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Why Do Deer Sleep in My Yard? (And What You Can Do About It)

Why Do Deer Sleep in My Yard? (And What You Can Do About It)

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In some areas, there are many deer around and you might see them semi-regularly. There are even people out there that spot deer sleeping in their yards.

You might think that this is pretty cool in some ways since observing a deer can be an interesting experience. However, most people are able to recognize that this is an inconvenience and could potentially be dangerous.

Deer aren’t always going to be aggressive, but humans should generally try to stay away from deer. Knowing this, you might be wondering why deer would choose to sleep in your yard in the first place.

Read on to learn about why deer might be sleeping in your yard. You’ll also be able to get information about how you can keep deer off of your property so that you won’t have to worry about them.

There Is Food for the Deer Nearby

One of the biggest reasons why deer will choose to sleep in your yard has to do with its proximity to the food that they eat. It is said that deer don’t usually go further than 100 yards away from sources of food that they know about.

Is your yard located at the edge of a forest? If so, this is going to make a lot of sense because deer are likely feeding on things in the forest and then hiding out by sleeping in your yard.

Some people have deer sleep in their yards because there is food in the yard. You might have certain plants and bushes that are attracting deer to the location.

For instance, you could have a garden area where various fruits and vegetables are growing that the deer will want to eat. You might also have bushes that are dropping berries and trees that are dropping fruits and nuts.

Deer eat all sorts of stuff, and your yard might be a cornucopia of goodness from a deer’s perspective. When you have a yard that is very convenient for a deer in terms of food, it’s not going to be surprising to find deer taking naps there at various points in the day.

Your Yard Gives Them a Safe Spot to Hide From Predators

Another thing to consider is that deer will choose where they sleep very carefully. Deer usually won’t just choose to sleep in a spot that leaves them exposed and vulnerable.

If your yard has tall grass, undergrowth, and little spots where it can hide, then it’ll be more appealing to the deer. You might have significant portions of your yard that provide a perfect location for deer to sleep.

Deer need to find good hiding spots so that they can stay safe from predators. Depending on where you’re living, the deer are going to be hiding from wolves or other types of predators that happen to be in your area.

If you’re seeing deer hiding out and napping in your yard on a regular basis, then it’s because your yard has been deemed an ideal spot. The conditions of the yard are just right so that deer can feel comfortable enough to sleep.

Of course, deer are actually quite alert when they sleep. They have their wits about them at all times, and this makes it very difficult to sneak up on a deer even when it’s sleeping.

If you notice a sleeping deer on your property, then it’s recommended to stay away from it. You wouldn’t want to risk getting hurt by the deer due to scaring it.

Is Having a Deer in Your Yard Dangerous?

Having a deer in your yard could be dangerous, but not everyone chooses to worry about it. You see, deer seem like they’re completely harmless, but they can actually be aggressive in certain situations.

During some times of the year, bucks are going to go through a period called “the rut.” This is during the mating season when bucks are seeking out mates and all they care about is mating.

Rutting bucks are known to be very aggressive and they will do crazy things. It’s never a good idea to get close to a rutting buck because it could choose to chase you down and attack you.

There have been instances where bucks have gone long distances just to go after humans. They’ve also been known to destroy things, and you don’t want them in your yard.

Even getting close to a fawn can be more dangerous than you might think. Mother does are usually going to be watching nearby to look out for the fawn’s safety.

When a human gets too close to a fawn, the mother will spring into action and attack the human. Even if you didn’t mean any harm, the mother doe isn’t necessarily going to see it that way.

Deer are wild animals that need to be given a bit of respect. You might see them as a type of animal that people hunt and not take them seriously, but you could get injured by a deer if you’re not careful.

You also have to consider that deer are often the cause of car accidents in North America. Deer will cross the road and wind up just standing there staring at headlights instead of moving out of the way.

Many people get killed due to striking deer with their cars each year. You don’t want deer in your neighborhood in all likelihood.

This means that you need to try to deter the deer from sleeping in your yard. What can be done to keep deer from using your yard as a napping spot, though?

Keep Certain Plants and Bushes Close to the House (Limit Deer Food Options)

You know that deer come to your yard and try to feed on the plants and bushes in the area. This is why you need to change the way that you’re doing things to keep deer away from your property.

Instead of keeping your garden way out in your yard away from the house, it’s going to be wise to put it closer to your home. The deer won’t feel as comfortable getting close to humans to try to get the food and things will be okay.

You should try to keep bushes that produce berries closer to your home as well. If you have trees that drop nuts and fruits, then you should try to clean those up so that the deer won’t have things to eat.

If you can’t move your garden area because you simply don’t have enough space for a garden near your home, then there are still things that you can do. Deer detect food by using their superior sense of smell, and this means that you can try to throw the scent off using other plants.

Try planting fragrant things that deer don’t like near your garden area. Planting things such as garlic, onions, marigolds, chives, and lavender might help you to get the desired results.

Just try to do what you want to keep too much food from being readily available to the deer. Masking the scent of the food can help a bit, but you should still try to pick up the property to ensure that you aren’t leaving berries and things like that on the ground.

Taking steps to limit the food options that deer have available to them will make your yard less appealing. The deer might go back to the forest and never give your yard a second look again.

Take Care of Landscaping Issues

Landscaping issues can make your yard that much more appealing to deer. Earlier it was pointed out that deer might be sleeping in your yard because they need a good place to sleep and hide from predators.

If you have tall grass in your yard, then you’re going to be much more likely to attract deer to your yard. It’ll also be more likely to see deer in your yard when you have a lot of undergrowth and other little places where deer can hide and feel like they have cover.

Deer aren’t usually going to want to be in a wide-open space where they will feel exposed. They might feel like predators will be able to spot them too easily and will move along.

This is why you should endeavor to keep your lawn mowed short while also taking care of other landscaping issues. Cut back undergrowth, keep your trees trimmed properly, and make your yard less of an ideal location for the local deer.

It will take a bit of extra work on your part, but it’s going to be for the best. Try not to get lazy about taking care of your yard if you want to keep things safe from deer.

Plant Thorny Foliage

It’s possible to plant things that will keep deer from wanting to come around your yard. Many people have had good results when planting thorny foliage on the perimeter of their yards.

It makes it less comfortable for deer to access your yard since they will need to walk through thorny bushes or plants to get there. It won’t completely deter deer from entering a space since they can jump really well, but it’s still something that might help a bit.

You could also plant thorny, hairy, and prickly plants near other things that deer might try to eat. This could bother the deer enough to make them not want to eat your plants.

Get a Fence

Getting a fence might be a great idea when you’re trying to keep deer away from your yard. It’s going to make it less practical for a deer to gain access to your yard if you choose to fence it in.

If you’re going to do this, then you’ll need to ensure that you get a fence that is tall enough. A small little fence isn’t going to do much to keep a deer out of the yard, and you’ll want one that is at least eight feet high.

It’s also going to be wise to ensure that the gaps in the fence aren’t too wide. If you have a strong wooden or metal fence that is very tight, then you’ll likely be able to keep deer from getting into your yard at all.

This is going to be the most practical solution for many people who live in suburban areas that have a lot of deer. It might cost some money to get a fence professionally installed, but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

Let Your Dogs Out Sometimes

Letting your dogs roam the yard can also act as a deterrent to keep deer away. The scent of your dog is going to do a lot to keep deer from wanting to come around.

Even if your dog isn’t very big, it’s likely going to help keep deer away. The deer will be able to smell the dog and they’ll also hear the dog barking, which will not make them feel comfortable about sleeping in your yard.

Try to let your dog spend a bit of time outside each day and it might help you with your deer problem. If you have a dog, then this is a very practical thing that you can do to try to help the situation.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers Are Great

Have you thought about installing motion-activated sprinklers on your property? This is a really good option for anyone who wants to keep deer out of their yards.

Basically, you’ll be putting sprinklers in your yard at various points. These sprinklers wind up activating whenever someone gets close to them, and that means that they will be blasted with a jet of water.

Many people use this as a convenient way to scare away undesirable wild animals. It can also be used as a handy deterrent against burglars since it makes it harder for them to sneak up to your house.

Deer will certainly get scared and run away if they get blasted by streams of water when stepping into your yard. This could be a very good solution to your deer issue if you want to spend the money to get these installed.


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