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The Real Price Behind Building Your Dream Pergola

The Real Price Behind Building Your Dream Pergola

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Not only do pergolas elevate your outdoor space and provide a shaded area, but they’re also a smart investment to add value to your residence.

You may be initially wondering, “How much do pergolas cost?” Well, costs can depend on several factors.
For instance, building the structure could save you more money. Meanwhile, professional installments run higher in price.

Apart from that, the material used also affects a pergola’s price point. Metal pergolas can cost you much less than other durable materials like vinyl and fiberglass.

With such a variety of pergolas available in the market, you’ll likely find one that suits your budget. Stick around to learn more about how much you can expect to spend on a pergola.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola?

Building a pergola can run you anywhere between $1,300 to $6,500. This price range depends on whether you’re making a custom-made structure or using a pergola kit.

The latter is considerably cheaper since you already have your materials pre-cut and most of what you need to do is drilling.

On the other hand, a custom-made pergola may cost higher since you’ll need to spend a lot more on tool preparation.

These tools can include, a circular saw, stepladder, jigsaw, cordless drill, and more. Now, if you already have the tools on hand, then building a custom pergola may be better since you get more versatility design-wise.

Besides that, here are some prices based on material.

How Much Are Wood Pergolas?

Wood pergolas come in several options, whether it’s redwood, cedar, timber, or even bamboo. The cost of each wood type ranges based on its quality.

For instance, a fresh-smelling cedar pergola installment can cost anywhere between $1,200 to $5,000 for prefab options.

In contrast, a redwood pergola can set you back around $3,000 to $10,000. It’s best to custom-build this wood choice since it can then cost a lesser $3,500 to $4,000.

For a more wallet-friendly wood option, you can opt for bamboo pergolas since they average $500 to $3,000 for prefab installments.

How Much Are Vinyl Pergolas?

For a prefab vinyl pergola, you can expect to pay around $1,500 to $7,000. In terms of size variations, this durable material can cost around $20 per square root.

How Much Are Metal Pergolas?

Metal pergolas can consist of steel, aluminum, or iron structures. The former two are more affordable since they range in price between $500 to $1,500.

More specifically, aluminum tends to cost about $20 per square foot. Meanwhile, a wrought iron pergola can cost a higher $1,000 to $3,000.

How Much Are Brick Pergolas?

A brick pergola is likely the sturdiest option of all other pergola material types. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come in a prefab fashion.

That said, the material costs can range from $2,000 to $4,000 making it lean on the pricier end. On the bright side, it’ll last virtually forever and you only need to wash it every now and then.

As for the roof for the brick pergola, you can go for retractable or louvered options, Alternatively, you can stick to adding some natural components like reed.

How Much Are Fiberglass Pergolas?

Fiberglass pergolas are on the pricier end of the scale due to their durable and long-lasting structure.

This material can cost about $60 per square foot. All in all, fiberglass pergolas can cost between $1,500 to a hefty $10,000.

How Much Are Retractable Pergolas?

Retractable roofs are ideal if you want to get some extra shade from your pergola. They work through a motor, where you can use a remote to open and close the shades.

If you want to add a retractable roof to your pergola, it can set you back around $4.50 for every square foot.
Additionally, the cost of pergola roof installation is around $150 to $165.

How Much Are Vogue Pergolas?

Vogue pergolas are an Australian-made brand of pergolas offering varying commercial and industrial options.

The basic Vogue Pergola can cost around $1,615, with the installment included, it totals $1,780. Meanwhile, larger options can be priced at $2,810 with installment costs included.

How Much Does a Louvered Pergola Cost?

Louvered pergolas are made up of a series of slanted panels that shut and open when needed. This makes them ideal if you’re trying to get a little sunlight in.

That being said, louvered roof pergolas generally cost around $25 to $160 for every square foot. A prefab louvered pergola can cost $2,000 to $10,000.

In contrast, a custom-built louvered pergola can cost a lower $2,000 to $8,000 instead.

Louvered pergolas usually consist of either vinyl or fiberglass panels. Nonetheless, you can find wood options as well, but you’ll need to custom-install those rather than resort to prefab panels.

Why Do Pergolas Cost So Much?

During your initial search for pergolas, you may have seen some exaggerated prices. Nevertheless, pergolas are a costly structure since you have to add up the material, labor, and tool costs.

Plus, you also have to take into account whether you want a custom design or to get it prefabricated. Apart from that, you generally don’t want to skimp too much on costs so you can get a longer-lasting installment that offers a better return on investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pergola?

If you’d rather let the professionals handle the installation process, then you can expect to pay around $1,100 to $15,000.

To narrow down the price, you can first identify the material of the pergola and then where you’ll place it.

Materials such as vinyl and fiberglass usually cost the highest and can for an average of $4,250 to $5,750, respectively.

In terms of placement, installing it on a deck or a patio is a costly ordeal, ranging between $1,900 to $6,500. The most expensive placement is freestanding since it costs around $2,500 to $6,500.

The most affordable option is installing your pergola attached to your home, in which case it can go for around $1,700 to $5,000.

Meanwhile, professional labor costs typically range from $500 to $1,000.

How Much Are Pergola Kits?

Pergola kit prices are offered in several prices, mostly depending on the structure’s material. For instance, an aluminum and steel pergola kit can average $500 to $1,500.

On the other hand, wood or vinyl prefab kits have starting prices of $3,265 and $4,315, respectively.

Are Pergola Kits Worth It?

Pergola kits are a cost-effective option. They offer you easy installation without having to employ professional help which can cost between $500 to $1,000.

All the same, pergola kits won’t offer you custom options that you may be specifically looking for. For this reason, they’re better suited for those looking to add a standard or basic pergola to their outdoor space.

Overall, pergola kits are worth it for those willing to sacrifice custom designs, but want to save money on installation costs.

Cost-Effective Tips for Pergolas

If you want to cut down on your pergola costs, here are some tips worth following.

DIY Your Pergola Roof

With pergola roofs costing over $160 per square foot, the overall price of a pergola can considerably add up.

Luckily, you can avoid these high costs and try to custom-make a roof. You can use palm fronds, a bamboo screen, or reed to weave a natural-looking roof.

These roof materials don’t restrict too much sunlight as well, so you can place your outdoor plants under the pergola.

Alternatively, you can use a large piece of fabric and drape it over the pergola’s roof for a homier appearance.

Opt for a Simple Design

If you’re trying to save up on pergola costs, you don’t want to get too complicated with the architecture. The simpler the design, the lesser materials are required, and the lower your overall costs.

To make things a bit more snazzy, painting the pergola will give you the much-needed style elevation. You can use a powder coating for metal pergolas so they can last longer or stain wood options for a richer color.

Consider Your Placement Choice

To cut down on costs, placement is key. Typically, you’ll want to go for an attached pergola so you can use less material.

The pergola attachment can go next to your home, fence, or gardening region. Either way, it can make for a cozier placement, and the pergola will have more support.

Add a Seating Plan

Rather than spend on outdoor patio furniture to place underneath the pergola, you can build your own benches.

In other words, you can incorporate the seating plan into the pergola’s pillars and create a charming bench.

Elevate Your Space

Just because your pergola is cheap, doesn’t mean it has to look that way. For this purpose, you can add light fixtures in the pergola to amp up the space.

Plus, you can wrap the pergola with garden vines to add a more natural look to the structure. Overall, you’ll also want the pergola to be well-maintained.

That means re-painting if the layer is cracking or re-staining the wood surface regularly.

Final Thoughts

How much do pergolas cost? Well, with a large number of pergola types available in the market, you can find multiple price points.

You can find sleek steel options for $2,700 or a pricier wood installment worth upwards of $10,000.

Aside from that, when planning a pergola purchase, you may also want to consider certain features. For instance, retractable or louvered roofs.

All in all, when calculating the cost of a pergola, you’ll want to consider labor, material, tool, and accessories costs.


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