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Do Gas Fire Pits Need to Be Covered? (5 Clear Benefits)

Do Gas Fire Pits Need to Be Covered? (5 Clear Benefits)

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You’ve finally decided to invest in a high-quality fire pit. And now it’s time to host your first fire pit gathering.

Everyone is enjoying their time around your fire pit.

Some people are talking, while others are toasting marshmallows. But once your gathering is over, you probably wonder how to keep the fire pit safe and clean.

Do gas fire pits need to be covered? Should you keep the pit covered when it’s not used?

These are the questions I’ll answer in this article, so keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Do Gas Fire Pits Need to Be Covered?

A gas fire pit can be covered when it’s not in use. This cover will protect your gas fire pit and prolong its life, making it a good accessory to protect your investment.

Having a cover will prevent malfunctions and save money and time.

Due to the presence of valves and internal electronic parts, gas fire pits should be adequately protected.

Why Cover a Fire Pit?

There are many reasons why a fire pit cover will keep it operating as it should. Here are some of them.

1 – Moisture Protection

Changes in moisture levels can damage the external and internal parts of your gas fire pit. The water accumulates inside the vents and pipes, causing rust and preventing the fire pit from operating correctly.

All good fire pits should have drainage holes to prevent water accumulation. However, prolonged exposure to moisture can be costly to repair.

2 – UV Damage

All types of gas fire pits can be susceptible to UV damage with prolonged exposure.

It’s OK to leave the gas fire pit exposed for shorter periods, but in the long run, your gas fire pit will be damaged.

The intense sun rays can break down the paint and ruin the look of your gas fire pit.

3 – Leaves and Debris

Leaving a gas fire pit exposed for long periods means it will be exposed. Leaves, dirt, rocks, and debris will fall into the fire pit’s valves and cause clogs.

These clogs will block the gas flow and prevent the fire pit from operating properly.

The leaves and debris should be cleaned and removed regularly, but some of the smaller ones can get caught in the nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach.

4 – Insects

Many insects and bugs can make your gas fire pit their home.

Without a cover, these insects will build their nests and block the gas flow, making the fire pit unsafe. Moreover, insects can damage the internal parts.

Some of these insects, like wasps, can suddenly fly out of the fire pit the minute you try to use it. This makes the gas fire pit extremely dangerous to use.

5 – Rodents

Rodents like mice will seek shelter and hide in your gas fire pit. They can chew on the rubber tubes and wires, and your gas fire pit won’t work.

These internal parts are expensive and should be replaced if you want your fire pit to be safe for use.

Rats and mice will fill your gas fire pit with nesting materials, food, and waste, and cleaning the pit will be costly and time-consuming.

What Can You Use to Cover Your Fire Pit?

You can use a specifically designed fire pit cover to protect your gas fire pit. You can also use a heavy-duty tarp to shield the gas fire pit.

But in this case, you should use anchors to keep it in place.

Some manufacturers will offer a specifically designed fire pit cover as part of the accessories you can buy. These covers are made of a durable material like PVC.

Can You Use a Cover When Your Gas Fire Pit is Operating?

You can’t use a gas fire pit cover when your fire pit is on. The cover is designed to protect the pit from moisture, sun damage, debris, insects, and rodents.

But it’s not fire-resistant.

If you wish to use it, you should wait until the fire pit has been turned off and cooled down.

When the gas fire pit is on, you can use a screen.

A metal spark screen should be placed around the fire pit when it’s on to protect everyone from stray sparks.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a cover for your gas fire pit is a good idea.

This cover will prolong the life of your gas fire pit and protect it from damage. It also facilitates regular cleaning because it will prevent blockages and clogs.

Some manufacturers offer specifically-made commercial fire pit covers that can be used to protect the fire pit from moisture, sun damage, debris, insects, and rodents.

If you don’t have a special gas fire pit cover, you can use a heavy-duty tarp or PVC.

These covers aren’t fire-resistant, though. If you wish to use something to protect yourself and others from sparks, you should use a spark screen.


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