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How Long Does a Cedar Fence Last? (And How Do You Extend Its Life?)

How Long Does a Cedar Fence Last? (And How Do You Extend Its Life?)

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Cedar is one of the most durable and sought after types of wood that people use for fencing. If you’re going to be building a fence or having one made for you sometime soon, it’s a good idea to consider using cedar.

You might be wondering exactly how long a cedar fence will be able to last you since you’d like to get a fence that will stand the test of time.

Thankfully, you’ll find that a properly maintained cedar fence can last for several decades. The exact lifespan is going to be hard to determine due to various factors.

For example, some cedar fences can last longer than 20 years when they’re maintained in certain ways, but others might have one that only last for 15 or so years.

Keep reading to get more information about cedar fences as well as what you can do to get the most out of them. You’ll be able to discover information that will allow you to consider what factors play a role in your fence’s lifespan, too.

Other Wood Fences

You know that cedar fencing is very popular, but you might not be aware of why it is.

There are other types of wooden fencing on the market to consider and you might want to learn about your options. The two main types of wooden fencing that compete with cedar fencing are pine fencing and spruce fencing.

Other wood fences that you might consider using won’t quite match up with cedar fencing when looking at longevity.

Pine fencing might seem like an appealing option, but it’s only going to last somewhere between five and twelve years. Spruce fencing can look quite nice, but it isn’t very durable and only lasts between four and seven years.

So why do some people choose to buy pine fencing or spruce fencing when cedar fencing is so superior? Well, it probably comes down to the overall price of things. You see, cedar fencing is quite a bit more expensive than pine fencing or spruce fencing and not everyone wants to spend that kind of money.

You will be spending more money upfront when buying cedar fencing than you would another type of wooden fencing. However, you might not be getting a better deal when you think of things long-term.

If a cedar fence is capable of lasting twice as long or more than other types of wooden fences, it makes sense to buy that one.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to make your own decisions about whether cedar fencing is right for you. It’s just going to be best to have all of the information so that you can be an informed consumer.

This is true whether you’re building your own cedar fence or if you’re buying a commercial fence.

Why Cedar Lasts So Long

Cedar fences can last so long because they have natural properties that allow them to stand up to the elements.

You’ll find that they are quite unique because they don’t have to undergo special treatments to stand up to the weather. Other fence types will use chemical sprays to get prepared to stand up to the weather, but cedar doesn’t have to be treated to do well.

Fences that aren’t treated can last between 15 and 30 years depending on various factors. This is incredible and it means that you’re going to be getting a fence that will be a great value.

Also, some people do choose to treat cedar fences and this can potentially extend the lifespan up to 40 years in some cases.

Knowing this, you can see that cedar fences are among the most durable options on the market. If you’re going to be buying a wooden fence, it’s a very good idea to consider going with cedar.

However, there are still some things that you should know if you want to get the most out of your fence.

Cedar Maintenance Tips

If you want to get your cedar fence to last as long as possible, you need to consider how to maintain it.

There are some handy maintenance tips that can make a difference and you’ll be able to learn about them very easily. These tips aren’t hard for most people to pull off and they will have a significant impact on your fence’s lifespan.

The first big tip is to consider applying a protective coating. This can cost a bit of money, but it’s going to be good for several reasons.

It’ll help you to protect the original color of the fencing so that it won’t fade so much and it can even make your fencing last for many years longer than it normally would.

If you don’t decide to put a protective coating on your fence, it might not maintain the same aesthetic appeal. A cedar fence that hasn’t been protected with a coating will wind up turning gray over time.

The gray color of the fencing doesn’t mean that it’s brittle, but you might want to be able to enjoy the more vibrant original color of the cedar fencing.

Using a Water-Resistant Sealer

Using a type of water-resistant sealer is also a good step to take when you’re trying to protect your cedar fence.

This can keep it protected from rain and other types of moisture. If you don’t use a water-resistant sealer, the cedar is going to soak up moisture and this has the potential to cause damage to the fence over time.

There are many types of sealers on the market that you can look into. Some of the most popular water-resistant sealers will also give your fence a degree of UV protection.

This keeps it safer from the sun’s harmful rays and will help to maintain the appearance of the fence.

It should be noted that you will likely have to reapply this protective sealer every one or two years depending on the product that you’re using. Thankfully, the process of applying the sealer is very straightforward and simple.

Just pay attention to the instructions on the sealer product that you have decided to purchase.

Applying a Stain

Some cedar fence owners choose to apply stains to their fences as well. This can be good for providing your fence with UV protection, but it isn’t really necessary if you’re already using a water-resistant sealer.

This is mostly something that you do for aesthetic reasons, but it can be beneficial for the fence, too.

If you want to get the best results when applying a stain to your fence, it’s best to use two coats. This just ensures that you’re really getting a good stain and your fence will look nicer if you’re more thorough.

Be mindful of getting all of the different spots on your fence and you should be able to look back and admire your results soon enough.

Just as with the water-resistant sealer, this stain will need to be reapplied every so often. Generally, you can expect to need to reapply the stain every three years.

There are some stains that will last a little bit longer than this, but going around three years is a good number to remember.

Should Cedar Fences Be Professionally Installed?

You’ll find that lots of people buy cedar fencing from professionals and they choose to have them installed. Having experts install your fencing will ensure that things are done the right way.

However, you can choose to buy fencing and install it yourself if you have the right tools and skills.

Some people even make their own when they have access to fine cedar. If you’re a particularly handy individual, you might even enjoy doing this as a way to create a very artistic cedar fence.

Homemade cedar fences can be quite durable if you do things right, but you should be honest about your skills and whether you have the time to pull this off.

For most people, getting a cedar fence from a renowned fencing business is going to be easier and more reliable. You’ll be able to get the fencing that you need and things can be installed in a timely fashion.

Just take a look at your options and weigh all of the information against how much money you’re willing to spend.

Some might try to save a bit of cash by installing the fencing themselves. You also might be able to find a good deal that will make professional installation the most worthwhile choice. Make up your mind after looking into things completely.

Buy Your Cedar Fence

Buy your cedar fence if you have read enough to decide that it’s right for you. These fences are popular for a reason and they have become the go-to fencing for many people.

The durable nature of cedar fences will always give them a leg up on other types of wooden fencing and you can count on cedar fencing to look aesthetically beautiful, too.

Most people are going to benefit from having a fence installed. It works out for many reasons and it’s going to be an ideal choice when you want to have a wooden fence.

If you’re able to utilize the maintenance methods mentioned above, you’re going to be able to count on your fence to last for many decades.


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