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What Water Heater and Anode Rod Is in a 2022 30BHS Cougar

What Water Heater and Anode Rod Is in a 2022 30BHS Cougar

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Its that time a year again where we have just winterized our 2022 30BHS Cougar camper and the fall is the best time to buy a new anode because they tend to go on sale. I have had to do some searching to figure out not only what model number my water heater was in the camper but also the model number for the anode.

What Water Heater Model Number Is in a 2022 30BHS Cougar

Suburban Water Heater Label In A 2020 30Bhs Cougar

In the 2022 30BHS Cougars they are supplied with a Suburban water heater. It is the Suburban Advantage Water Heater which is a 6 gallon hot water storage tank in which they claim it has a recovers how water 9 minutes faster then its competition.

In this model Cougar, it is supplied with the model number SW6DELC, which so far, has held up well as well as performed well.

What Anode Rod Model Number Is in a 2022 30BHS Cougar

After some research and finding that the model number for the water heater was a SW6DELC I was then able to track down what model number the anode rod was. For a 2022 30BHS Cougar camper with the SW6DELC water heater, the anode rods model number is 232767 and as I mentioned, the best time to purchase this anode rod is in the fall.

What Is an Anode Rod and How Often Should It Be Changed

Example Of An Anode Rod Starting To Deteriorate

Basically, a water heater will deteriorate over time. This is because of the corrosive metals that can be found in water.

The corrosion of a water heater is protected by a magnesium or aluminum anode rod which prolongs the life of the tank. The idea is that the chemical reaction will take place on the anode rod before the water heater.

So it is very important to to swap out your anode rod at least yearly. If you have water with these high levels of iron or sulfate, this will increase the deterioration of the anode rod more quickly.

So it is a good idea to keep an eye on the anode rod and swap it out more frequently than every year, if needed.

If you are looking to winterize your 2022 30BHS Cougar, I have a great step by step article with video here.


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