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Can You Screen in a Pergola? (Plus Alternatives to Consider)

Can You Screen in a Pergola? (Plus Alternatives to Consider)

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There’s a good chance that having a pergola in your yard will be convenient. You likely want to be able to spend time in your yard without having to worry about the heat and the brightness of the sun.

You can utilize a pergola to give you a shaded area where you can relax. It makes it easy to enjoy your garden and simply spend a pleasant afternoon outside.

Perhaps you’d like to take things further, though. Have you been thinking of screening in the pergola as of late?

Can you screen in a pergola? Continue reading to get all of the information that you need so you can do things right.

Can You Enclose a Pergola?

Yes, you can choose to screen in a pergola if you want to. However, it’s not all that common to do so.

Pergolas are designed to be open. They have an open design so that the area will have excellent air circulation.

Screening the pergola in will offer some advantages, but there could also be downsides to consider. Regardless, some might find a pergola to be more useful if it’s screened in.

There are a few ways that you can screen in a pergola. You can just install some type of screen on top of the pergola or you can screen all around the pergola.

This simply involves installing screens at various points around the structure. Doing so isn’t all that difficult, but it can make it easier to keep bugs out and enjoy the shade while sitting outside.

Of course, this isn’t the only option that you have when you want to enjoy the shade. Pergolas will provide a bit of shade normally, and you can also install a roof or use some type of canopy.

So it might not be truly necessary to screen in the pergola if your goal is to create shade. Whether this is a good idea or not might depend on what you want to accomplish.

Pergola Screen Options

There are many pergola screen options that you can look into. Installing screens won’t be all that difficult, and that means that you just need to choose which types of screens appeal to you.

Some people like to go with standard fiberglass mesh screens. These are likely the most common screens that you can buy, but they do a great job.

A fiberglass screen won’t cost much money, and it’ll work well for your needs. Pet screens are a bit stronger overall, and those will be great for people who are worried about puncturing the screen.

Aluminum screens are some of the most expensive, but they’re worth consideration. These screens are incredibly durable, but they’re a bit harder to install than fiberglass screens or pet screens.

There are even more durable materials to consider, though. Bronze, steel, and copper mesh are also popular choices.

These metal options will be better than aluminum if you live near the coast. Aluminum is known to oxidize when exposed to the elements in coastal areas.

Look into all of the screen options and choose the one that fits your budget and needs. You should be happy with the results.

Other Ways to Enclose a Pergola

Screens aren’t the only option when it comes to enclosing a pergola. You can also install a roof, use fabric shade screens, or even just put up some curtains.

If you want to keep rain from being a problem, buying a roof of some sort is a good idea. Pergolas don’t have traditional roofs, but people often choose to install roofs.

This can give you more shade while also helping you to stay dry if it happens to be raining out. Fabric cloth covers and canopies can make a difference as well.

Some people like putting up curtains to provide a bit of privacy. You might simply want the pergola to have curtains on the side while remaining open in the front.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Are there any downsides to screening in a pergola? The big downside is that enclosing the pergola could negatively impact air circulation.

You won’t be able to enjoy the breeze quite as much if you put up screens or otherwise enclose the pergola. Even so, many people feel that it’s worth the trade-off.

A potential benefit of screening in the pergola is that it’ll keep bugs out. It can work a lot like a patio screen or a screen door in this regard.

The screen can help to block the rain, and it’ll also provide you with some shade. So it might make the pergola area more pleasant to use overall.

It just depends on whether you wish to sacrifice the open nature of the pergola to make this happen. Depending on what you want to do while using the pergola, it might be the right choice to make.

Final Thoughts

The decision of whether or not to screen in your pergola comes down to what you want. You might find having a screened-in pergola to be more convenient overall.

However, some people don’t think that it’s the right call to make. Pergolas have an open design that encourages excellent air circulation.

Screening the pergola in goes against the basic concept of a pergola. Regardless, it’s up to you to decide how best to enjoy the structure.

Many people wind up feeling that it’d be better to enjoy an enclosed pergola. If you use a pergola similar to how you use a patio, you might feel this way.

So consider your options and then figure out if you want to screen in the pergola. There are other options if you’d like to look into them.

For example, you could install a retractable roof. This allows you to keep the top open when it isn’t raining or when you don’t need extra shade.

You could also buy fabric covers or canvas sails to block out the sun from the side. If you’re worried about bugs, you could try using repellent sprays or burning candles that are meant to keep bugs at bay.

Some will prefer to screen in the pergola area while others will not. Make your choice based on your preferences and what will work out best for your home.


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