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How to Season a Brand New Blackstone Griddle (First Time)

How to Season a Brand New Blackstone Griddle (First Time)

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So I finally got tired of moving my 28″ adventure ready Blackstone Griddle back and forth from my deck to my camper in which I picked up this brand new 36″ Blackstone. In doing so, I figured I’d create a how to season a brand new Blackstone Griddle for the first time post. So here it is!

If you’re looking into buying a Blackstone soon, see my article on what size Blackstone griddle you should buy. The links in the paragraph above will also take you straight to each size on amazon.

What Is the Best Oil to Season a Blackstone Griddle With?

There are several types of oils that can be used in seasoning the Blackstone’s cold rolled steel which vary anywhere from flax seed oil, to extra virgin olive oil and even coconut or vegetable oil. In researching the best way to season my 28″ griddle it seems like everyone highly recommends flax seed oil, but I couldn’t justify the price.

I recommend simply using vegetable oil to get the griddle up and running. It is cost effective and it does the job. With that being said, when I cook, I prefer extra virgin olive oil. Vegetable oil is mainly used for baking and frying things where olive oil is preferred in a lot of dressings, sauteing and dips.

It is my understanding that extra virgin olive oil is even high in antioxidants. Another reason why I prefer extra virgin olive oil is it typically contains vitamins such as K & E. So not only is it more cost effective than flax seed oil but, for me, it tastes better and it also comes with some nutrients.

I initially season my Blackstone Griddle with Vegetable oil because it is cheaper and at the end of the day, you are just burning it off anyways. Once the Blackstone’s cold rolled steel is seasoning up, I personally cook only with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How to Season Your Blackstone Griddle for the First Time

Prior to getting started with the seasoning and firing up the Blackstone Griddle it is good to give it a good wipe down and clean it from the factory. Some recommend a mild soap, but for me a good damp paper towel or micro fiber towel does the trick and eliminates the soap flavor. These griddles put off plenty of heat to kill anything else, in my opinion.

Fire up the Blackstone Griddle with the burners on high heat. It is recommended you wait for a good 10-15 minutes or until the Blackstone top starts to discolor.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Vegetable Oil

With searching google, Facebook, Pinterest…you’ll notice many different recommended oils for seasoning your Blackstone for the first time. As I mentioned above, I recommend simply using vegetable oil.

How Much Oil Is Needed to Season the Blackstone Griddle

For the 17″ and 22″ griddles it is recommended that about 1 Tablespoon at a time is used to season the Blackstone Griddle top. For all the 28″ Griddles Blackstone recommends 2 Tablespoons of oil and finally, for the 36″ griddles Blackstone recommends 3 Tablespoons.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - 3-4 Tablespoons Oil

For the first coat I recommend 4 Tablespoons and this is to ensure there is enough oil for the sides too. The paper towel can absorb any excess that isn’t being used.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Coat Griddle Top

Once the oil is applied, simply take a paper towel or clean rag and rub it in evenly.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Griddle Insides

With the excess oil, rub a coat on the inside of the sides of the griddle top.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Oil Exterior

Follow this same process for the outside sides of the griddle top. Ensure that there is only a think layer on the griddle top and let it burn off. Let it burn off and smoke until the griddle loses it’s sheen, roughly 4-5 minutes.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - 2Nd Coat Burn Off

Repeat this same process in which just 3 Tablespoons of oil should be enough. It is better to do an extra coat then to put too much oil on.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - 3Rd Coat

Blackstone recommends repeating this process 3-5 times. For me, I just did 4 because I knew I was cooking bacon on it for breakfast the next morning (the fats from the bacon grease will also season the griddle). After the 4th coat simply just turn the Blackstone off and let it cool.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Cooled Storage Coat

Once the Blackstone Griddle is cool to the touch add another 2-3 Tablespoons of oil.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Spread Even Final Layer

Spread it around evenly. This will prevent any rust from taking place and you are all set to either start cooking immediately or put it up for storage until your next cook.

Own - How To Season Blackstone Griddle - Finish With Applying Cover

Once complete and all seasoned up simply throw your cover on and you are all set. Good luck on all your future Blackstone cooks!

One extra thing to note is that after all these steps are taken, not all of the Blackstone Griddle will appear to be 100% black. This is perfectly normal in which the rest of your Blackstone will be completely black after a few more cooks and seasonings once dinner is completed.

Now that you have your new Blackstone Griddle seasoned, check out my favorite recipes.

How Frequently Should I Season My Blackstone Griddle

Now that the Blackstone has finally been put to use, how frequently should it be seasoned and how to clean it prior? The quick answer is after every cook but if it goes a long time without being cooked on it should be visited more frequently, especially in southern states where there is a lot of salt in the air. Ensuring the Blackstone has a good thin layer of oil on it will also prevent it from rusting.

After every cook the Blackstone should be cleaned with the heat on. The easiest way to do this is to scrape it clean and squirt a little bit of water each time. With that being said, don’t dump a bunch of water on it or you could run the risk of warping the griddle top.

Once the griddle is clean and free of food it can be re-seasoned prior to being put away before the next cook. To do this, simply apply more vegetable or extra virgin olive oil to the griddle. At this point, the heat can be turned off. Take a paper towel or a lint free cloth, like a micro fiber cloth, and spread the oil everywhere creating a thin layer.

This process will leave a nice thin coat of oil on the top leaving it seasoned to perfection. This is critical if you don’t use the griddle for a while as it will prevent it from rusting which will cause another major headache, so it is definitely worth the time and effort.


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