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Do Window Birdhouses Work? (Simple Tips That Can Help)

Do Window Birdhouses Work? (Simple Tips That Can Help)

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Putting some birdhouses on your property could be a great idea. If you love watching birds, it’ll be great to have birds nesting in your yard.

Birdhouses can be perfect nesting spots for many types of birds. Of course, you need to install the right types of birdhouses to appeal to certain types of birds.

How about window birdhouses? Do window birdhouses work, or are they just novelty birdhouses that usually don’t get good results?

Read on to learn everything that you need to know about window birdhouses. This should make it easier to decide whether these birdhouses are right for your yard.

What is a Window Birdhouse?

A window birdhouse is a type of birdhouse that allows you to see the birds inside. Typically, these birdhouses are designed to be installed right up against a window.

You place the birdhouse on a window, and then you’re able to see the birds nesting in the birdhouse. Often, these window birdhouses will have a one-way mirror design where the birds won’t be able to see you, but you’ll be able to see them clearly.

It’s an interesting idea that can allow you to see baby birds grow up. For enthusiasts, this could be a very appealing option when looking into birdhouses.

If you’ve never used a birdhouse like this before, you’re likely wondering whether these birdhouses work well. Is it a good option, or should you stick with a standard birdhouse?

Can These Birdhouses Work?

It is indeed possible for birdhouses like this to work. However, you need to temper your expectations.

Many birds won’t like window birdhouses. They’re placed directly on your window and they might be too close to people for the birds to feel safe.

Often, you’ll find birds choosing nesting locations further out in the yard. Some birds only like to nest near trees, and others will simply be too wary of being close to humans.

Of course, common types of birds might take to these window birdhouses. It depends on the type of bird and whether they have better nesting spots available to them.

Some enthusiasts think that window birdhouses are among the least appealing nesting options for birds. However, they might choose to use these birdhouses if they don’t have any other good spots nearby that they can utilize.

Be Careful When Installing the Birdhouses

Be very careful when installing window birdhouses. It’s easy to make mistakes that will cause the birdhouses to fall.

This could be very dangerous since it could kill the birds inside. If you don’t install the window birdhouses properly, they won’t be as stable as they should be.

When installing everything, you want to be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Do your best to mount the birdhouses exactly how you’re supposed to.

Don’t try to rush things and be sure to pay attention to what you’re doing. Otherwise, the birdhouses simply won’t be safe for the birds.

If all goes well, the birdhouses should stay safely fastened to the window. Hopefully, you’ll be able to attract some birds and get them to use the birdhouses.

The Height Matters

The height matters when you’re installing a window birdhouse. If you put the birdhouse on a window that isn’t high enough, birds won’t use it.

It’s imperative to find a spot that is the perfect height for the type of bird you want to attract. Ideally, you want the birdhouse to be five or six feet off of the ground.

Pick an appropriate window and then work to install the birdhouse. You’ll have better luck attracting birds this way.

This still isn’t a guarantee that birds will occupy the birdhouses. Even so, it’s an important part of the process that you must consider.

The Position Matters

The position of the birdhouses matters as well. You see, birds aren’t going to want to live in birdhouses that are positioned in direct sunlight.

This means that many windows won’t be viable for these birdhouses. You’ll want to pick either north- or east-facing windows.

Also, you want to pick windows that will keep the birdhouses largely shaded. If you don’t keep this in mind, it’s unlikely that any birds will live in the window birdhouses that you install.

This might seem like a bit of a pain, but it’s a necessary guideline to follow to get good results. Remember to choose the location wisely when installing these birdhouses.

Try Picking a Quiet Window

Picking a quiet window is likely going to get better results than a loud and busy window. For example, the living room window might be a terrible choice for the window birdhouse.

People typically use their living rooms often and they often talk and watch TV in such rooms. It might be too noisy for the birds, and this will keep them from wanting to use the birdhouse.

Finding a window that is quieter will lead to better results. Perhaps you can install the birdhouse on a window that’s connected to your spare room or a guest bathroom.

Quieter locations are truly going to give you better results. When you want to make things as attractive as possible to the local birds, it’s important to consider such things.

What About Using a Shed Window?

Using a shed window might be perfect so long as it’s high enough off the ground. A shed is going to be rather quiet when compared to your house.

You won’t be using the shed as often, but you can still observe the birds from inside the shed on occasion. Of course, some people won’t find this to be as appealing due to not being able to see the birds nearly as often as you would if the birdhouse was attached to a house window.

Regardless, this is a good idea that you should look into. If you have no luck with windows that are attached to your home, installing the birdhouse on the shed window is a good choice.

It just might work out better for you overall. This is an easy way to enjoy a window birdhouse without having to worry about it being too close to your home.

Entrance Sizes

As you’d expect, entrance sizes matter when you’re trying to attract specific birds. Some birds might be too large for a very small entrance hole.

It’s best to stick to attracting common birds in your area. Look up information and see the entrance hole sizes that they require.

With this information, you’ll be able to pick out good birdhouses that will work for the birds that you want to attract. You should never buy birdhouses blindly without doing a little research.

It’d be a shame to get poor results due to the common birds near your home not being able to fit in the birdhouse. A little bit of research is all that’s required to buy an appropriate window birdhouse.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned a lot about window birdhouses now. Do these birdhouses actually work?

They can work out okay, but they’re probably not as good as normal birdhouses. Generally, you’ll get better results when putting a standard birdhouse on a pole somewhere out in your yard.

Even so, these types of birdhouses have a unique appeal. Being able to see the birds living in the birdhouse can be an intriguing experience.

If you choose to use these birdhouses, you should be careful to install them properly. Follow the instructions carefully and choose an appropriate window that’s out of direct sunlight and is quiet enough that the birds will want to use it.


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