two 30 lb tanks strapped to the front of your camper ready to go.

How To Connect A Blackstone Griddle To A Rv Camper'S Propane

To solve this issue I recommend simply picking up a few fittings and adding 1/4 inch quick connects to both the Blackstone Grill and the propane tank. By putting the female end of the fitting on the propane tank this will allow you to easily disconnect the tank and leave it where ever you enjoy grilling at home.

When you put the male on end on the Blackstone Griddle you are free to simply connect it to your campers female quick connect connection.

Dual 30 Lb Propane Tanks On Rv Camper

Before we get into the parts needed to do this there is one important thing that must be kept in mind and that is that all propane supply lines must have a regulator on them. Your camper should already have one on the propane tanks on the front in which you will not need a second one prior to connecting your Blackstone Grill.

So in short, just make sure the regulator stays with the propane tank on your back deck (or where ever your favorite grilling location is).

Alright, now on to the parts that are needed to make connecting your Blackstone Griddle to your rv camper a breeze. I will reference parts to Amazon but the fittings can also easily be found at your local box store (Lowes, Home Depot, Menards…).

Parts Needed to Connect Blackstone Grill to RV Camper

How to Connect Blackstone Grill to RV Camper

Now that you have all the parts the first step will be wrapping the threads with the yellow tape. You’ll want to simply go around the threads twice which will prevent any gas leaks after the fittings are tighten. You’ll need to do this at every fitting that has threads.

Blackstone Male Quick Connect

Start out with the 3/8″ x 3/8″ swivel union and connect it to the 3/8″ Flare x 1/4″ adapter after you have the yellow tape on the adapter. Take a crescent wrench and a pair of dogs and tighten the two fittings together.

Next, repeat this step and add the male end of the 1/4″ quick connection adapter to the 3/8″ x 1/4″ adapter. After this is taped and tightened you can put a little yellow tape on the Blackstone connection and tighten the fitting in which this end of the quick connection to the Blackstone is complete and ready to either be plugged into a propane tank on your back deck or the RV Camper.

Blackstone Propane Femail Quick Connection W Regulator

At this point the Blackstone Grill is ready to be connected to the RV Camper, but you’ll want to adjust your tank line at home so you can easily grill here as well. To do this, wrap the 3/8″ Flare x 1/4″ adapter with the yellow gas tape and tighten the female end of the 1/4 quick connection and tighten it down.

Finally, you can wrap the other end of the adapter with yellow tape and tighten it down to the hose.

Be sure that this hose has the propane tanks regulator on it. As a reminder, this step wasn’t needed above as the camper should already have this regulator on it. If you use two regulators you will probably have issues with receiving enough propane.

So when you are connecting your Blackstone grill to either your propane tank on your back deck or your camper ensure you only have 1 regulator installed somewhere in the line.

Blackstone Connected To Propane Tank

That is it. You can now quickly connect and disconnect your propane on your back porch followed by quickly connecting or disconnecting the Blackstone Grill to your RV Camper.

Blackstone Stir Fry

Other things you may need when bringing the Blackstone Grill camping consist of the following items:


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Monday 15th of May 2023

This is a great idea and I want to try it! However my griddle is a 36”. Is that too big to supply propane to threw 1/4” adapters? Thanks!


Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

I'm curious about doing this. I just got the 28" Adventure Ready from Walmart. The Problem is, I have to also add a quick connect to my TT as it doesn't have one!

So before I go through all that work. Have you noticed any loss in quality? Does it not get as hot or work as well when using the quick connect and the TT regulator, anything like that? What about when using the quick connect at home to the Blackstone regulator?

Thanks for the tips!

Ben Esman

Saturday 26th of December 2020

I've never had a problem with my quick connects. As long as you only have 1 regulator between your propane source and your griddle, everything should work just fine. So for me, I have a regulator with a pigtail going to my Blackstone on my bad deck. On my camper the regulator is up front with the tanks in which I have a factory installed quick connect at the back of the camper. The only time you'll likely run into an issue is if you have more than one regulator on the line which will limit the amount of propane. Hope this helps and good luck with the Blackstone!


Friday 11th of September 2020

I'm curious what your experience has been breaking this unit down and taking it camping, if you have done that? I've been thinking of buying the 28" to replace my Coleman RoadTrip grill. We have a 28' travel trailer that we camp in and I'd want to be able to take this with me, and then connect to my RV's LP quick connect hose (I do this with my Coleman). I don't mind a little work for setup and tear-down, but don't want it to be too cumbersome. Thanks for your thoughts.

Ben Esman

Monday 14th of September 2020

Good morning, we have a 23' Shamrock Hybrid and we take the Blackstone with us every time we go camping. I'm honestly not sure we have ever even used the interior stove that came with the camper. I personally really wanted to go with the 36" griddle but the steel top was an extra 100 lbs and the base that it sat on didn't fold together very well. This is what let me to the 28" RV version, and as a family, we love it. We store the top in a Blackstone case between the mattress when traveling and on the base the legs fold up into itself in which it is stored between the couch and sink with some foam (the slide snugs it to keep if from moving while on the road). My only disappointment is that the legs don't fold in with the wheels attached, but with that being said it is just two thumb screws and they are removed easy enough. The 1/4" quick connect is also an easy install with a little gas tape. Also, many don't know that Walmart has a special contract with Blackstone in which they also have there own line that is worth checking out. Let me know if you have any other questions, good luck!