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What Flowers Attract Butterflies, but Not Bees?

What Flowers Attract Butterflies, but Not Bees?

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When putting a garden together, we all have different goals. Some want the beautiful visual of blooming flowers to look at each and every day. Others want flowers that will smell great that they can hang or use in their homes.

Other people are looking for the kind of flowers that will attract beautiful butterflies to their garden. After all, butterflies are one of the most visually appealing insects that there are. Wanting them in our gardens only makes sense.

But the catch is that the wrong type of flower may not attract just butterflies. There is a chance that bees could wind up flocking to your garden and bees create an uncomfortable setting. Even when they don’t sting, bees present the chance of being stung and that can make most of us uncomfortable.

So, the question becomes more about what plants we can implement that will not attract bees, but butterflies instead. There are many types of flowers out there that can attract those beautiful, graceful butterflies into your garden and make it feel like something out of a book.

Getting Your Garden Right

The first thing to do is determine just how big you want your garden to be. There are some who plant a small box worth of flowers in their yard, getting just enough of the flower (and the wonderful little creatures that come with them) to fill their senses.

Of course, there is a possibility of creating a great, big garden that takes up a sizable portion of your backyard. Determining what kind of space you want to take up is the first step toward creating an attractive area for butterflies to flock.

But butterflies are not the only important aspect of a garden. You want flowers that will bloom beautifully, that smell fragrant, and will make your yard feel warm and welcoming all at the same time. Finding those flowers is what makes a truly great garden.

What Flowers Attract Butterflies?

There are a ton of different flowers out there that can not only attract butterflies, but will provide that fragrant smell and beautiful appearance. There are plenty more out there to keep in mind, but these are some of the more popular options to consider planting in your garden.

1 – Yarrow

The yarrow plant is one of the more herbaceous flowers out there. It is versatile enough that it can be grown in a flower bed or in an herb garden, but it will make for a great addition to your yard no matter where it goes.

A yellowish/white flower in color, it makes for a beautiful aesthetic that will attract butterflies as well. If you use it as an herb, it can be used for medical purposes around your home for things such as cramping muscles or reducing fever while also being a great herb for facial washes or shampoos.

2 – Hollyhocks

This is a favorite in many different gardens out there. This is because hollyhocks not only attract butterflies, they are also very vibrant and colorful. Hollyhocks don’t require a lot of maintenance to upkeep, but keep in mind that they will only grow for two to three years.

Still, that is plenty of time to enjoy the visual aesthetic and the attraction of the butterflies that they draw in. Even better, hollyhocks easily reseed themselves, so they will continue to keep growing so long as the conditions are optimal.

3 – Sunflowers

There is no greater summertime plant than a sunflower. Big, vibrant and yellow, sunflowers will bring in butterflies and help to brighten up your garden space. They can also come in a number of different sizes based on your garden space and personal desire.

Sunflowers can be as small as dwarf sizes that are about a foot and a half or giant varieties that can be as tall as 12 feet. Whatever size that you want, it can be easy to provide a very bright, welcoming atmosphere.

4 – Shasta Daisy

The Shasta daisy is a big, bright white and yellow flower that you can find growing in fields. They bring an air of brightness to a garden space and invite those beautiful butterflies to your garden to make it seem even more vibrant and welcoming.

Shasta daisies require a bit more attention – things such as the proper soil and a good drainage box to ensure that they do not get overly saturated in water.

Whatever choices you go with, there are plenty out there that can attract more butterflies to your garden that can also provide brightness and a welcoming air as well.

The choices are yours to make and you can create your exact garden that you have always dreamed of. Create your perfect garden getaway and create the garden that you have been wanting.


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