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Clever Rollup Downspouts: Do They Really Work As Advertised?

Clever Rollup Downspouts: Do They Really Work As Advertised?

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If you wonder: do rollup downspouts work? The answer is yes.

Roll-up downspouts are highly efficient types of downspout extensions. They offer all the benefits of traditional extensions while saving more space and providing more convenience.

That said, they also have a couple of downsides that every user must be aware of.

This post will provide all you need to know about the pros and cons of roll-up downspouts.

How Do Rollup Downspouts Work?

Roll-up downspouts are advanced types of gutter extensions. Their benefits go beyond the basic function of disposing of rainfall far from your home’s foundations.

They provide more convenience, save more space, and don’t attract insects like open extensions. To get the whole picture, let’s take a quick look at how rollup downspouts work.

Dispose of Water Automatically When It Rains

When it rains, and the rainwater fills the gutter tube, the roll-up downspout automatically rolls out to reach a length of around 46 inches.

Once it’s fully rolled out, it starts to pour the water away. Meanwhile, the many holes along the body of the extension diffuse small amounts of water on both sides.

These relief holes help decrease the water pressure. That way, the water doesn’t dig a trench at the end of the downspout.

Roll Up Automatically When It Stops Raining

The extension stays rolled out as the rain continues, disposing of the collected water.

Approximately 45 minutes after the rain stops, it’ll roll back up again thanks to its built-in patented self-rolling mechanism.

What Are the Advantages of Rollup Downspouts?

Here are the benefits you can expect from getting a rollup downspout:

1 – Save Space

Traditional downspout extensions occupy dozens of inches from your garden, making the place a bit crowded.

They also make mowing the lawn underneath them hard, as you might need to disassemble them first. This is especially true if your garden is small.

Given that, this rollup extension can help you avoid this space issue. When there is no rain, it will stay rolled up and out of your way, maximizing your yard space.

2 – Offer Mosquitoes-free Drainage

Moist and open environments are highly attractive places for different types of mosquitoes.

This definitely applies to traditional downspouts, which makes them ideal homes for mosquitoes.

Conversely, rollup downspouts get back to their closed position once the rain stops. This gives no room for mosquitoes to get in and live there.

3 – Easy to Install, Direct, and Use

Installing and using a rollup downspout is such a breeze. You can set it up yourself without the need for a plumber or any additional tool.

It also fits standard downspouts with no need for further adjustments. Additionally, if you want to direct the flow of disposed water toward a particular area in the garden, you can easily do so.

All you need is to unfasten the nylon strap placed on the top of the extension and then adjust its direction.

Once you’ve installed it, it’ll do all the work automatically. So, you won’t need to run it yourself.

What Are the Disadvantages of Rollup Downspouts?

Rollup downspouts come with a couple of negatives. Here are they:

1 – Ineffective with Light Rains

In times of heavy rains, a roll-up downspout does it work perfectly. However, the bad news is that if the rain is light, it may not roll out. So, the water will remain stuck inside the downspout.

This is because the light rainwater won’t apply enough pressure to push it down. In that case, you may need to roll it down manually to allow the water to flow through.

2 – Not All Brands Are Reliable

Although rollup downspouts are super helpful, only some manufacturers offer them in high-quality. If you look at users’ opinions online, you’ll find many conflicting views about this product’s effectiveness.

Considering that, you need to carefully check the rollup downspout’s quality before buying it.

You can do this by looking at online reviews about the particular brand you plan to buy. Plus, you may ask a friend with experience with these extensions for help.

Final Thoughts

Do rollup downspouts work?

Yes, they’re useful and practical extensions as they can save you considerable space and provide a mosquitoes-free drainage experience.

These extensions are also easy to install, redirect, and use.

Still, rollup downspouts come with a couple of disadvantages.

They might not work well in light rains. Additionally, there are many poor-quality products on the market.

Hence, you need to pick your rollup downspout carefully.


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