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4 Smart Things to Do with an Unwanted Pond

4 Smart Things to Do with an Unwanted Pond

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Some people really enjoy having ponds in their backyards, and you’ve probably seen a good few artificial ponds in your neighborhood. If you have recently moved to a new home that has one of these ponds, it’s possible that you might not like having it there.

While ponds can bring people a lot of enjoyment, they can also cause people some problems. If you have small children, you might be worried about the risk of them getting hurt or drowning.

What can you do with an unwanted pond, though? There are some things that you could try that will make it easier to move forward without having to worry.

Keep reading to get some ideas for what you can do with this unwanted pond that is causing you concern. After reading through the ideas, you’re going to be able to come up with the best solution for your situation.

1 – Simply Get Rid of it

Beautiful Pond

Simply getting rid of the pond is likely going to be the best idea if you truly don’t want it. Depending on how large the pond is, this is either going to be fairly simple or a bit of a pain.

Larger ponds are going to require more effort for you to move, but you can get rid of them the same way you can get rid of smaller ones. You need to start out by draining the pond so that you can get rid of the water for the next steps.

During the draining process, you’re going to discover if there are any fish in the pond that you need to worry about. You can relocate the fish, find aquariums for them, or otherwise get rid of them.

After this is figured out, you should slice the lining of the pond and begin tearing it out. If you have some type of dumpster nearby, you can transport the pond in pieces to the dumpster.

Many people who have thrown out old ponds that they don’t want any longer wind up destroying them. You might find it easier to smash the pond into little pieces so that you don’t have to try to carry the whole thing.

Using a sledgehammer is a very easy way to break an unwanted pond apart, but it’s up to you to decide which route to take. If the pond isn’t that large, it might be easy to just slice the liner off and then carry the pond itself in one piece.

2 – Renovate the Pond

Backyard Pond Renovation/Construction

Renovating the pond is an idea that sees you changing it to make it much easier to maintain. The pond itself likely has the potential to be a nice feature, but that doesn’t mean that you have an abundance of time to care for it.

You could make some changes so that you don’t have to meticulously monitor it all the time. One good idea that people are using is to place rocks in the pond and just use it to add some visual flair.

Instead of the pond being filled with water, the pond could be filled with pretty rocks that are colorful enough to be appealing. You could put other things in there as well if you’re so inclined.

There are people who turn unwanted ponds into little garden areas, and this can actually work out quite nicely. You can modify an old pond so that it will be able to hold soil while still being able to drain properly.

If you’re a bit of a gardening enthusiast, the idea of putting plants or flowers in the old pond should be great. Just think about things that you could do with the pond that will allow you to use it without having to put in so much work.

Some people have even turned them into different types of water features. You’ll find some individuals using old ponds as fountains, and it’s actually easy to turn them into fountains by making a few modifications.

Think about the potential of the pond before you truly decide that you don’t want it. If none of the ideas above appeal to you, you really might just be better off getting rid of it.

3 – Place a Barrier Around the Pond

Fence Barrier Around Pond

One of the main reasons why people don’t want ponds on their properties is that they consider them to be hazardous. No one wants to have to worry about young children getting hurt or drowning in them, and it’s a good idea to take safety precautions.

You could choose to place a barrier around it so that no one will be able to easily get to it. If you have an interest in keeping the pond, this might be a very good idea.

For instance, you could put a fence around it so that no one will be able to wander near it. Some people even go so far as to place fences that also have a locked gate around the pond.

Ideally, you should make the fence tall enough that it cannot be easily jumped by young children. This could harm some of your potential enjoyment of the pond if it obscures your view, but it’s certainly best to play things safe.

4 – Sell it or Give it Away

If you can keep the pond intact, you might be able to sell it to someone if you really don’t want it. Many of the common ponds on the market won’t be easy to transport once they have been set up, but some are sturdy enough that they could easily survive a move.

You should assess the condition of the pond and determine whether the material it is made out of is durable. Drain it so that you can see what you’re working with before you figure out if you want to try to sell it or give it to someone you know.

If you have someone in your social circle or family who would like to have a pond area in their backyard, they can come to get it from you. This solves your problem without it being too big of a deal.

The only real issue with this idea is that a huge pond would be hard to move. This might only be practical for smaller ponds that can easily fit on the back of a standard truck, but it’s up to you to make that determination.

Make Your Decision Soon

Make your decision about what you wish to do with the unwanted pond soon. It is best not to wait too long to decide what you want to do since it could pose a danger if left unattended.

If you aren’t taking care of the pond area like you’re supposed to, it can wind up attracting nuisances such as mosquitoes to your yard. Try to figure out if the above advice is going to apply to your situation so that you can formulate a game plan.

Overall, it isn’t going to be hard to get rid of an unwanted pond or to modify it. It just depends on what you want to do with it and how much time you have.

Whatever you decide will be the right choice for your household so long as you have put some thought into it. You won’t have to worry about potential dangers so much moving forward.


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