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7 Creative Ways to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower 

7 Creative Ways to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower 

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Look, lawnmowers do their job efficiently, but let’s be honest: They’re far from perfect. They take up too much space, have suspicious environmental impacts, and can shut down at random times.

If you think the same, I’m happy to tell you that you can throw your lawnmower today and go in a different direction! 

How do you cut grass without a lawnmower? Well, I’m here to offer a few alternatives. Some of them might seem a bit crazy, but they’ll work nonetheless.

1 – Use a String Trimmer

Knocking Down Weeds With A String Trimmer

A string trimmer is an ideal mower alternative because it works with a similar mechanism. Some people even have both. Is the trimmer efficient, though?


So, the lawnmower’s biggest disadvantage is its demanding storage requirements. But you don’t have to worry about that with electric trimmers. They are relatively thin and tall, making them easier to store than lawnmowers.

The best part? Most modern string trimmers have a cordless, battery-powered version for easier handling.

Even if you have one with an electric drop cord, it can still offer a more comfortable experience than a lawnmower. The key is to buy an extension cord long enough to cover your yard.

It’s a simple solution, but it makes all the difference. Not only do you get the smooth trimmer experience, but you also get to work without having to replug your cord as you remove weeds and grass.

You may need some time to find the stance and grasp that work for you. Once you do, though, you’ll develop a more comfortable workflow.


string trimmer isn’t a perfect tool. It primarily comes with two downsides. The first is that it’s not as efficient as a lawnmower.

The area a string trimmer covers with each swipe isn’t nearly as large as that of a lawnmower, so it’ll take longer to get the job done.

The second is that your grass clippings will fly everywhere.

A mower bag is a hassle to clean, but at least all the grass goes into one place. When you use a trimmer, however, it kicks the grass everywhere, resulting in a lengthier cleanup.

2 – Swing Your Scythe


I know some people often avoid using electric/battery-powered devices and prefer a more old-school approach. To those people, I present the scythe.

You won’t see a lot of people using a scythe in their everyday lives, let alone to cut grass. That said, you’d be surprised how effective it is once you learn how to control it.

Like with string trimmers, the key is to find a comfortable stance and grasp. As you cut with the scythe, you want to swing in a smooth back-and-forth motion using your thigh and hip muscles.

Hold it by its horizontal handles parallel to the ground to get the most even and consistent results.

Pro tip: A scythe works more efficiently if the grass is a bit moist. So, you can cut it after it rains or early in the morning when the dew adds moisture to it.


A scythe can be a helpful tool, even if you prefer using a mower. You see, tall grass will often cause your mower to clog up, slowing the cutting process. That’s where a scythe comes in handy. A few calculated swoops are all it takes to get rid of that grass.

As you might have guessed, using scythes takes quite a bit of effort, making it an excellent tool if you’re looking to stay in shape.


Scythes aren’t that safe. You’re basically dealing with long swords here, and they can cause gruesome injuries if you use them recklessly.

Finding a proper scythe on the internet isn’t that easy to begin with. You might accidentally end up with a dull grim reaper prop. So, do your research before you buy one.

3 – Cut With a Shears

Shears look like giant scissors with long blades. You even use them the same way.

Put the grass between the blades and move the handles to cut. The main difference is that you hold shears with both hands.


They take a bit of time to get used to, but only a few tools can beat the accuracy they provide. They’re ideal for those who prefer to keep their grass as symmetrical as possible.

Plus, it’s a manual tool, so you don’t have to put too much effort into maintaining it.


Despite their large size, shears don’t offer that much coverage. If you’re impatient, this tool might not be for you.

You also might have to kneel and stay hunched on your knees and elbows for a long time to cut the grass to your desired length. That’ll take its toll on your body. 

So, you may want to invest in knee and elbow pads. 

4 – Grab a Pair of Scissors

Believe it or not, some people use regular scissors to cut their grass. It should work theoretically. After all, it’s a sharp object that can easily chop grass. It comes with a few issues, though.


Everyone knows how to use scissors. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to control. So, unlike most tools on this list, you won’t spend too much time learning to work this one.

As I’ve already established, a lawnmower doesn’t always work perfectly. Sometimes, you get uneven cuts. Well, not with scissors. You get full control over the precision of your cuts.


You can probably tell it’s too small to cover your entire yard. I’d use it only around garden ornaments.

5 – Turn Your Hedge Trimmer On

Hedge Trimmer

Since it has “trimmer” in its name, I’m sure you’ll think it’s similar to the string trimmer. It’s not the same, though. This one has a different design and mechanism. So, it offers a different experience.


Although hedge trimmers (corded or not) are meant to cut down large swaths of bushes and shrubbery, they can be quite effective in cutting grass. This means you get an all-in-one machine that can help you maintain your yard without needing to switch tools all the time.

Additionally, since hedge trimmers are like tall chainsaws, they offer a large coverage.


It takes a bit of practice to learn how to make accurate cuts. Sure, you can swing it wildly to get the job done quickly, but you probably won’t get anything resembling an even cut.

There are far too many horror stories of people cutting willy-nilly only to find that they’ve sliced through an extension cord or worse. So, you want to be extra mindful of your surroundings.

6 – Unleash Your Goats

Goat Eating Grass

Yes, your eyes are fine. I’m actually suggesting that you use domestic herbivores.

Some people don’t have the time to cut their grass manually. So, they resort to using goats. You can also use sheep and cows if available.


Goats are notorious for eating grass. So you won’t face any trouble trying to get them to work their way around your lawn.


This mowing approach doesn’t work for everyone. Chances are, you won’t see anyone using this method outside rural areas. I mean, can you imagine what your neighbors would think when they see you using a goat to cut your grass?

It’s pretty much exclusive to farm owners. If you don’t care what people think, however, by all means, go ahead and get a goat.

Here’s the thing: Goats aren’t meant to cut down on large swaths of grass, so you may need to get a few to cover vast grounds. You also need to take good care of them and ensure they follow a healthy diet, which can be a hassle for some people.

7 – Sharpen Your Sickles

Think of a sickle as a mini scythe. It may not look like an efficient tool to cut grass, but you’d be surprised.


A sickle is low maintenance and requires no fuel.

Plus, its small size makes it easy to control. Not only will you work faster, but there’s less injury risk like with scythes.


It doesn’t cover large areas, so it’s not optimal for large lawns.

Final Thoughts

A lawnmower is a convenient tool, but it’s not ideal for everyone. If you want to know how to cut grass without a lawnmower, there are plenty of options you can look at.

Whether it’s trimmers, scythes, sheers, or sickles, each tool has pros and cons and will give you a different experience. The key is to be patient and stay safe.

Take your time, make sure you’re using your tool right, and you’ll end up with incredible results!


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