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Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster (Kamado)

Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster (Kamado)

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This Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster will produce one of the juiciest turkeys you have ever tried! It will work on any kamado style grills ranging from MD – 2XL Big Green Eggs, and it will also hold chickens.

The vertical turkey roaster will hold the turkey upright during the cooking process which will allow for even cooks all while maintaining the moisture. It will even hold juices such as a beer can or fruit juice which will really allow you to keep the moisture in the Turkey as it simmers from within.

It measure approximately 9.5″ tall x 7″ in diameter at the base and 2″ in diameter at the top. This is perfect for any Turkey you are looking to smoke.

What Does Smoked Turkey Taste Like? (And the Difference from Roasted)


The traditional way to cook a turkey, especially for thanksgiving, is by roasting it but what does a smoked turkey on the Big Green Egg taste like? Believe it or not though, smoked turkey tends to have more flavor and ends up being more tender when properly cooked.

The smoke adds quite a bit of flavor to the turkey, plus when smoking you can also use different types of flavor enhancing wood chips to add even more flavor. When smoking a turkey it is very similar to smoking a beer can chicken.

You’ll fire up the Big Green Egg and get it dialed into about 225 degrees. It will be smoked indirect with the plate setter / conv”egg”tor feet facing upwards.

The turkey is simply smoked just like this until the internal temperature hits 165 degrees. However, for me, with there being so many joints and what not in the bird I recommend cooking it to an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

Obviously you’ll also want to season the bird prior to smoking it. In doing this, you can either brine it or use a seasoning like Mad Max from Dizzy Pig which is exceptional on turkey.

Roasted turkey is the most common way to make a turkey around the holidays. A huge factor in this is that many don’t even own a smoker. If you do own a smoker, this garlic and herb buttered turkey recipe is an exceptional recipe!

Turkey Roasting In Oven

Roasting a turkey in the oven usually takes place at about 325 degrees which is ideal for many other dishes to be cooked at the same time (except with smoking the turkey you have the entire oven free).

Once the roasted turkey is done it will have a more crispy skin on the outside and it wont be quite as tender and flavorful as a smoked turkey. Both are great, but in my opinion I highly recommend trying a smoked turkey if you have never done so.


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