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How to Replace a Shamrock/Roo Hybrid Camper Bunk Tent Canvas

How to Replace a Shamrock/Roo Hybrid Camper Bunk Tent Canvas

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Unfortunately when we found the camper of choice that we wanted to purchase the one bunk tent had a hole in which the previous owner had a horrible self performed patch job done to it. While it was great because it allowed us to barter the price way down it left us with the repair, which luckily, turns out wasn’t that difficult.

In this guide we are replacing the front bunk tent canvas on a 2016 Forest River Shamrock Hybrid that has a model number 23IKSS. While this is a 2016 model, there are many other years that are the exact same as this including Forest Rivers Roo hybrid campers.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Shamrock/Roo Hybrid Camper Bunk Tent Canvas? (And Where to Get One)

While you can get the canvas from many dealers you’ll find that they are just marking up the product from the original manufacturer. It is cheaper to go straight to TJ Snuggles (they just have a Facebook page and no website) to pick up your replacement vinyl canvas.

The front canvas itself ended up costing $410 and the shipping was $46 bringing the total to $456 in which I was lucky enough that they had one in stock.

The only other cost you’ll run into is some good clear caulk. While regular silicone will work I recommend going with a stronger adhesive like Loctite’s Power Grab Construction Adhesive.

How to Remove Shamrock/Roo Hybrid Camper Bunk Tent Canvas?

The extra “slop” in the canvas is simply held on by double sided tape. Start out by getting a finger behind it and removing it from the double sided tape.

Do the same all the way across the top along with the other side of the bunk.

Just keep going all the way across.

From here, the vinyl canvas of the Shamrock is literally just caulked into the channel. The removal can be done by pressing the rubber channeled canvas out away from the camper.

You’ll start to see daylight in no time in which you’ll want to do this all the way around the door opening.

The top is done and you’ll repeat the same process for the other side.

Now its time to move along to the Shamrock / Roo’s bunk door. The first cover is secured by 3 screws & a couple beads of caulk. Here is the first screw.

Here is the second screw (the center screw) in which there is one more screw all the way to the right.

From here you can simply lift the cover off. This particular camper had two balls of caulk in between each screw but it was still easily removed.

Once complete, removing the rubber gasket wrapped in vinyl is just as easy as all the other seems. Simply push it out of the channel.

The inner door channel is a little bit different. While two screws come out and the cover is removable there are two additional screws holding the gasket in place. Simply remove those and repeat removing he vinyl canvas.

Once complete it should look like this.

Now that the canvas is completely removed from all channels you have two options. The easy option is to just cut the canvas out from the support braces but I wanted to keep mine intact in case I ever needed a section of it.

Which leaves the second option. This option is easier with two people but is manageable with one. Simple remove the bolt, slide the canvas out and put the bolt back in the support cable. Repeat this same process for the other side.

Now there is one last step to the demo process and that is the tedious task of getting the majority of the old caulk out. I found it easiest to get it started with a screw driver.

Once started, I was able to successfully pull huge chunks out at once.

How to Install The New Shamrock/Roo Hybrid Camper Bunk Tent Canvas?

As you might suspect, this is done by reversing everything that was just removed.

I recommend started at the top so you aren’t fighting with the weight of the canvas when you do the sides. Start out by putting a bead of caulk in the top channel in which you want enough to cover the canvas but not so much that is squeezes out and makes a mess.

Once the caulk is in the channel simply push the vinyl wrapped rubber gasket into the channel from one corner to the other.

Once complete, go on the inside and wrap the canvas over the aluminum and stick it back to the double sided tape. In doing this be sure to keep it snug. This will help prevent the caulk from failing while it dry’s.

Now that this is done, take the box cutter and cut the access off.

This will leave you with that clean look just like you first got it from the factory. Repeat the caulking, re-sticking to the double sided tape and cutting of the excess canvas on both sides. Be sure that if excess caulk gets anywhere its in the corners.

This same process is done on the bunk door. Insert the caulk into the channel.

Press the canvas into the channel.

While squeezing the canvas in the channel put the little screw back in to hold it. Repeat on the opposite side.

Now place the cover over both to hold the canvas in and put the screw back in.

Work the cover down to the other corner in which you’ll add the last screw as well. This process is repeated on all 4 sides of the bunk door. Once complete leave it sit for a minimum of 24 hours to dry but I’d recommend being safe and letting everything sit 48 hours to ensure everything has cured.

That is it, I hope you found this tutorial very helpful. Enjoy getting back to camping!


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jeff parker

Friday 4th of June 2021

Hi Ben, appreciated your strep by step replacement, vert informative! So this is a longshot... I just bought a keystone TailGator toy hauler with a very similar front bunk tent/popout that has the base and support bows but all of the tent is missing. im at a desperate point to try to find something to start with to take to a canvas shop to alter to fit. Is there any chance you would consider selling your old tent unit? Longshot but if you or another reader willing to consider please contact Thank you

Ben Esman

Monday 7th of June 2021

Hey Jeff,

I'd recommend reaching out to TJ Snuggles at 574-546-4404 in which they sell replacement tents for campers. They would just need your make, model... I'm not familiar with that particular camper model, but you are probably looking at around $500 in which they are pretty easy to self install. Hopefully they have what you are looking for and can get you back to camping?