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What Is Slit Seeding? (And How to Slit Seed Your Lawn)

What Is Slit Seeding? (And How to Slit Seed Your Lawn)

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One of the greatest features a home can have is a nice thick green lawn that is soft enough to walk on with your bare feet. Slit seeding is the perfect method to achieve the perfect lawn for the family to enjoy all summer long, plus it is economical.

As the name suggest, slit seeding is done with a machine by cutting the ground and putting slit in it. The slit seeding machine is called a slit seeder. As the slit seeder goes along slicing the ground it drops seeds in the slice it has created.

Slit seeding seems to be a little uncommon and most people do not even know this method of seeding exists. Those who do highly recommend it and this is because slit seeding gets the seed into the soil rather just leaving it sitting on top of it.

This is also a great method because it prevents things like birds and animals from eating the seeds after all the hard work of spreading them.

When putting in a lawn, silt seeding has an even better chance of succeeding then sod. Not only is slit seeding better than sod but it is also cheaper to install than sod or even hydro seeding.

How to Slit Seed Your Lawn

As with any method of seeding a lawn the first step is to prepare your yard. To prepare your lawn for silt seeding start out by removing any leaves, weeds and rocks.

If you are slit seeding an all dirt lot it is also recommend level it. To do that, simply attach a fence to the back of a lawn tractor and drag it around.

Once your yard is ready for the slit seeder you need to figure out how much seed is needed. You can do this with google maps and subtract the square footage of your house, driveway, barn…or consult your local lawn care professional or green house supplier.

Now that your yard is prepped for slit seeding and you have the quantity of seed needed you are ready to put the slit seeder to work. To start, fill the slit seeder with seed.

The most common setting for the slit seeder is to lay about 5 pounds of seed per 1,000 square foot. Once set and ready walk the seeder from one end of the lot to the other in a straight line.

Depending on the slit seeder it will place seed in the slits in rows around 4 inches apart. Once complete repeat the same process but cross ways (perpendicular) to what you have just completed creating a grid. Once complete you have successfully slit seeded your lawn.

Water Yard After Slit Seeding

All that is left is watering the yard in which you’ll want to get it good and wet. To germinate the seeds you will want to continue watering the lawn for about two weeks, daily.

If you are slit seeding an existing long to thicken it up you will need to maintain your existing lawn too. Another pro about slit seeding is that it is okay mow your lawn immediately after you have slit seeded.


Slit seeding is the most effective and cost effective method to get the perfect lush green lawn. It is also easy enough that you can just rent a slit seeder in which you can save more money by just doing it yourself rather hiring out someone to install sod or hydro seed.

Obviously the cheapest method is just spreading seed on your yard but slit seeding will ensure a better germination rate along with preventing your investment from going into the stomach of birds and animals.


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