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What Kills Mold in a Crawl Space? (Your Best Options)

What Kills Mold in a Crawl Space? (Your Best Options)

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Finding mold in your crawl space can be a bit annoying. No one likes having to crawl under a house and deal with mold issues.

There’s a good chance that you’ll want to get rid of the mold, but perhaps you don’t know what to do.

What kills mold in a crawl space? Do you have options to consider that will make the job easy? Read on to find out.

Will Bleach Kill Mold in a Crawl Space?

Bleach is something that people use to kill mold in crawl spaces. Many people say that using bleach is the fastest way to get rid of mold.

Understand that bleach has the potential to be harmful, though. Bleach is rather powerful, and you might not want to breathe bleach fumes while working in an enclosed space.

Crawl spaces are usually pretty tight, and it isn’t always easy to maneuver in them. In some cases, you might have to literally crawl to access the crawl space.

For some, using bleach in such a confined space won’t be ideal. Regardless, it’s an option that many people turn to.

It’s wise to use protective gear when you’re getting rid of mold anyway. You don’t want to touch the mold, nor do you want to breathe in mold spores.

Spray bleach on the mold, and it’ll kill it instantly. Allow the bleach to dry for a little bit and then scrub the area with a brush.

This will allow you to get things clean in a timely fashion. You should be able to get rid of mold just by using bleach, but remember that this can be a dangerous job.

Will Lime Kill Mold in Crawl Space?

Lime is often used to kill mold safely. If you’re against using bleach in the crawl space, lime is likely going to be a good alternative.

This is likely the most powerful and easily accessible alternative to chemicals. It’s a method you can use to safely kill mold.

Another good reason to use lime to get rid of mold in your crawl space is that it provides a degree of protection. After using lime to get rid of mold, it should prevent mold from growing in that spot for a while.

Using other bleach or chemical alternatives won’t provide you with this long-lasting protection. So using lime might be a good solution that you should look into.

You can easily buy lime from hardware stores. Get as much as you need, and then suit up to remove the mold in your crawl space.

Will Vinegar Kill Mold in Crawl Space?

You can also use white vinegar as a cleaning solution to get rid of mold. This is another common thing that people use when they find mold somewhere in their homes.

One good reason to use white vinegar is that it’s not as harsh as something like bleach. If you have respiratory issues, it’s likely much safer to use vinegar.

To get the best results, you can combine vinegar with other chemicals that can kill mold. Vinegar can kill mold by itself, though.

It might not do as good of a job as bleach, but it’ll be good to use since it’s inexpensive. As usual, you spray the moldy areas with vinegar spray and then scrub everything down.

Use a brush or a metal scouring brush depending on what type of surface you’re working with. You should get rid of the mold in no time.

Will Ammonia Kill Mold in Crawl Space?

Ammonia might not have been your first thought when thinking of things to use to kill mold. However, it’s a very good option.

For the most part, ammonia works just like bleach. You can spray ammonia on mold, and it’ll kill it right away.

Sometimes using ammonia is better than using bleach. Certain surfaces might absorb bleach, but ammonia will work better on those surfaces since it won’t be absorbed.

It’s important to remember not to use bleach and ammonia together, though. That’d be dangerous, and you never want to mix chemicals when you’re trying to get rid of mold.

As long as you keep this in mind and you wear a protective mask (and cover your skin), everything will be okay. It’s useful to have ammonia around for situations like this.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Mold in Crawl Space?

Have you thought about giving hydrogen peroxide a try? This can be a good option to use when you’re dealing with stubborn mold.

Mold that seems to be resisting bleach and vinegar can be taken out using hydrogen peroxide. This works so well because it’s a type of acid.

It’ll kill the mold as soon as it touches it. This stuff can cause metals to rust, though, so you’ll need to be careful what types of surfaces you use it on.

This can be used to get rid of all types of mold. You still need to be careful when using this product, so wear your protective gear.

It’ll also be necessary to scrub the mold away after killing it. So bring a brush and get to work.

Can You Ignore Mold in Crawl Space?

No, you shouldn’t ignore mold in your crawl space. Doing so will only cause things to get worse.

Mold is going to spread over time if you just leave it alone. As the mold spreads, it will have the potential to damage your home.

Since mold can damage the foundation of your home, your flooring, and other things, it’s important to get rid of it fast. When you first notice the mold, it’ll be time to start preparing yourself to remove it.

You can remove it yourself or you can call professionals to do the job. Just don’t ignore the issue because it’ll make things worse.

Ignoring the problem might cause so much damage that you’ll spend more money in the long run. A simple mold problem in your crawl space could wind up costing you thousands of dollars or more due to inaction.

Protective Clothing Advice

Don’t neglect to protect yourself when you’re trying to get rid of mold in your crawl space. Some people don’t take the right precautions, and they wind up regretting it.

Mold is dangerous in and of itself. Using chemicals to kill mold will also put you in a dangerous situation.

The ventilation is often limited in crawl spaces. You can wind up being in a bad spot if you don’t prepare yourself.

To protect yourself from the mold and the chemicals that you’re using, it’s best to wear protective clothing. There are many things you’ll need to do the job right.

First, you should buy protective glasses. You don’t want anything to get in your eyes during the cleaning process.

You’re also going to want to wear a protective mask as well as gloves. This should cover the basics to keep you safe.

It’s best to cover your skin completely by wearing coveralls of some sort. Professionals typically wear protective suits when removing mold, so that they don’t come into contact with it at all.

Do your best to replicate this so you can do the job safely. Otherwise, it might be better to call for help.

Professional Help

Professionals can handle mold removal for you. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable scrubbing away mold in a crawl space.

Local companies can handle mold removal fast. They have the necessary equipment and the expertise to do the job right.

Of course, this means that you’ll have to pay them to handle things. For some, it might not be easy to come up with the money, but it’s not as if mold removal services are exorbitantly priced.

It just comes down to what your budget looks like and how much cash you’re comfortable spending. Most people will be better off calling experts to get the job done.

Mold is dangerous, and you can wind up getting sick trying to deal with it. Just getting close to mold and accidentally breathing in spores could make you very sick.

This is especially true if you happen to be dealing with any of the more dangerous types of mold. For example, black mold is very harmful to humans, and you shouldn’t try to remove it if you’re an amateur.

Keep this information in mind and then make the decision that’s right for your household. It’ll help you to get things taken care of properly.

Final Thoughts

There are many different things that you can use to kill mold. You can use bleach to kill mold if you want to, but you should be careful whenever you use chemicals in your crawl space.

Always wear protective equipment so you don’t breathe in mold spores or chemicals. You’ll also need to protect your eyes, hands, and the rest of your body.

Bleach doesn’t have to be used if you’d rather avoid chemicals altogether. Many people use vinegar to get rid of mold since it works, and it’s a nice green option.

Lime might be better at getting rid of mold than vinegar, though. It’s another good one to consider.

Ammonia is another chemical option that you can turn to. Hydrogen peroxide can kill mold, and it’s great for getting rid of mold that is stubborn.

Make good choices and be careful if you decide to do a mold removal job yourself. Respect the fact that mold is dangerous and take the necessary precautions.


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