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How Far Does a Hot Tub Need to Be From the House?

How Far Does a Hot Tub Need to Be From the House?

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Owning a hot tub is something that many people dream of. Being able to relax after a long day of work in the hot water has the potential to be very soothing.

Whether you’re planning on enjoying your hot tub solo, with friends, or with your significant other, it’s important to use it safely. Many people find that keeping them outdoors is the safest and most practical thing to do.

Keeping one outdoors is fine, but you have to put it in a good spot. You might be wondering how far the hot tub needs to be from your house.

Below, you’ll learn about the ideal distance, and you’ll also get some basic tips for maintaining your outdoor hot tub.

The Hot Tub Shouldn’t Be Right up Against the House

The most important thing to understand is that your hot tub shouldn’t be right up against your house. You’ll understand why once you learn what can happen if you make the mistake of putting it flush against the house.

When a hot tub is placed too close to your home, it’s possible that the steam from the hot water will cause various issues. The steam can seep into your windows and might cause parts of your house to become overly moist.

This can lead to mold problems, wood rotting issues, and other things that you’d like to avoid. Aside from having to worry about the steam, you’re also going to need to worry about splashing water.

It’s hard to avoid splashing water a little bit when you’re getting in and out of the hot tub. This could get on your home or make your walkway slippery.

To be safe, it’s recommended to keep the hot tub at least a few feet away from your house. It’d also be wise to ensure that it’s several feet away from the walkway that you use.

This makes it far less likely that anyone will slip due to water getting on the walkway. You can use the tub safely if you decide to go this route.

The Backyard Is Usually a Good Location

Have you thought about putting a hot tub in your backyard? This is usually going to be a good spot that makes sense for hot tub owners.

It’s more likely that you’re going to have some level of privacy in your backyard. Placing the hot tub in the front yard would make it far less comfortable to use it whenever you feel like doing so.

Also, it’s less likely that the tub will get in the way if it’s located somewhere in the backyard. When you’re placing one, it’s good to ensure that it isn’t in the way when you’re carrying groceries or doing other things.

Try to tuck the hot tub away somewhere in the backyard where it’ll be easy to access without being in the way of things that you need to do. Some people go so far as building gazebos or other types of structures around their hot tubs.

While this isn’t completely necessary, it might be something that you’ll want to look into. Just put a little thought into where you want to keep it and you’ll have a good experience.

Remember to Use a Hot Tub Cover

Using a hot tub cover of some sort is imperative if you want to protect your hot tub. When you place one outside, it’s going to be exposed to the elements.

It’s also possible that bugs, wild animals, and other things could get into the hot tub. Having a cover that you can place over it is sensible.

You’ll have a much easier time keeping the water clean if you invest in a good cover. They aren’t overly expensive and they’re very practical to own.

It should also make it easier to enjoy the hot tub for long periods of time. If you wish for your hot tub to last for many years, protecting it with a cover is truly the way to go.

Some people go so far as to combine this idea with placing the hot tub inside of a gazebo. Doing both would be great, but you should get the cover for the tub, at the very least.

Remember to take the hot tub cover off twice per week so that you can air it out. This doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s important to do.

Sanitize the Hot Tub Regularly

Of course, you’re going to need to sanitize the hot tub regularly to keep everything safe. As you continue to use it, the water will become contaminated.

You can keep the water from getting dirty by using sanitizing products. Typically, hot tub owners will use either bromine or chlorine to sanitize the water.

Use these chemicals on a regular schedule so that your hot tub will always be clean. It’ll ensure that it’s ready to use whenever you feel the need to relax and soak in it.

You also want it to be presentable and nice for when you have company. Don’t neglect the sanitizing process if you want to have a good experience.

Regular Cleaning Is Necessary

Regular cleaning is necessary, too. There will be situations when your hot tub will get dirty, and this means that you’ll need to wipe it down regularly.

This advice really goes along with the tip above. You must keep the hot tub itself clean to avoid getting the water dirty.

Also, you want it to look its best. If you clean the tub on a regular schedule, you won’t have much to worry about.

The water is going to need to be replaced from time to time as well. You should test it at least two times a week to ensure that the balance is right.

Every three months, it’s good to drain the hot tub and refill it. This helps to keep things clean and safe.

Remember to clean and replace filters, too. Going too long without replacing a filter will have negative consequences.

Filters should be cleaned every two weeks, but it might be wise to clean them weekly if you use the hot tub a lot. They need to be replaced annually to keep things running optimally.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above information, you should have a much better idea of what you need to do. Keeping a hot tub outdoors is very practical, but the location of the tub does make a difference.

It’s best not to keep them too close to your house. Doing so could cause the steam to seep into the windows, and this could lead to various problems.

Also, splashing water can make your walkway slippery if you aren’t careful. Ideally, you want the hot tub to be located a few feet away from the house, and it’d be best to have it placed a few feet away from the walkway, too.

Caring for your tub is fairly simple so long as you’re vigilant. Place a cover on your hot tub to protect it.

Clean it regularly and test the water to ensure that the chemical balance is right. You’ll need to use chemicals to sanitize the tub regularly, and you’ll also need to remember to clean and replace the filter when it’s time.

Keep all of this in mind while enjoying your hot tub. You should have a great time using it.


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