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Why Can’t I Catch Any Fish? (10 Common Reasons)

Why Can’t I Catch Any Fish? (10 Common Reasons)

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Going out on a fishing trip is something that can put you in a good mood. Some people mostly go fishing as a way to relax, but others are very much trying to catch as many fish as possible.

You might fall somewhere in the middle, and this means that you want to enjoy yourself while at least catching some fish during your time out on the water. Most people are going to get frustrated if the fish don’t appear to be biting.

Do you find yourself asking “why can’t I catch any fish?” Well, there could be many reasons why things aren’t going quite as well as you hoped they would.

Read on to learn about several reasons why you might not be having good luck with catching fish. If you consider all of these things, then you might be able to turn things around and haul in some fish sometime soon.

1 – You’re Fishing at a Bad Spot

In Fishing Boat

Not every fishing spot is going to be a particularly good one. It’s very possible that you might be fishing in a spot that has very few fish or one that doesn’t really have fish at all.

The first thing to do is look up information about the area to see what types of fish are supposed to be there. Confirm that there are fish in the spot that you’re trying to fish in.

You might just need to move around a bit to find a better spot that you can cast your line from. Going a little bit away from your current location might wind up getting you way better results.

If things aren’t working out after thirty minutes or so, then it might be time to move on to another location. There isn’t much point in sticking around if the fish aren’t biting after such a length of time.

2 – The Water Depth Should Be Taken Into Consideration

To get the best results, you’re going to need to take the water depth into consideration. Some fish are going to be more likely to be found in certain depths, and you might be fishing at the wrong depth.

This means that going further into the water might be necessary to catch any fish at all. Some places won’t allow you to catch fish in the shallow sections, but others will have many fish there.

Consider moving around and playing around with the spots that you’re casting from. You might need to try to fish deeper in the water, and this might mean using different lures.

If you’re looking to catch a specific type of fish, then you can find information online about the depths that they prefer. Use this to your advantage so that you can find a spot that makes sense for what you’re attempting to accomplish.

3 – Lure and Bait Issues

Fishing Lures

Lure and bait issues could also be to blame for your fishing woes. Some fish simply aren’t going to be interested in certain types of baits or lures.

This is why it’s good to have an idea of what types of fish are supposed to be in the body of water where you’re going. You can use this information to ensure that you’re bringing lures and fishing bait that will work for you.

Try changing up your bait to see if it makes a difference at all. Maybe using something better will attract some fish and your luck will turn around pretty fast.

Some experienced anglers will even mix up the bait on different days just to try to keep the fish interested. You might have had a bait work out well the last time you fished at this location, but it might not be working well now for whatever reason.

Trying something new might help you to turn things around, and it’s well worth a shot assuming that you have different bait options. It’s always good to bring more lures along for a fishing trip so that you can mix things up, too.

4 – Lure Size

Lure size can play a big role in your success as well, and sometimes using a lure that is too big will be unwise. You see, different-sized lures are going to be more likely to attract different fish.

Some big fish might be interested in some of the biggest lures that you brought along. It’s also possible that they might be more interested in the small lures, and this means that you can miss out on fish by only using oversized lures.

If you’ve been having rotten luck so far, then it would benefit you to try mixing things up. Consider changing up the size of the lure that you’re using and see if the results get better.

It’s true that big lures can do a good job of attracting big fish, but there are times when small lures will work better for you. Try different combinations and see if it improves your odds at all.

5 – Changing the Color

Colorful Fishing Lures

This might seem odd at first, but changing the color of the lure that you’re using might help out. Sometimes you will notice that fish will bite at certain lure colors but not others.

If you see that one of your friends is having some luck using a lure of a specific color, then it might be worth changing your lure out to a color that matches what they’re using. It might be that the fish in the area are more likely to go for that color.

This is why so many anglers keep many different lures in their tackle boxes. You’ll have options to choose from, and changing out a lure for one with a different color will be possible.

6 – Your Technique Is Wrong

Your technique could be wrong, and this could be making you come up empty all the time. Some fish are going to be more likely to bite if you’re using a certain retrieval speed.

You could be retrieving the line too fast, and this is making it so that the fish don’t have enough time to go for the bait. Conversely, you could be going way too slow, and this means that the bait isn’t getting the attention of the fish.

Mixing up the way that you’re doing things could make the fish start biting. Consider your cadence and the way you’re moving your rod so that you can make alterations to try to attract the fish and get them to bite.

7 – Consider the Time of the Day

Fishing in the Dark

Considering the time of the day is going to be wise when you want to get good results fishing. Fish are going to be more active at certain times of the day than they are at other times.

If you’re able to fish during the times of the day that the fish are the most active, then you should have the best shot at reeling in some fish. For the most part, it’s recommended to fish in the morning or during the evening hours.

Different fish species might have different preferences, though, and this means that you might need to look things up depending on what you’re trying to catch. As usual, a little prior research can go a long way toward making your fishing trip a success.

If you went during a specific time of the day and had no luck, then you might find that things will be better if you wait until later in the day. Sometimes all you need is just a bit of patience to turn things around.

8 – Water Temperature Changes

Water temperature changes can have a huge impact on whether the fish are biting or not. You see, freshwater fish are all cold-blooded, and this means that the temperature of the water will heavily impact how active they will be.

If you’re having a tough time getting fish to bite, then it could be that things are too hot or too cold for the fish in the area. Something about the water temperature could be making it nearly impossible to catch fish.

You might simply need to come back to a specific body of water when the water temperature changes. If you get a cooler or hotter day, then your chances might improve drastically compared to what you’re experiencing now.

If a cold front moved in recently, then that could be making the fish far less active. It isn’t completely impossible to catch fish during a cold front, but it’ll be tougher.

When you suspect that a cold front is the issue, it’s going to be best to try to fish deeper than usual. Use smaller lures and try to slow down how you’re presenting the lure to the fish.

If all goes well, then you might be able to get at least a few bites. Otherwise, you could wait until the weather is better suited to catching fish so that you won’t have to struggle.

9 – Making Too Much Noise

Three Men Fishing

It’s believed that making too much noise will scare away the fish and make it impossible to get them to bite. You might be tempted to listen to your favorite music on a Bluetooth speaker, but that might not be a good idea.

It might even be best for you to keep chatter with your fishing buddies to a minimum so that you can focus on catching some fish. In many ways, fishing is similar to hunting since you need to be quiet and try not to make your presence known.

If you’ve been speaking loudly or making other types of noise, then that could be the cause of your issues. Being quieter might help you to get some fish if you’re able to get everyone to quiet down.

This is why some people prefer to go fishing alone since they want to just be zen-like and focus on the water. Try to talk to your group about the need to be quiet and see if it helps to improve the situation.

10 – The Season

You should keep in mind that the time of the year plays a role in your success, too. You might have assumed that going fishing was fine, but it might actually not be a good season for it.

In some places, the fish might become inactive during certain parts of the year. You might have just decided to wait too long, and it got too cold for you to be able to get reliable results when fishing.

Sadly, if the season of the year is to blame for the lack of fish, then you’re just going to have to wait. Try coming back months later when the season is different and the fish are actually biting again.

Find a New Fishing Spot

Finding a new fishing spot might not be a terrible idea if you feel that the lake or river you’re going to isn’t good. Sometimes you might have a much better time fishing at a new spot than you will when fishing at one that hasn’t been giving you good luck.

It’s also fun to go out and discover new fishing spots that you’ve never experienced before. You don’t have to keep fishing in the same lake all the time so long as there are options in your area.

Consider venturing out a bit further and finding fishing spots that will give you a chance of catching interesting fish. You just might have a more enjoyable fishing trip that way.

Remember to Research Ahead of Time

Remember to do some research ahead of time when you’re going on a fishing trip. You can get a lot of information about fishing spots online that will help you to be more prepared.

If you know about the types of fish that you can find in specific bodies of water, then you’ll be able to bring appropriate lures and bait. You’ll also be able to get information about the depth of the water so that you can plan ahead for that.

A prepared angler is going to have better luck than one who did no research in most instances. Doing light research online about new fishing spots doesn’t take a lot of time, and it improves your chances of success drastically.


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