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Why Choose a Blackstone Griddle?

Why Choose a Blackstone Griddle?

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Blackstone Griddle owners around the globe will agree that this flat top, cold-rolled steel cooking platform is no ordinary grill. It is an outstanding outdoor griddle setup that is immensely popular.

The Blackstone Griddle 36″ is a versatile, safe cooking platform that is portable, easy

to operate, and simple to clean. It allows you to cook various foods ranging from an omelet to a steak simultaneously. It is perfect for settings ranging from backyard to camping.

The Blackstone griddle has been a success story from the get-go. But is the hype surrounding these griddles warranted, or are people just trying to beat the Joneses?

Let’s examine what makes this product so great and why you should have one!

Why a Blackstone Griddle?

Blackstone griddles are a superbly versatile cooking platform. The large 720 square inch, cold-rolled carbon steel, seven gauge cooking surface allows you to cook a lot of food at the same time.

Griddle surfaces are great for preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and even snacks between meals! Blackstone griddles compete head-on with barbeques when it comes to preparing all types of meats, including bacon and those pesky li

ttle cocktail sausages that often find their way through a barbeque grate into the fire.

The powder-coated steel frame creates a sturdy platform for the griddle plate. The Blackstone can be wheeled around as needed, provided the floor is reasonably smooth. Paving, asphalt, tiled, or concrete surfaces are easily transversed without a helping hand.

The Blackstone griddle has four stainless steel burners, all individually controlled to enable various items to be prepared at different temperatures. The output of the burners is 60 000 BTU, 15 000 BTU each which is ample to ensure the cooking surface becomes piping hot.

The burners are ignited by a push-button ignitor which is highly convenient and works superbly even in windy conditions.

The propane tank is attached to the Blackstone’s frame, ensuring that the propane bottle is not on the ground. The unit’s great portability is not compromised by dragging a bottle along. The standard twenty-pound propane tank will last for about seven hours at maximum output.

A fair deal of planning has gone into the design of the Blackstone Griddle when it comes to dealing with the grease given off by foods during the cooking process. The griddle surface is angled ever so slightly towards the rear of the unit, allowing the fat to run off the cooktop into a grease tray or cup.

The grease cup latches onto the rear of the grill and aligns with the grease outlet hole located on the back of the griddle surface. The cup detaches easily off the rail for cleaning, and you’re good to go. When replacing the grease cup, ensure it’s aligned with the griddles’ drainage hole.

The Blackstone Griddle is fitted with a large utility shelf below the cooking surface. In addition, the appliance is equipped with additional shelves on either side of the griddle plate. These are great for holding bowls, plates, spices, and all the items required when using the appliance.

With a weight of one hundred and twenty pounds, the Blackstone Griddle unit is heavy enough to keep the surface stable and prevent it from topping over if a heavy pot is placed onto a side table.

Below is a handy table listing the features of the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle:

FeatureBlackstone 36 Inch Griddle
Frame MaterialSteel
Frame CoatingPowder Coated
Ignition systemPush-button built-in igniter
ColorClassic black finish
Griddle Top Plate MaterialCold Rolled Carbon Steel 7-Gauge
Propane Bottle HolderYes
Number of Burners4 – Adjustable Stainless Steel
Total Heat BTU60 000
Foldable LegsYes
Grease CupYes
Utility ShelfYes
Side TablesYes
Portable on WheelsYes – locking swivel wheels
Cooking Surface (Square inch)720
Total Dimensions L/W/H (Inches)62.5 x 22 x 36
Weight (Pounds)120
Warranty1 Year

Why Choose a Griddle Over Other Blackstone Products?

Blackstone offers several offerings that range from tabletop and free-standing gas griddles to grill-griddle combo units. However, this brand specializes in and leads the field in the outdoor griddle market.

Blackstone griddles are available in many configurations, like griddles with a hardtop or open-top. The number of burners varies, so there is sure to be one that will suit your lifestyle.

Our choice for the average family is the Blackstone Griddle 36″ as it offers the best versatility of all the Blackstone Griddle products. The 720 square inches of cooking surface caters allows you to prepare everything from small snacks to large feasts, all on one cooktop.

The variety of foods that are cookable on a griddle surface is astounding. You can prepare eggs, omelets, meats including chicken and fish, pancakes, stirfries, and even veggies such as fried potatoes.

Despite being a reasonably large unit, the parts break down, and the legs fold into a secure package that’s easily transported if you are grilling away from home.

Can You Travel with Your Blackstone Griddle?

The Blackstone Griddle is great to take along to sporting events, camping trips, tailgating, or just on a picnic. The legs of the unit fold away neatly, which significantly reduces the griddles’ size.

The Blackstone griddle weighs one hundred and twenty pounds, but two adults can quickly load it into a truck without breaking it down. The unit can be loaded single-handedly by removing the griddle plate, side tables, and storage tray and folding the legs as per directions in the instruction booklet.

The dismantling and folding process takes a couple of minutes and is far easier than it may sound.

The individual components of the Blackstone Griddle can then be conveniently loaded.

The excellent quality castor wheels make wheeling the griddle along solid surfaces a cinch. Two of the four wheels have individual foot-operated brakes to keep the outdoor cooking appliance stationary while it is being used.

How to Seasoning a Blackstone Griddle Plate

The Blackstone Griddle plate is made from carbon steel that is unseasoned when new. Before using it for the first time, the griddle plate requires seasoning to protect it from rust and make the surface non-stick for future cooking.

Seasoning your griddle is a simple process.

You’ll need the following:

  • A bottle of Blackstone seasoning and cast iron conditioner, which is best, or alternately vegetable oil, will do just fine for seasoning your griddle.
  • A cotton cloth or paper towel
  • Soapy water
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Sturdy tongs
  • A squeeze bottle

You’ll notice that your Blackstone griddle plate is grey in color when it is brand new. The plate will gradually change to flat black during the seasoning process, making it a true Blackstone Griddle.

First, wipe the new griddle down with warm soapy water to remove any loose dust or grime that might have accumulated during the manufacturing and transport processes.

Turn the burners onto high and let the cooktop warm-up for at least five minutes; color changes will be evident on the griddle surface.

Next, apply either a dollop of the Blackstone conditioner or an even layer of vegetable oil onto the surface using the squeeze bottle. Using either the cotton cloth or the paper towel, grab it with the tongs and wipe the conditioner or oil all over the plate in a thin, consistent layer.

Make sure to wipe the sides of the griddle surface, as these also need to be non-stick. Allow the conditioner or oil to burn off the plate for about fifteen minutes. Some smoke may occur as the oils carbonize, which is normal.

Repeating the seasoning process up to five times when seasoning the surface for the first time will ensure that the griddle is well prepared and render the surface non-stick. Proper seasoning will also significantly reduce the chance of rust forming on the cooking surface.

Blackstone advises giving the griddle a light coating of vegetable oil after each cooking session and before storing. Add a light coat of Blackstone conditioner every fifteen times it is used.

Can You Use the Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Blackstone warns that their Griddles are not designed for indoor use. This, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t use your griddle in a well-ventilated patio or barbeque entertainment area.

Using your Blackstone griddle under a roof is perfectly safe as the burners and flames are contained below the griddle plate.

Blackstone Griddles, like most grills, use propane to power the burners. Propane is a flammable gas that gives off carbon monoxide as a by-product. Carbon monoxide is harmful and can build up in an area without ventilation. Be safe and use any propane-burning equipment in a very well-ventilated area.

Cleaning the Blackstone Griddle

Cleaning a well seasoned Blackstone Griddle place is easy. Once you have finished cooking, simply heat the surface again and pour some plain water onto the grill top using a plastic squeeze bottle.

The water should start boiling very soon after it is poured onto the griddle, which will lift most of the oils and grease remaining on the surface without breaking down the protective seasoning layer. Use a spatula to gently remove any stubborn bits. This should leave the cooking surface pretty much clean.

Next, turn off the burners and allow the griddle to cool. Once it is safe to touch, clean the surface with a paper towel. Wiping down will remove any remaining unwanted grime.

Apply a wafer-thin layer of vegetable oil to keep the griddle seasoned, and you’re ready for next time.

Cleaning the oil cup is made extra easy by inserting a disposable oils cup liner. Liners are available from most large retail outlets or online stores.

All that’s needed is to carefully remove the dirty liner containing the oils and fats, wipe down the metal oil cup, and insert a new oil cup liner.

Remember not to use detergents on your Blackstone griddle cooktop, as this will remove the protective layer requiring the surface to be re-seasoned. Soapy water is perfect for use on the powder-coated frame and appliance shelves.

How to Store Your Blackstone Griddle

The best place to store your Blackstone Griddle is in a dry weatherproof area. Should you choose to leave the unit outdoors, a heavy-duty weatherproof grill cover is all you’ll need.

Blackstone offers a range of covers made to fit snuggly on each specific unit. The covers are waterproof due to their PVC coating and provide excellent protection from the elements.

Before storing a Blackstone griddle for a long time, it’s advisable to apply a thin coating of vegetable oil on the griddle surface and the underside. This will prevent rust from forming on the plate due to moisture build-up.

Also, make sure that your griddle is dry before placing the weatherproof cover over it. The trapped moisture will cause condensation inside the weatherproof cover on warm days, tarnishing the finish.

A good practice is to give your Blackstone griddle a once over at least once a month to make sure it remains in excellent condition and ready for the summer months.

The Difference Between the Griddle and a Grill

Griddles are made from carbon steel, cast iron, or even stainless steel. Griddle plates are smooth flat plates usually heated from below by propane gas burners.

When food is cooked on a griddle surface, it sizzles in its own juices. The excess runs off the surface into an oil collection cup.

Grills are generally made from cast iron and are also a solid plate, but the cooking surface is ribbed, and food is cooked directly over the heat source. The raised or ribbed surface of the grill separates oil and fats from the food being prepared.

Ribbed plates are usually used for cooking meat such as steaks but can cook a variety of other foodstuffs so long as they can stay above the grate. Grills typically get hotter than griddle surfaces and would not be suitable for preparing items like eggs or pancakes as they would quickly vanish through the surface!

Final Thoughts

The Blackstone Griddle is a quality product that is easy and practical to use and care for. At 720 square inches, the cooking surface is big enough for most families and friends to prepare a hearty meal. The griddle is portable, easily maneuverable, and folds easily for convenient transport.


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