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How Much Does a Gazebo Really Cost to Build?

How Much Does a Gazebo Really Cost to Build?

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Adding a gazebo to your garden is a great way to enjoy the fresh air outside. Not to mention, it also increases your house’s value. But how much does a gazebo cost? And is it cheaper to install a prefabricated gazebo than to build a customized one? You’re about to find out.

The average price of a gazebo is around $7600, depending on its size, material, and many other factors. However, you could still get a beautiful gazebo for your garden for the low price of $400 if you build it yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into how much a gazebo would cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gazebo?

The cost of installing a gazebo in your outdoor area depends on multiple factors, but the main factor that sets your budget is the size of your gazebo.

Based on the size, you’ll be able to determine how much material you’ll need to set up. Along with the materials, a larger gazebo will cost you more labor hours if you hire professionals to build it.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 12×12 Gazebo?

The average cost of building a gazebo ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot. This depends on the material used for your gazebo, its design, and any extra features included.

So, to build a 12×12-foot gazebo, you’ll need to set a budget between $7,200 and $14,400.

The price tag could go much higher if you’re considering something fancy, or you could save some money by taking up the project yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 10×10 Gazebo?

A 10×10 gazebo is smaller and more intimate than a 12×12 one. Based on the price range per square foot mentioned above, a 100-square-foot gazebo will cost you much less.

You’ll need a budget between $5,000 and $10,000 to build a nice gazebo for you and your family to enjoy.

Other Factors That Affect the Cost

After deciding on the location of your gazebo and how big you want it to be, you’ll then need to keep in mind the other factors that affect the total cost. Some of the many elements that determine the price of your gazebo are its material, shape, and different add-ons.

There are also land preparations and building permits that need to be taken care of before picking up your gazebo project. Each of these necessities will add up to your overall bill to build a gazebo.

Let’s break down the main factors you must consider within your gazebo budget.


Gazebos can be made from many materials — each with its own price tag. Here’s a list of all the available materials used to build gazebos:


The most affordable option on the market is bricks, with an average price of $2,000 to $3,500. Although they’re not so common, brick gazebos are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.


The second most affordable option on this list is wood. Wooden gazebos are quite common in gardens and outdoor areas due to their natural aesthetic. The wooden structure of the gazebo fits perfectly in any green landscape.

As for their price, they range from $4,000 to $7,000 based on the type of wood you’re using. Pine wood is the cheapest option, then there’s redwood and tropical hardwood. As for the most expensive types, those include cedar and bamboo.


Metal is relatively the most expensive material on this list, with an average cost that starts at $3,000 and goes as high as $8,500.

The most cost-friendly option in metal gazebos is aluminum, followed by wrought iron, cast iron, and finally steel as the most expensive metal option.


Vinyl gazebos are almost the same price as wooden ones, with a price range between $4,000 and $7,500.

Vinyl gazebos can look exactly like every other material, including bricks, wood, and metal. They also require minimum maintenance and you don’t risk dealing with pest infestations or corrosion.

That way, you get to enjoy the aesthetic of any material along with the benefits of vinyl.


There are many shapes to choose from when deciding on a design for your gazebo. You could even customize your own shape that perfectly suits your home — the custom design will cost you a little extra money, though.

Here’s a table of the average prices for the common shapes of gazebos ordered from the least number of sides to the most:

Shape of GazeboPrice Range
Round or Oval$1,500 to $8,000
Triangular$3,500 to $9,000
Square or Rectangular$2,000 to $12,000
Hexagonal$3,000 to $8,000
L-Shaped$4,000 to $10,500
Octagonal$3,500 to $8,000
Dodecahedral (with 12 sides)$7,000 to $10,000


A solid, reliable roof for your gazebo is essential to offer you shade, rain protection, and privacy.

The price of a ready-made roof can range from $600 to $900. However, a custom roof would cost you anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000.

These price ranges would depend on two main things. First, it depends on whether your roof has special features, like drainage systems and wood shake. Second, it factors in the material you choose to build your roof with.

Asphalt shingles are the least expensive option, for example. Other options like tile, fabric, wood, or metal can be a bit pricier. Then there’s glass and polycarbonate to take your gazebo to the next level of fancy and sophistication.

Flooring Preparation

Adding a flooring system to your gazebo is optional, but it elevates the comfort and overall experience of the gazebo. The material you pick has to be durable and easy to maintain in the long run.

The cheapest material to install as flooring is wood, with an average cost of $1.25 to $12.5 per square foot.

Next up is carpeting, which ranges from $3 to $8. Then you have brick floors, which cost between $4 to $10. The next option is composite decking, which is between $8 and $16 per square foot.

Paving the floor will cost somewhere between $11 to $15. Finally, stamped concrete is the most expensive option, with an average price range of $12 to $18 per square foot.

How Much Is a Wooden Gazebo?

Many people have always loved wooden gazebos. Whether it’s for their rustic, vintage aesthetic or because they fit in perfectly with any green scenery, wooden gazebos are one of the most common types to be installed in gardens. But how much do they cost?

Wooden gazebos fall in the middle of the price spectrum compared to other types. The material to build a wooden gazebo would cost you from $22.36 to $27.49 per square foot. That sets the overall average at $24.92.

If you hire someone to build it for you, the average cost of labor and material would fall between $39.43 and $60.39 per square foot, with an average of $49.91.

So, if you’re considering a 12×12-foot gazebo, your budget should be between $5,678 and $8,696. Your average cost would be $7,187. Unless you decide to build it yourself, in which case, it’ll cost you an average of only $3588.

Final Thoughts

A gazebo is a beautiful addition to any outdoor area. It’s a great way to sit outside to enjoy the beauty of your garden or patio and soak up the sunlight and fresh air. All you need to do is imagine how you’d like your gazebo to be and plan a budget according to your vision.

There’s always the option of saving a little labor money and building it yourself. That way, you’ll make your gazebo all the more your family.


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