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10 Great Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

10 Great Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

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It’s important to have a good garden hose in your yard somewhere. You’re going to need it to water plants and do many other tasks around the yard.

Buying a high-quality garden hose is always going to be worth the money. It makes many gardening tasks easier, and you’ll also likely use it for things such as washing your car or cleaning your yard tools.

Some people have a hard time figuring out how to store a garden hose, though. If you store the hose improperly, then it’ll be more likely that the hose could get ruined or have kinks in it that will make it tough to use.

There are actually quite a few ways that you can go about storing a garden hose. Keep reading to learn how you can store a garden hose reliably so that it’ll always be safe and ready to use.

1 – Hanging a Hose on a Nail

You might have seen some people hanging hoses on simple nails that have been driven into the side of a house or barn. This is a pretty easy way to have something that you can hang your hose on, but it definitely isn’t going to look pretty.

Even so, this will get the job done when it comes to getting your hose out of the way. You don’t want your hose to lay on the ground because it could rot faster due to soil exposure.

Also, you might forget that your hose is in the yard, and that could lead to you running over the hose with your lawnmower. Protecting your hose is your best bet, and using a simple nail is better than using nothing.

Just keep in mind that hanging your hose on a nail isn’t going to be ideal. It’ll be harder to keep the hose wrapped up properly with only a nail to hang it on, and you might wind up getting some kinks in the hose if you go this route.

There are many better options to consider when you want to store your hose properly. Keep reading and you’ll learn about many good hose storage ideas that will work for you.

2 – Use a Simple Hose Hanger

Using a simple hose hanger is probably the most common way that people store garden hoses. These are very easy to use and they don’t take up a lot of space either.

The idea is that you’ll be attaching a hose hanger to the side of your house or to the side of a garage or barn. Once the hose hanger has been affixed properly, you’re just going to need to wind the hose up to place it on the hanger.

You’ll be able to do a good job of keeping the hose out of harm’s way if you hang it up like this. It’ll be out of the way when you need to mow, and you’ll be far less likely to experience problems with the hose.

It’s even pretty easy to buy hose hangers that look aesthetically pleasing. You should be able to find a color that matches your siding, and it’ll be a good choice no matter what way you look at it.

3 – Decorative Hose Holders

Simple hose hangers might leave something to be desired when it comes to how they look. Most typical hose hangers are just plastic or metal, and they might not look all that special.

You can decide to get something that has a bit more pizzazz if you would like. There are decorative hose holders out there that function the same as simple hose hangers.

The only big difference is that these decorative hose holders have ornate designs that will be visually appealing. For example, you might find a hose holder that has an elaborate metal design or is colored in some appealing way.

Most decorative hose holders that you’ll find on the market will be made out of durable cast aluminum. They’re given rust-resistant coating so that they can last a long time as well.

4 – Hose Hangers with Cranks

If you’d like to use something with a bit more complexity, then you could buy a hose hanger that has a crank. You’re able to hang the hose from this and it’ll be connected to the hose at all times.

When you’re done using the hose for the day, the crank is going to make it simpler to wind the hose up. You just walk over to the hose hanger and turn the crank until the hose is completely back.

You might need to fix some tangles here and there depending on how things go, but it is a convenient feature. It makes it less problematic and you won’t need to try to wind the hose up on your arm or anything.

Many of the most common and popular hose hangers are going to come with cranks now. These aren’t expensive and you could even say that they’re more commonly spotted than standard hose hangers without cranks in modern times.

5 – Putting Your Hose in a Pot

Putting your hose in a pot of some sort is another possibility that you might find to be appealing. Hose pots might look nicer than hose hangers to some people, and it’s really going to depend on your sensibilities.

The basic idea of using a hose pot is that you’ll be winding the hose up after you’re done using it. You disconnect the hose from the water source and then carefully place it in the pot.

Pots like this will come with a lid, and it’ll keep the hose out of the elements. Many of the best hose pots out there are very decorative, and people feel that they add a bit of charm to the yard.

The only negative about using a hose pot is that you’ll need to disconnect and reconnect the hose every single time you use it. It isn’t that big of a deal, but some might find hose hangers to be a lot more convenient.

6 – Wicker Basket Hose Holders

Wicker basket hose holders are often used in the same way that people use hose pots. If you like the look of wicker, then this might be perfect for your home.

This is especially true when you have wicker patio furniture because it’ll be nice to have things match up. You can find simple wicker baskets or wicker bins that are built to house hoses.

All you need to do is wind the hose up and place it in the wicker basket or bin at the end of your workday. It’ll keep the hose safe from harm, and the wicker basket will look nice on your patio.

7 – Keep Your Hose in Your Garage

Of course, not everyone keeps their hose outside, and you might have a better time storing it in the garage. Storing your hose isn’t just about keeping it out of the way for when you need to mow the lawn because you also want the hose to last for a long time.

When the hose is exposed to the elements all the time, it’s more likely that the hose will rot. You might be able to make the hose last longer by keeping it in your garage or another type of structure when it isn’t in use.

Besides storing the hose in the garage, it’d also be easy to place it in some type of shed. You’re still going to want to wind the hose up to be able to store it neatly, but you’ll also be keeping it out of the rain, sleet, and snow.

Many people will keep hose pots in their garages or sheds to have a place to put their hoses. You could go this route if you want to, but it’s probably not that much better than just keeping the hose pot by the hose water connection.

8 – Hideaway Hose End Tables

Hideaway hose end tables are neat because they can serve several practical purposes. These convenient hose holders are able to house hoses, and they’re also fully-functional end tables.

Most hideaway hose end tables will be made out of a sturdy type of wood, but some of them might be made of metal or durable plastic. Many of them will also have a crank that will be useful for recalling the hose.

When the hose is in use, the hideaway hose end table will have its top lifted up so that the hose can come out. Once you’re done, you can easily put things back inside the table, and it can go back to being used as an end table.

This is so convenient because people often need end tables for their patio areas. It gives you something that you can place drinks on, and you won’t have to worry about your hose getting in the way ever again.

These hideaway hoses aren’t too terribly expensive either. If you’re looking for a fun and practical solution for storing your hose, then this is well worth looking into.

9 – Standing Hose Holders

Not all hose holders need to be connected to your house, garage, or barn. Some of them are standing hose holders, and it’s easy to put them wherever you want them to be.

This actually has the potential to be convenient as well because you can pick the hose holder up and carry it to different spots in your yard. If you need to get the hose to a certain spot before you start using it, then this might be easier than having to unwind the whole hose before you walk to that spot.

If you like to have a bit more control over where you put your hose, then using a standing hose holder is sensible. These aren’t very costly, and they’re going to get the job done well.

A standing hose holder isn’t often going to be very impressive to look at, though. These are usually fairly simple and are just meant to be practical rather than to provide aesthetic appeal.

10 – Hose Trolleys

Hose trolleys are going to work very much like wind-up hose holders, but they don’t need to be attached to the wall. This is a hose holder that features a crank, and you’re able to use that crank to recall the hose when you’re done using it.

It’s also extra convenient because of how you’re able to roll the hose trolley where you want it to be. The standing hose holder mentioned above allows you to carry it to a different spot, but you can simply pull this hose trolley into the right position.

You might need to roll your hose to a different section of the yard to do some work at some point. It’ll be easy to pull that off if you have a hose trolley that you can utilize.

These are nice and convenient hose holders that will work just as well as hose hangers. With the added benefit of being able to roll the hose trolley where you need it to be, it’s going to be hard to deny that this is a good option.

Remember to Store the Hose Away From the Sun

Any of the options above that isn’t just hanging the hose on a nail will work very well. You’re going to want to remember to store your hose away from the sun, though.

UV light has the potential to destroy your hose over time, and it’ll deteriorate faster if you leave it in full sun. This is why hideaway hose options are so nice.

You can still hide a hose from the sun using other types of hose hangers, though. It’s just important to position it away from the sun and in a shaded area if at all possible.

Getting your hose to last as long as possible is the goal. If you use a high-quality hose hanger and keep the hose out of the sun, then you’ll be in good shape.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read about the hose storage options, it’ll be time to choose the right one for you. Some people will gravitate toward decorative options such as using hose pots, but others will enjoy the practicality of something such as a hose trolley.

You’ll be fine as long as you’re choosing an option that is safe for the hose. Storing your hose the right way will help it to keep working for a long time, and you’ll have far fewer issues with annoyances such as hose kinks.


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