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Wait, You Can Really Grow a Peach Tree From a Pit? Here’s How Long It Takes

Wait, You Can Really Grow a Peach Tree From a Pit? Here’s How Long It Takes

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Do you really love peaches? Some people find peaches to be one of the best fruits on the planet.

You might enjoy eating peach pie from time to time. Many people even simply eat peaches alongside a bit of cream as a dessert on the weekends.

Whatever the case is, it’s easy to see why so many people would love to be able to grow their own peaches. It’d be nice to be able to harvest peaches from your very own peach tree each year.

You could easily go out and buy a peach tree to plant in your yard. But perhaps you’d like to try your hand at planting a peach pit to get a tree.

Not everyone knows that peach pits are capable of producing peach trees when planting. Of course, it isn’t always easy, and you won’t always get the best results depending on the type of peach pit that you plant.

How long does it take to grow a peach tree from a pit, though? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Peach Trees Grown From Pits Will Take Years to Produce Fruit

When you’re asking how long it takes for a peach tree to grow from a pit, it’s likely that you mean how long it will take for the tree to produce fruit. That’s the reason why most people want to plant peach trees.

On average, it’s going to take three to four years for a peach tree that is grown from a bit to start producing fruit. This is quite a long time and not everyone is going to be patient enough to wait it out like this.

Regardless, it can be quite satisfying to grow a peach tree this way. It’s interesting to see a peach pit germinate and eventually sprout into an entire tree.

If you want this to go well, then you will need to approach things the right way. Below, you’ll find more information about how to plant peach seeds to get peach trees.

Remove the Kernel

To make the germination process go easier, it’s actually going to be best to take the peach pit and crack it open. You can use a hammer to do this, but some people prefer using a simple nutcracker.

When you have your preferred tool in hand, you’re just going to need to crack the pit open and then remove the kernel. It shouldn’t take long to do and the peach pit will have an easier time doing what it needs to do.

It is certainly possible to just plant the peach pit and have it produce a tree. You just might be able to help the process along by cracking the pit open and removing the kernel.

Fill a Plastic Bag with Potting Soil

Next, you’re going to want to fill a plastic bag with potting soil. Place the kernel in the soil and ensure that the soil is a bit moist.

Just ensure that you buy high-quality potting soil to get the best results. When you have what you need, you can place the kernel in the moist potting soil.

Once this is done, you’ll want to seal the bag up. Put the plastic bag in your refrigerator and leave it there so that it can go through a process known as cold treatment.

Come back in two or three months to check the bag. You should be able to tell whether or not the pit has grown roots.

You can remove the plastic bag from the refrigerator once the pit has grown roots that are at least 0.5 inches long. You’ll just have to keep checking between the two- and three-month mark to see when this finally happens.

Plant the Seedling in a Container

Now you can plant the seedling in a proper container. Once you’ve moved the seedling to a container, it’s going to be best to try to find a good sunny spot in your home.

You’ll have to keep watering the seedling as well so that the soil will stay moist. Just keep caring for the seedlings like this until the early spring arrives.

In the early days of spring, you’ll be able to finally move the seedling outside. This shouldn’t be done until you’re sure that the last frost of the season has occurred.

It should be well on its way to becoming a full peach tree now. You’ll still want to look after the peach tree seedling and see how things are going, but it’ll just take time and patience from this point forward.

Can You Just Plant a Peach Pit in the Ground Right Away?

Of course, it is possible to grow a peach tree from a pit that you just planted in the ground. You just have to understand that it may or may not work.

In nature, these pits make their way to the ground and wind up germinating naturally. This means that planting a peach pit yourself has the potential to help a peach tree to grow.

Things can go wrong during the process and not every peach pit is going to produce a tree. That’s why using the advice above will help you to get better results.

Final Thoughts

It’s going to take a fair bit of time for a peach pit to grow into a peach tree. As long as you’re patient, this is going to be fine, and you’ll be able to enjoy the peaches from your new peach tree when the time is right.

On average, it takes three or four years for a peach pit to turn into a peach tree that is capable of producing fruit. You’ll just have to wait it out and keep looking after the tree until it’s ready.

A peach tree can wind up becoming a very important part of your yard. It’ll add beauty to your property and you’ll be able to enjoy harvesting delicious peaches.

Anyone who really loves peaches and lives in the right climate will enjoy having a peach tree. Just keep all of the advice above in mind and you’ll surely have a good experience.


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