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Are Lawn Mower Blades One Size Fits All? The Answer May Surprise You

Are Lawn Mower Blades One Size Fits All? The Answer May Surprise You

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A new lawn mower blade can make a big difference in the quality of your cut as well as the performance of your lawn mower. People often want to know if lawn mower blades are universal when they go to replace them.

The fact is that they are not. In fact, you must get the exact same fit and they must be made to the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Continue reading to learn all about lawn mower blades and how to choose the right ones.

Start by Identifying Your Mower Blade

You need to look at your mower to determine what type of mower blade you need. The first step is to know your make and model.

You can check the deck of the mower or the chassis, and you should find a badge or a label there. If your label is missing, there are other ways to identify the mower blade.

However, if you do have the label, you can search online to find the right blade for the make and model. You can also look at the blade to find the blade part number.

Every mower blade will have the part number stamped onto the metal. It will be a series of numbers, and they will be unique to that particular blade.

Another way to identify your blade is by size. There are two different kinds of blades: mulching blades and lift blades. You need to know which one you have, and then you can measure them.

You will want to take three important measurements: the overall length, the center hole, and the shear pin hole. Once you measure them, you will look for a blade that has the same measurements.

Different Types of Blades and Their Purposes

There are different types of lawn mower blades that you can choose, and each one has its own purpose. It is important to understand the difference so that you can choose the one that is ideal for your needs.

Take a look at the following:

Standard or Medium-Lift Blade

Straight mower blades have a curve on the end. Lawn mowers that release grass from the side usually have this type of blade. They are called standard or medium-lift blades.

The curve at the end of this blade allows air ventilation, which creates a suction that pulls the grass up so that the mower can cut it.

People like this type of blade because it works well with both dry and wet grass. It can also cut through thick patches of grass and pull it through to the bag easily.

However, it doesn’t do a great job if you have small clumps of grass that are low to the ground.

If you cut too much grass, you can also end up getting a clog because there isn’t quite enough suction to pull it all through the machine.

Low-Lift Blade

The low lift blades are good if you have grass on sandy soil. They do not have much suction power, so they are not what you want to use if you want to suck the grass through the mower into a bag.

The good thing is that the dirt won’t get sucked up either, so it works well in sandy soil. If you want blades that are durable, these are a good choice. They aren’t very loud, and they are more durable.

High-Lift Blade

High-lift blades are easy to recognize because they have vertical angles on the edges. They get the most airflow of all blades, and they have strong suction.

They move in a fast circular motion, and they will give your grass a defined finish. They are best to use when you have longer grass in the yard.

With the greater suction, you will find that grass does not clog up the mower, and they come in different lengths. It is important to remember that this type of blade will not work well if you have sandy soil because it will stir up a lot of dust.

Mulching Blade

A mulching blade will allow you to replenish the soil using the debris from the grass. They are multipurpose blades, and they are also called 3-in-1 blades.

The edges are sharp and curved, and you will notice more cutting edges. This helps to cut the grass into tiny pieces so that they can easily blend with the soil.

Although mulching blades do not have much suction, they are able to lift and cut grass well. This blade is good for people who want to have a more manicured look and return the grass debris back to the soil.

Gator Blades

Gator blades are also designed to return grass back to the soil, but they have more suction. The angle of this blade pulls the grass uniformly so that it will all be cut to the same length.

Grass is cut over and over again until it is chopped into fine pieces small enough to return the nutrients to the soil and act as fertilizer. People often attach a mulching kit to this kind of blade to ensure that the finely cut grass is able to provide the nutrients to the soil after it is cut.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mower Blades?

You need to replace your mower blades when they become dull because dull blades will shred the leaves of your grass, which can open it up and cause it to turn brown. It also makes it more likely to become diseased. You can examine your blades to determine whether they need to be replaced.

First, you should look at the nicks and dents in the blades, as well as any erosion that you find. You should also check to see how thick the blade is. It will wear out over time. If you are looking for a rule of thumb, you will want to replace your blades every year.

This will ensure that you always have blades that function well and it will help to ensure that your mower lasts longer.

What Material Are Mower Blades Made of?

Mower blades need to be sturdy, but they also need to be flexible. They are usually made of a low-carbon high-alloy steel that can withstand high impact, but it can still effectively bend as necessary to get the job done. They have a hardness between 38 and 42.

The size, thickness, and design will vary depending on the manufacturer, but they are durable and flexible at the same time.

Final Thoughts

When you need to replace your lawn mower blades, you may wonder if they are universal. The fact is that they are not. Different lawn mowers use different blades, and you will need to know the make and model of your mower to know what type of blade you need.

Although there will be a specific part number, you can choose from different types of blades, depending on the type of grass you have and what you want to accomplish.

Once you determine what type of blade you need, you can use your mower. You should make sure that your blades are clean and replace them every year.

If your blades remain sharp, you will be able to get the most out of them and your lawn will look great when you cut it.


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