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How Hot Does a Blackstone Griddle Get? (And 3 Causes of Low Heat)

How Hot Does a Blackstone Griddle Get? (And 3 Causes of Low Heat)

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Blackstone griddles are some of the most well-known and popular griddles on the market today. These griddles are good value for money, and they are versatile, which allows you to cook whatever you need to on the griddle, but how hot do Blackstone griddles get?

Blackstone griddles are perfect appliances to have at your disposal, as they can open up a whole new way of cooking for you. These griddles are versatile and can heat up to between 500° to 650° F, depending on the model you purchase, ensuring you get the temperature you need to cook properly.

How long does it take for a Blackstone griddle to reach full temperature? What could cause your Blackstone griddle not to heat up correctly? Can you overheat a Blackstone griddle? We will discover the answers to all your Blackstone temperature questions in this article!

How Hot Can a Blackstone Griddle Get?

Blackstone griddles are some of the best griddles on the market today. This brand has a huge following, and many people choose these griddles over others on the market. Blackstone griddles are made from high-quality materials and will last you years if you care for the griddle correctly.

If you are still deciding on whether you should buy a Blackstone griddle, or you want to know more about the griddle you have, one thing you might want to know is how hot the griddle can get. In general, Blackstone griddles can get extremely hot.

Most of the griddles can reach between 500° to 640° F. This will depend on the model of the griddle you purchase and the weather conditions you use the griddle in, but usually, they can reach this temperature range fairly well.

How Long Does a Blackstone Griddle Take To Heat Up?

It’s important to know how hot your Blackstone griddle can get, but another important aspect that you should know is how long it takes to reach its maximum temperature. This can affect your cooking time and how well your food is cooked, depending on when you place your food on the griddle.

The propane-powered Blackstone griddles can reach their maximum temperatures in about 8 to 9 minutes after lighting the burners. This time also depends on the model of the griddle you have.

For example, the 17-inch Blackstone griddle will take 8 minutes to heat to its maximum temperature of 640° F, while the 36-inch Blackstone will take 9 minutes to reach 500° F because this griddle is bigger.

Knowing this should help you prevent your food from burning and help you create hot and cold cooking areas on your griddle, making your cooking more versatile.

What Are the Heat Zones of a Blackstone Griddle?

Griddles are interesting and unique cooking appliances that allow you to cook multiple items simultaneously. However, to do this correctly, you need to understand the heat zones of the Blackstone griddle.

The heat zones of a Blackstone griddle are where the temperature is at its highest on the griddle. Every Blackstone griddle has heat zones. The heat zone is generally around the middle of the griddle, with the edges being cooling cooking surfaces.

However, this can change depending on which Blackstone griddle you have, as different manufacturers will provide different heat levels on the products they create. So, you can experiment with your griddle to find these heat zones.

The food will cook faster in these zones than anywhere else on the griddle. Alternatively, you can use an inferred food thermometer and measure the temperature of your griddle in different locations to find the heat zones accurately.

Why Is Your Blackstone Griddle Not Heating Up Correctly?

Even though Blackstone griddles can reach a pretty high temperature, there can be some problems that can affect your Blackstone griddle from reaching its highest temperature as fast as it should, or they could prevent it from heating up altogether.

So, if you notice that your Blackstone griddle is not getting as hot as it should, don’t worry, as there are a few things you can look at and try to fix before contacting the Blackstone manufacturer. So, let’s go through the possible reasons why your Blackstone griddle is not reaching its high temperature.

1 – Issues with the Tank

Most Blackstone griddles are fuelled by propane gas unless you get the electric models. Propane gas comes in a gas tank, and if anything is wrong with this tank, it can affect the heat of the griddle you connect the tank to.

When a Blackstone griddle is purchased, it comes with a propane gas tank. This tank is often turned off, and many people forget to turn it on before they start trying to cook on the griddle.

So, you should always check that the tank is connected properly and is turned on. This will ensure that your griddle reaches the maximum temperatures required for some foods.

2 – Installation Problems

Blackstone griddles need to be assembled or installed by you when you purchase them. If you don’t assemble or install the Blackstone griddle correctly, it won’t reach its top temperatures or might not even heat up.

When you are assembling and installing your Blackstone griddle, it’s important that you follow the easy-to-read instructions that come with the griddle when you purchase it. If you follow the installation and assembly instructions closely, your griddle should heat up perfectly fine.

3 – Problems with the Ignition System

Another reason why your Blackstone griddle is not getting hot or as hot as it should be is that there is a problem with the ignition system. If the ignition system doesn’t work, the propane will not ignite, and the griddle will not get hot.

With the Blackstone griddle, a battery is used in the ignition system to create the spark. The main reason the ignition system is not working is due to the drained battery. You need to check the battery to ensure it’s still working correctly. You should also change this battery regularly to avoid this problem.

Can You Make a Blackstone Griddle Hotter?

Blackstone griddles cannot reach a temperature higher than 650° F, as they are not built for this type of heat and might break.

If you have checked your Blackstone griddle for the problems mentioned above, and you are still having issues with your griddle reaching the temperatures you need to cook your food to perfection, then there are a few methods you can use to help increase the temperature of your griddle.

These methods are easy to implement and will help keep the heat in your griddle to ensure the temperature remains constant throughout the cooking process. Let’s go through these methods to help your griddle get as hot as possible.

Use Wind Guards on Your Griddle

One method you can use to help keep your Blackstone griddle heating up to its highest temperature and allow it to heat up faster is to invest in some wind guards for your griddle.

Investing in some good wind guards for your Blackstone griddle will help protect your griddle from any unnecessary winds that could affect the heat of your griddle. Wind guards can also help protect your food from any dust that the wind might pick up and throw across your food.

These wind guards are a physical barrier that you can set up to protect the flame under the griddle from the wind. This will help your griddle heat up faster and stay hot for longer, as the wind cannot take away the heat.

Use the Griddle in Suitable Weather Conditions

When you use your Blackstone griddle, you need to ensure you use it in suitable weather conditions. You need to look at the weather report and ensure you use your griddle on a hot and sunny day.

If you want your Blackstone griddle to work correctly and cook your food perfectly, you need to ensure you don’t use it in extremely cold and windy conditions. These conditions will affect the flame underneath the griddle flat top and cause it to lose heat. This will also affect the time it takes for your griddle to heat up properly.

Modify Your Blackstone Griddle

If you are having constant trouble with your Blackstone griddle not reaching the temperatures you need for your cooking or living in an area with cold and windy weather more than hot summer days, then you can make some modifications to your Blackstone griddle to help ensure the high temperatures are met.

Some modifications you can do to your Blackstone griddle include changing the burners on the griddle to bigger models to create a stronger flame, or you can try to move the burner closer to the bottom of the griddle to help lower the chances of the heat escaping.

Alternatively, you can call a professional to install the griddle again to ensure everything is installed and assembled correctly.

Can You Overheat a Blackstone Griddle?

Even though Blackstone griddles are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures as they are made to cook your food properly and to specific food health and safety regulations, they do have their limits.

You can overheat the Blackstone griddle, which can cause the griddle’s flat top to start warping out of shape. This can then affect the heat zones of the griddle and cause your food to burn if you aren’t careful. So, you should never try and push your Blackstone griddle past its maximum temperature.

Final Thoughts

Blackstone griddles are excellent appliances to have at your disposal, as they can open up a whole new way of cooking for you. These griddles are versatile and can heat up to between 500° to 650° F, depending on the model you purchase.

This temperature ensures your food is always cooked correctly and reaches the right temperature to kill bacteria that might be on your food that can cause illness. Blackstone griddles are some of the best griddles you can buy, so get one if you can!


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