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Is Your Pergola a Dripping Disaster? Fix It Fast with These Waterproofing Tips

Is Your Pergola a Dripping Disaster? Fix It Fast with These Waterproofing Tips

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Having a pergola in your yard or garden area will be rather nice. It gives you a convenient spot where you can sit down and enjoy the shade.

You can sit in your garden or yard and enjoy the scenery during the brightest hours of the day. It’ll help you to stay cool, and it’ll also look nice.

Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing and practical. Can they protect you from the rain, though?

Are pergolas waterproof, or should you avoid sitting underneath your pergola during a rainstorm? Read on to learn more about this topic.

A Standard Pergola Isn’t Waterproof

A standard pergola isn’t exactly waterproof. You see, pergolas don’t have normal roofs.

They are designed to be open at the top. Instead of having a normal roof, most pergolas have a slotted design.

Some have a lattice pattern at the top while others have crossbeams. It just depends on the type of pergola that you purchase.

The pergolas that have a slotted design will sometimes have a mechanism that will allow you to move the slots. This allows you to move the slots into a closed position.

When it starts raining, you can close the slots and it’ll do an admirable job of blocking the rain. So you can conceivably sit underneath the pergola and continue to enjoy your time outside.

Is such a design truly waterproof? No, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that it’s waterproof.

You might notice some water trickling between the slots. However, it’s going to block a lot of rain.

Are Pergola Canopies Waterproof?

Pergola canopies are generally not waterproof. They’re water-resistant, though, and they do a good job of keeping you dry.

So it’s worth buying a pergola canopy if you’re interested. It can make it easier to enjoy your time outside without having to worry about rain.

These pergola canopies are designed to help protect you from the harshness of the sun. They give you a good bit of shade so you can stay comfortable when sitting outside.

They’re just not fully waterproof. Still, having a water-resistant canopy that you can utilize will indeed be helpful.

The best canopies that you can purchase will be made out of canvas. Canvas material does an admirable job of keeping water at bay.

You can easily use these canopies to protect yourself from rainfall. So they’re close enough to being waterproof that they will probably work just fine for your needs.

It allows you to enjoy yourself outside even if it’s a bit rainy out. Don’t hesitate to buy a canopy, but seek out one that’s made out of canvas material.

What to Put On Pergola Roof

A traditional pergola doesn’t have a normal roof, but you can choose to buy or build a roof. Having a roof will allow you to make your pergola waterproof.

People make pergola roofs out of many different materials. Sometimes people utilize plastic or polycarbonate materials to make these roofs.

It’s even more common for people to use aluminum or steel to make pergola roofs. All of these materials can work nicely to block the rain.

If you have the skill to do so, you can build your own pergola roof. However, most people choose to buy a roof from a trusted company.

There are businesses out there that sell waterproof pergola roofs. You’ll find that there are many options to choose from.

You can buy a pergola roof that’s flat or one that’s louvered. It’s easy enough to find a design that’s appealing to you.

There are even retractable pergola roofs on the market. This allows you to move the roof into place when necessary so you can enjoy having the pergola open when the weather is nice.

Fabric Covers

Those who don’t want to spend much money might gravitate toward buying fabric covers for their pergolas. You can find fabric covers for pergolas being sold at department stores.

These are mostly used for shade rather than protecting you from the rain. They will be made with water-resistant materials, but they won’t be truly waterproof.

In this regard, they’re similar to the pergola canopies mentioned earlier. You’ll likely find these fabric covers to be useful if you’re trying to get something to help with providing more shade while keeping costs to a minimum.

A simple fabric cover will cost less than a canopy. They have grommets and you can tie them up and place them in various spots.

Is a Pergola Right for You?

A pergola could be right for you, but it depends on what you want. Many people find pergolas to be very useful.

These structures can be placed in the middle of a yard or garden. They look aesthetically pleasing, and they offer you a great place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Some pergolas are made to be attached right to the house. So people might use a pergola area instead of a traditional patio.

There are many uses for pergolas. You might use them to host lunches outside, or you might simply like having a place to sit and admire your garden.

It can be a bit pricey to get a pergola kit from a hardware store. Even so, many people think that it’s well worth the investment.

You can also build your own pergola if you have the carpentry skills to do so. Decide which route you’d like to take whenever you’re ready.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that pergolas aren’t normally waterproof. You have to take steps to make your pergola waterproof if you want to be able to sit outside during rainstorms.

Some pergolas might come with fabric covers. These covers will typically be water-resistant and can help to keep you dry, but they aren’t fully waterproof.

You can also buy large canopies that are made out of canvas material. These are very water-resistant and should work excellently to block the sun and keep you from getting wet when it’s raining.

Some people install full roofs on their pergolas to provide shade and protect the area from the elements. Pergola roofs can be made out of many different materials, and there are also many designs to choose from.

You can even find retractable pergola roofs that allow you to open things up when you want to. So you can make your pergola area waterproof by buying the right stuff.

A standard pergola will have an open design that won’t do much to block the rain. So you’ll need to take some steps to waterproof the pergola area if that’s important to you.


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