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How Do You Know When Brats Are Done?

How Do You Know When Brats Are Done?

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Sausages are incredibly popular all over the globe, and they are made from different kinds of meat. You can buy sausages made of beef, veal, and of course, pork. In some parts of the world, chicken sausages are also sold, although they are obviously not as popular.

The bratwursts, sold commonly in Germany, are some of the most popular choices. Sausages play an important role in German cuisine, and are commonly found all over the country.

You can easily find different kinds of sausages, including the brats, being sold at premium delis, local shops, and of course, from street hawkers. The bratwurst is made from finely chopped meat and is usually roasted or pan fried before being served.

Even though the original recipe for a sausage dates as far back as 228 AD, the first evidence of the bratwurst goes back to 1313. Needless to say, bratwursts are quite popular in Japan.

If you are going to grill a few brats at your next barbecue, it might be a wise idea to learn a thing or two about how to cook them properly. If you are not experienced with cooking brats, here are a few tips that will help you.

The Right Temperature

First and foremost, you need to understand that the brats need to be grilled slowly. If you are thinking of cooking them in a pinch, it might not be a wise idea. Instead, you need to grill them slowly over medium to low heat.

This will help you get the best results. You should know that the brats usually take around 20 minutes before they hit the temperature of 160 degrees F.

This is what you should be aiming for. But, there’s one important factor that determines whether your brats are going to properly cook within the timeframe or not: the thickness.

Remember, you have to turn them around on one side to the other to caramelize them properly. If you only cook on one side, the brats won’t be cooked properly.

Rushing the Heat

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make when cooking the brats is to rush with the cooking. It’s a cardinal sin according to most expert cooks.

This is going to provide excessive heat to the brats, and what you will end up with is a charred exterior. Eventually, the casing is going to split apart, and all of the meaty juices from the inside are going to come spilling out.

You will notice when your brats are done the right way if you are careful with the cooking. The meat will become a bit tender when you poke a fork into it or just press it, which is perhaps the clearest indication that your brats are ready.

Remember, the aim is to make sure that the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F, as the meat is going to become perfectly tender at that point.

There are some simple tips that you should follow when grilling your brats, especially if you want to make sure that they are done right. Here are a few.

Don’t Buy in a Package

This is more of a community thing and will give you a good feeling when hosting a barbecue. Instead of buying the packaged brats from larger corporations, it would be a wise idea to buy them from your local butcher.

Not only will you be supporting a small business, but these brats are packaged fresh. As a result, the difference in taste is going to be quite evident. There are specialty brats available from most butchers as well.

If you are bored of trying the same variants every now and then, why not give those a try? You can always mix things up by putting different kinds of seasonings on the brats and also comparing various flavors.

There’s quite a lot that you can do with brats and many ways to cook them. As a result of that, you never have to worry about making the same kind of brats every now and then.

Never Poke Holes

Once you become proficient at cooking brats, you won’t have to worry about poking holes in them. Even in the beginning, it’s a bad idea.

Some people like to poke holes because the recipes require you to add a particular sauce or a beer in the brat. But, you have to understand that the brats are known for their juices.

If you poke a hole, all the juices are going to spill out. You don’t want that; the meat is going to become hard and chewy as a result of that.

Don’t Boil Them

Many people think that boiling the brats is a good way, but you won’t actually find any experienced cook recommending this. First off, it doesn’t provide any good flavor.

Just stick with grilling, and you are good to go!


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