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7 Smart Ways to Repurpose or Dump Your Grass Clippings

7 Smart Ways to Repurpose or Dump Your Grass Clippings

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It’s important to do your part to take care of your property. You want to keep it looking as nice as possible so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. This is why you’re so meticulous about mowing your lawn and taking care of other things.

While you’re mowing, you’re going to create lots of grass clippings. What can you do with these clippings if you don’t want to be wasteful? Well, you actually have quite a few options that you can mull over.

Read on to learn about several things that you can choose to do with your grass clippings. Some of these options might be more appealing to you than others but it’ll be up to you to decide which route to take.

Once you know your options, it’ll be easy to develop a plan moving forward.

1 – Put Them in a Waste Container

One of the common things to do with grass clippings is to place them in a waste container.

Of course, this is going to be a wasteful method that isn’t ideal if you’re trying to be resourceful. You also might not be allowed to do this depending on what the policies for your local waste pickup companies are.

You’ll need to look up some information about your local waste pickup companies to see if they will collect yard waste. If they do, you’ll likely need to place the yard waste in a specific container.

This waste can then be picked up on your normal garbage collection date.

Just remember that many waste collection companies will require you to place yard waste in different bags. This means that you won’t be able to just use standard garbage bags for your grass clippings in many areas.

Make sure that you follow the rules properly so that you do not encounter any unforeseen issues.

2 – Wait Until Seasonal Pickup Time

You could go ahead and put your grass clippings in yard waste bags while you wait until you can dispose of them.

Many cities have a specific time of the year that they will collect yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings. If you put your grass clippings in the yard waste bags, you can just wait until such a time when they can be collected.

Hopefully, your area will have multiple times per year that they will allow yard waste pickup. You should probably do a bit of research about the topic on your local government websites.

They likely have the information that you need about waste pickup as well as specific rules for how things need to be put out to the curb.

Of course, this might not be the most convenient option if you don’t have a lot of room to store this stuff. You’ll also need to get specific information about what the rules are in your area.

Thankfully, there are more practical uses for your grass clippings that will be explored in detail below.

3 – Use Grass Clippings as Compost Material

Lots of people like to utilize grass clippings as compost material because it can be good for your gardens.

You can easily place your grass clippings in your compost area so that it can turn into fertilizer over time. If you’ve been thinking about getting started with composting, now would be as good of a time as any to do so.

If you want to have an easier time growing vegetables or plants, composting is going to be beneficial. It gives your plants the nutrients that they need to thrive. It’s also nice to know that composting is an incredibly simple process that isn’t going to take a lot of work.

You can turn your grass clippings into something that will benefit the overall health of your garden. If you have any interest in gardening, this is the best thing that you can do with your grass clippings.

It gets them out of your way and turns them into something that is actually useful.

4 – Give Them to Farmers or Gardeners

You might not be a person who has a garden or a farm yourself but this doesn’t mean that you don’t know people who have those things.

It’s possible to donate your grass clippings to local gardens or farms so that they can be used as compost for those areas. If you know some people who would be able to use them, you can very easily just contact them.

They will be happy to get the grass clippings from you because of how useful they can be. Consider looking into whether there are local businesses in your area that are looking for them too.

You might find local farmhouses or greenhouses that are looking for compost materials if you look hard enough.

Lots of gardening businesses in your area will likely be willing to take the grass clippings off of your hands. This won’t cost you anything but you will likely have to haul the clippings to the business yourself.

Even so, it’s a pretty convenient way to get rid of them that everyone can utilize.

5 – Turn Grass Clippings Into Mulch

Some people choose to utilize grass clippings as mulch as well and this can work out to your benefit.

If you have a garden area, you can use them as mulch to keep weeds at bay. This will be far less expensive than spending money to buy mulch yourself.

If you’d like to save a bit of cash while also getting rid of your grass clippings, this is a sensible choice.

You can distribute the grass clippings in your gardens as evenly as you can. It should provide protection to your plants while also giving them an abundance of nutrients that will help them to grow strong.

The only downside to this idea is that your grass mulch isn’t going to look as attractive as many commercial types of mulch. It might actually be better for your plants in various ways but it’s up to you to decide what matters.

If you’re worried about the aesthetic appeal of the mulch, you might wish to go another route.

6 – Just Leave Them on the Lawn

This might not seem to be a great idea at first but it’s actually going to work out just fine. You don’t have to pick up the grass clippings if you don’t want to do so.

The grass clippings can actually give your lawn nutrients so that the grass will continue to grow properly.

The only time where this will not be good is when you have a diseased lawn. If your lawn is diseased, you might need to pick up the grass clippings to get them out of the way.

Otherwise, this should be a fine method for keeping your lawn in great shape.

For many homeowners, this is going to be the ideal choice to make. It can help your lawn to be healthier than it would otherwise be and you won’t even have to go to any effort to accomplish this.

All you need to do is to continue to mow your lawn as you normally do.

7 – Find a Local Disposal Site

If you don’t like the way that grass clippings look on your lawn, you might want to bag them up and just get rid of them. It’s actually possible to just haul the clippings to a local disposal site yourself to get the issue taken care of.

There should be places in your area that will take all types of waste and you can use this to your advantage.

Some dumps will let you drop off yard waste but not all of them will let you do so for free. There may or may not be some type of fee associated with this option. It largely depends on where you live as well as various other factors.

The fact that you will have to go to so much effort to get rid of your grass clippings when using this method might make it less convenient overall. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is a good idea.

Most people are going to prefer to use the ideas that make use of the grass clippings rather than outright disposing of them, though.

Take Care of Your Grass Clippings

You’ve now learned a lot about what your options are for taking care of grass clippings and it should be easier to figure out which route to take.

Some might prefer to make things easy by leaving the them on the lawn. Others might want to find ways to utilize them to help their gardens to thrive.

No matter what, it’s going to be simple to take care of your grass clippings. Some of these methods might seem to be a bit of a hassle but none of them are all that difficult to accomplish when you really think about it.

Just consider the benefits of each option so you can reach the conclusion that makes the most sense for your specific situation.


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