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How Many Ribs Per Person? (How Many Pounds Per Person)

How Many Ribs Per Person? (How Many Pounds Per Person)

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Obviously there are many factors that play into this question like age…A good safe quantity is usually half a rack per person which usually equates to about a pound.

You will also most likely find that at a party about 4 ribs per person will be your average but its pretty typical for a male to eat a few more and females to eat a few less (this is true among adults vs kids).

How to Tell If Membrane Is on Ribs? (And How to Remove it)

Bge Tender Smoked Ribs

The membrane on ribs is a piece of tissue that is attached to the underside of the ribs. This membrane does not softened like other parts of the pork. With this being the case it should always be removed prior to cooking the ribs to avoid any unwanted chewiness.

If you look at the image above, it is a pretty clear difference between the ribs with and without the membrane. The membrane is smooth and slippery which can also make it difficult to get off.

To removed, take a dull knife and slide it between the membrane and the rib bones themselves. This will take a couple minutes due to the slipperiness but is very doable and you wont regret fighting it off when it comes time to eat.

Can You Freeze Cooked Ribs?

Vacuum Sealed Meat

Cooked ribs can absolutely be frozen for use at a later date. It is however important to them in an airtight container or freezer bag prior to freezing them.

In doing so you’ll want to also ensure you get all the air that you can out of the container or freezer bag. To best do this it is recommended to use a vacuum sealer which will actually suck the air out of the bag.

Also, prior to bagging and freezing you’ll want to allow the ribs to cool down. This will prevent moisture from building up inside the bag.

It is also best to freeze the ribs in a single layer. Don’t stack multiple on top of each other. Put a single layer in the container and they move on to the next container if you have more to freeze. This will allow them to freeze faster and best be preserved.

How to Reheat Cooked Ribs?

Of course you can just throw them in the microwave…but they will be half as good then they should be! While reheating anything is never as good as the original, reheated ribs can still be pretty delicious if reheated properly.

To reheat cooked ribs simply follow the following steps:

  • Preheat the oven any where from 325-350 degrees
  • Get some heavy duty tin foil and place the ribs on the foil
  • If more sauce is needed or wanted brush it on the ribs at this point
  • Close the tin foil up and place them on the rack in the oven
  • Let the ribs cook for about 20 minutes in which the internal temperature should be around 145 depending on how frozen they were when you put them in (continue to cook if they are still cold inside).
  • Pull the ribs and enjoy!


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