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Where Are Blackstone Grills Made? (And What Makes Them Unique?)

Where Are Blackstone Grills Made? (And What Makes Them Unique?)

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Blackstone Grill products have become a household name in many parts of the world due to their quality, affordability, and excellent product offerings. However, one question has puzzled me is where Blackstone Grills are made. Surprisingly the correct answer is not so easy to find.

Blackstone Grills are designed and engineered in the USA and manufactured in China. Over the past years, the company’s tremendous growth has enabled Blackstone to build its own manufacturing plant in China, with others on the cards soon for Vietnam and the USA.

Blackstone can be proud of a fantastic statistic – they have achieved one billion views on TikTok, and a couple of million folks have formed user groups discussing their experiences using Blackstone products.

Regardless of where the Grills are made, people love them! Let’s find out more.

Where Are Blackstone Grills Made?

Blackstone has an exciting story. Roger Dahle, current CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, sketched a grill design on a sheet of paper and sent an employee over to China to find someone to build it. A year later, a working model was ready.

Blackstone Products Inc., initially called Outdoor Griddles, is designed and engineered in Logan, Utah, and manufactured in China. This strategy of building in China contributed significantly to keeping the cost of the grills down without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

2005 Saw the Blackstone Company being founded officially. 2022 Will see the amalgamation of Blackstone and Ackrell SPAC Partners, which will become a public company, listing on the NASDAQ.

Who Makes Blackstone Grills?

Blackstone Grills are designed and engineered at the Blackstone Products company headquarters in Logan, Utah, but most manufacturing happens in China.

The popularity of Blackstone Grills has outstripped the capacity of the China-based manufacturing facility. Blackstone seized the opportunity and built a supersized factory of their own in China.

According to Blackstone founder and CEO Roger Dahle, an additional factory is planned for Vietnam. An exciting development is that a high-end Griddle manufacturing facility is in the works for the USA very soon.

What Makes Blackstone Unique?

Blackstone Griddles are unique because they offer a wide variety of cooking options. Griddles bring people together and provide a hassle-free, easy, quick, and safe cooking experience. In the words of Blackstone’s CEO, the grills are fun to cook on and draw people together.

They also saw an opportunity in the outdoor cooking space when Blackstone started. No solid plate grills were commercially available to the public at the time. Only expensive professional gills existed, which were unsuitable and too costly for home use.

Using a solid cold-rolled steel cooking plate heated by propane burners, the Blackstone Grill opened up an all-new world of possibilities regarding foods that can be prepared on the outdoor grill. The stainless steel burners heat the grill to seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for searing meat.

The individually controlled burners make it possible to create variable cooking temperature zones on one grill simultaneously. A solid plate allows the preparation of foods that you could not prepare on a slotted grill or grill grate.

Imagine being able to fry tomatoes, mushrooms, or even pancakes on one side of the grill while making a delicious smash burger or steak on the other end. The grills are available in 17, 22, 28, and 36-inch versions ranging from one burner to four-burner models.

Blackstone Grills are suitable for all dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan, due to the unique griddle design, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Blackstone is well and truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to outdoor grilling. They offer various models of grills and offer specifically made tools and utensils that make cooking, cleaning, and even storage hassle-free. Add their range of rubs, scrubs, spices, non-stick sprays, and Griddle conditioners; they’ve covered all the bases.

What Types of Products Does Blackstone Offer?

Blackstone has increased its product line significantly. From being initially focused purely on making outdoor griddles, additional product lines have evolved over the years, including tools and accessories, scrubs, rubs and spices, non-stick sprays, and griddle seasoning conditioners.

The Blackstone experience extends much further than only the grill used to cook food! Let’s explore the product line in more detail.

Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone griddles are available in various configurations and sizes, ranging from the smallest burner 17-inch tabletop model, to the large 36-inch wide griddle plate with four burners.

Tabletop grills are available, but the majority are frame mounted.

Many grill models lend themselves exceptionally well for use away from home as they’re easily portable and transportable. Many models offer folding legs, which are great for tailgating when camping or even when you’re next to a sports field. The possibilities are endless.

Most models utilize cold-rolled steel griddle plates, foldable side tables, a utility shelf beneath the grill, and four high-quality wheels, two of which are braked for stability. Individually operated, self-igniting burners offer adjustable temperature zones and even optional griddle lids.

Higher-end models, referred to as the cart-type grills, are a work of art. They offer an enclosed cabinet with doors to store all your grilling tools.

These models are pretty large, so they’re best suited for semi-permanent placement. Fortunately, they have wheels, so parking your grill in the perfect position is pretty straightforward.

Blackstone prides itself on innovation and offers another first in the world of grills. A high-end grill with a built-in air fryer located either on the top right shelf or for the bigger model, two slide-out air fryer drawers, and a warmer drawer. The air fryer option further enhances the versatility of the grill.

It’s now possible to prepare smash burgers on the griddle while frying potato chips below in one cooking station. By the way, the air fryer is electric.

Blackstone Tools, Accessories ,and Covers

Blackstone supplies a large variety of accessories specifically created to make your cooking experience easy and fun. Blackstone’s very own recipe book is amongst the accessories on offer. The book is well worth exploring and will unlock the true potential of your grill.

Under tools and accessories, you’ll find a large variety of cooking utensils and accessories such as:

  • tortilla holders
  • warmer drawers
  • egg rings
  • knives
  • cutting boards
  • aprons

There are also plenty more items that have been specifically designed to make the cooking experience fun, easy and hassle-free.

Cleaning your grill is no longer the chore that it may have been before the advent of Blackstone’s cleaning accessories.

The cleaning accessories such as the right scraper shape, scourers, cleaning bricks, and their well-made handles have been carefully selected and are easy to use and do a great job at cleaning and preserving the grill.

Grills tend to spend a lot of time waiting to be used. As such, it’s essential to ensure your grill is stored correctly. Various types of soft and hard metal covers are available in different styles to perfectly cover and protect every grill model out there.

Weatherproof covers are a great buy and often necessary to safely store your grill when not in use. Outdoor storage of your grill definitely requires a grill cover to reduce the risk of the cold-rolled steel griddle plate rusting or becoming tarnished when exposed to moisture.

The cooking and cleaning tools and accessories are available individually or in various neat tool kit bags.

Below please see a summary of the most popular items available online or on the Blackstone Products Page, separated into cooking, cleaning, and storage for ease of reference.

ScrapersHeavy-duty scraperHard Covers
TongsNylon scourer with handleClassic Covers
SpatulasGrill bricks with handleHoods Covers
Egg ringsGrease cup linersCabinet Style Cover
Basting brush
Culinary Series
Basting cover
Griddle Carry Bag
Squeeze bottles

Griddle crepe kit

Griddle press

Heat Resistant Gloves


Salt and pepper pots


Recipe Book

Cutting Boards

Wind Screens

Warming Rack

Taco Racks

Prep serve and storage cart

And there’s even a tortilla warmer and a griddle light available if you’re cooking in the dark.

New items are being regularly added to the product inventory.

Blackstone Scrubs, Rubs, and Spices

Blackstone offers a wide variety of scrubs, rubs, spices, and sauces, suitable for most food types, all of which are quality products.

Bearing names such as Chicago Steak, Carne Asada, Whiskey Burger, Chicken Griddle, Cajun, Sweet Teriyaki and Lumber Jack, and many more, you can just taste the goodness through the name.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you’re preparing, there’s a Blackstone spice or sauce out there for you.

Blackstone Griddle Conditioner and Non-Stick Sprays

The seasoning and conditioner are great products specifically formulated for use when seasoning your griddle, both for the first time when new and after every ten to fifteen cooking sessions.

The non-stick sprays are great for use on the griddle top when cooking foods like pancakes, flapjacks, or even eggs that can be prone to sticking onto the griddle’s surface.

Final Thoughts

Blackstone is an American-owned company with its head office based in the USA. Product design and engineering happen in the USA, while the manufacturing of the Grills has always been done in China under strict quality controls.

Plans to add more production facilities in Vietnam and the USA are well underway.


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