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How Long Does It Take to Do a Concrete Patio? (The General Timeline)

How Long Does It Take to Do a Concrete Patio? (The General Timeline)

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You’re probably wondering how long it takes to do a concrete patio. After all, it’s a good way to improve your home aesthetics.

The time it takes to complete this project depends on the size and thickness of the patio, the design, weather conditions, and the experience level of your contractor. But generally speaking, it takes 5-10 days to finish the job.

Read on to learn more about the process of creating a concrete patio.

The Basic Steps and General Timeline for Creating a Concrete Patio

Before you begin your patio installation, here are the steps to consider:

1 – Site Preparation

Taking measurements, leveling or excavating the soil, and marking the area are part of site preparation. In addition, you also need to gather all the necessary tools and equipment for your patio installation project.

Don’t forget to create a slight slope when leveling the soil. It’ll help to direct water runoff away from your house.

Depending on the size, site preparation can take a day or two to finish.

2 – Frames and Reinforcements

The second step is to create the frames that’ll hold the shape and establish the thickness of the concrete. Frames are usually made from 2×4-inch lumber and laid around the project area to contain the concrete while pouring.

Next is the installation of reinforcements. Rebars are the most common materials used as reinforcements.

Although this step is optional, installing rebars will make your patio stronger, especially if you intend to place furniture or expect heavy foot traffic on it.

These steps usually take one to two days if you’re following a basic design. A more complex layout will take longer to prepare.

3 – Pouring and Finishing the Concrete

After installing the frames and rebars, you’re ready to pour concrete.

It’s important to note that pouring concrete must be done by section instead of one big mound. By doing so, you can prevent the concrete from drying before you can even level it.

After pouring the concrete, it’s then leveled using trowels and edgers. This is also the best time to add texture or patterns to your patio.

Still dependent on the size, this part of the process can take up to three days to complete.

4 – Drying and Sealing

Concrete may dry from 24 to 48 hours after pouring in hot weather. In colder temperatures, this process may take up to 4 days to complete.

Once your concrete is dry, you can start applying a sealer to protect it from stains and weathering.

Bonus Information About Your Concrete Patio

A concrete patio may last for years or even decades with proper preparation and installation.

Allowing it to cure fully will help it resist shrinkage and cracking, and in turn, provide you with the best results.

How Long Does a Concrete Patio Take to Cure?

Concrete, in general, sets after 48 hours. After this time, you can start removing the forms surrounding your concrete patio.

In reality, however, concrete takes up to 28 days to fully cure and achieve its optimal strength.

How Long Before You Can Walk on a Concrete Patio?

Your concrete patio can tolerate foot traffic 48 hours after pouring. Please avoid jumping or putting too much pressure on it to prevent damaging your concrete patio.

How Long Before I Can Put Furniture on My Concrete Patio?

Understandably, furniture will help you achieve the design you’ve always wanted for your patio.

However, to avoid unwanted damages, the recommendation is to wait 7 to 10 days after pouring the concrete before putting stationary objects on your patio.

Partial concrete curing is only achieved at least a week after installation. Placing furniture over a concrete patio that hasn’t been cured creates a stress point that may ruin it and damage its shape.


Is a Concrete Patio Easy to Make?

On a small scale, yes. However, larger projects are more complex and require professional help.

Is It Expensive to Create a Concrete Patio?

The average cost of installing a concrete patio is $4 per square foot, with labor and materials included. The final cost will ultimately depend on the size and design of your patio.

What’s the Minimum Size and Thickness of a Concrete Patio?

The standard floor area of a concrete patio is 16×18 feet, but the actual size will depend on the total floor area your property can accommodate.

On the other hand, your concrete patio should have a minimum thickness of 4 inches.

Any Alternative to Concrete Patio?

You can use pavers as an alternative to concrete patios. Keep in mind that paver installation is more time-consuming and expensive than concrete.

Final Thoughts

Installing a concrete patio is a good addition to improving the overall appearance of your property. It also extends the area you and your family can use for various activities.

Careful planning and considering all factors involved in concrete patio installation will provide you with the best results.


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