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Do Manufactured Homes Have a Crawl Space?

Do Manufactured Homes Have a Crawl Space?

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Buying a manufactured home is sometimes going to be a really good deal. Many people love manufactured homes because they’re affordable.

These homes can still be really nice to live in, too. If you’ve never lived in a manufactured home before, you might not know a lot about them.

Do these homes have solid foundations? Are they designed to stand the test of time?

You know that manufactured homes have to have some type of foundation, but do all of them have crawl spaces? Read on to learn about the types of foundations that manufactured homes can have.

Some Manufactured Homes Have Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are among the most common types of foundations for manufactured homes. You likely have a basic idea of what a crawl space is, but you might not know all of the details.

A crawl space is a foundation that’s made out of an excavated floor. The process of making a crawl space involves pouring concrete footers that are driven into the soil.

These footers keep your home tethered to the ground. The frame of your manufactured home will sit on top of a perimeter wall that is supported by various piers.

The piers are there to act as support points for your home. Crawl spaces are commonly used as foundations for manufactured homes because they’re reliable and affordable.

Workers can get a crawl space foundation ready in a fairly short amount of time, too. This ensures that the foundation will be ready by the time the manufactured home arrives on the site.

A crawl space floor offers decent wind resistance. It’s not great for hurricane weather, though.

Concrete Slab Foundations

Concrete slab foundations are also commonly used for manufactured homes. The slab foundation itself works to support the home instead of the floor.

Usually, the slab will sit directly on top of the ground. It’s common for ground anchors to be placed in the concrete to help things out.

The perimeter of the slab is insulated to protect against moisture, and this also helps to keep the ground warmer. A slab foundation is among the most affordable options to go with.

It doesn’t take long at all for a slab foundation to be poured and installed. These foundations can even be used in frosty areas so long as they have been insulated.

Slab foundations aren’t so good when your property is sloped. So this may or may not be a practical option in your situation.


Basements can also be used as foundations for manufactured homes. Sometimes it might be more practical to use a basement foundation than a crawl space foundation.

There are added benefits to having a basement as part of your home. You can store things down there, and it can act as a good shelter during a tornado.

The downside is that the basement will cost quite a bit more than a crawl space. You have to use more materials, and it takes more time to make a basement.

Since it takes longer to build a basement, it might not fit into your schedule for the manufactured home. Despite this, basement foundations are very popular.

Having a basement gives you added flexibility that you wouldn’t otherwise have. So it’s worth considering if you have a decent budget.

Pier and Beam Foundation

A pier and beam foundation is the most popular type to use for a manufactured home. It offers you the right mix of affordability and safety.

It doesn’t cost a lot of cash to go with this foundation style. Utilizing this setup involves driving anchors into the ground that hold your home down and guard it against the wind.

You place the anchors in the ground and then attach steel straps to them. These straps are going to connect to the I-beam section of your manufactured home.

Doing this makes your home more stable overall. Outriggers will also be welded to the steel I-beam to make things even stronger.

This is likely the fastest foundation type to install. The speed at which you can install everything is very convenient.

You can have things ready before the manufactured home arrives on the truck. It’s a good foundation style that has proven to be very safe.

Which Foundation Should You Choose?

Choosing the right foundation is about analyzing your needs. Some foundations might be more practical for you than others.

Crawl spaces are perfectly fine foundations for manufactured homes. However, they might not be great to put in areas that have issues with flooding and hurricanes.

Basements are a bit on the pricey side, but they offer you extra storage. Plus, you can use them as storm shelters during tornadoes.

Pier and beam foundations are very affordable and easy to have installed. Concrete slab foundations are also a good choice for those who want to get things done without spending much cash.

Think about your options and then choose the one that resonates with you the most. It might come down to picking the foundation that fits within your budget.

If you want to save the most cash possible, go with a pier and beam foundation. A concrete slab foundation will also be a rather cost-effective choice.

How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

Manufactured homes don’t last as long as brick-and-mortar homes. However, they can still last for quite some time.

Current data shows that manufactured homes are expected to last for over 55 years. If you do a good job maintaining the home, you’ll have the best experience possible.

For many, this is going to be the most affordable way to become a homeowner. It gives you the opportunity to put a home on a vacant lot, and you can enjoy it with your family for many decades.

Final Thoughts

You’ve read a lot about manufactured homes and their foundations now. Some manufactured homes do indeed have crawl spaces.

However, there are other foundation styles that can be used for these homes as well. You can use a basement foundation, a concrete slab foundation, or even a pier and beam foundation.

All of these options have positive aspects that are worth considering. Pier and beam foundations are the most affordable overall.

Enjoy your manufactured home. Make the best choices that will allow you to enjoy your manufactured home for as long as possible.


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