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The Blackstone Griddle vs. a Gas Grill (How to Choose)

The Blackstone Griddle vs. a Gas Grill (How to Choose)

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Have you been thinking of buying a Blackstone griddle for your home sometime soon? Many people love these griddles and say that they’re the absolute best.

They certainly have a fantastic reputation that has been earned over the course of many years. If you want to buy one of these griddles, it’s likely that you’ll have a good experience.

You might not be sold just yet, though. Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s best to buy a Blackstone griddle or if you should go with a gas grill.

What’s the difference between a griddle and a gas grill? Are there pros and cons that you should consider about each option?

Continue reading to learn about Blackstone griddles and gas grills. This will help you to make an informed choice so that you can make delicious meals that will satisfy everyone in your household.

What’s the Difference?

How To Convert A Blackstone Griddle To Natural Gas - Finished
Flat Top on a Blackstone Griddle

Many people don’t even know the difference between griddles and gas grills. They likely look very similar to you at first glance.

Truth be told, they are quite similar. The major difference between a griddle and a gas grill is the surface that you cook on.

Blackstone griddles make use of stainless steel flat cooking surfaces. A more traditional gas grill has a rigid cooking surface where the flame will directly cook the food.

Which you’ll prefer will depend on various factors. It’s best to learn about each option so you can decide what one you want.

Below, you’ll learn a bit about each option. Once you’ve read all of the information, you’ll feel prepared to move forward and buy whatever suits you.

The Benefits of Using a Griddle

Egg Mcmuffin'S On The Blackstone Griddle - Add The Eggs To The Egg Ring

Using a griddle is going to be great for many different things. There are types of food that you can make on a griddle that you couldn’t make on a gas grill.

For example, you could use a griddle to make pancakes if you so desired. This is something that could never be done on a standard gas grill.

Since the cooking surface doesn’t have any holes in it, it’ll be convenient to cook certain types of food. You can make rice, eggs, and other foods that wouldn’t be possible to cook on a grill.

Many people love making fajitas on their Blackstone griddles. You could also cook up a traditional breakfast with bacon, eggs, ham, and potatoes.

There’s all sorts of options that open up to you when using griddles. It makes it possible to cook different types of meals in a fun and easy way.

It’s also worth noting that griddles are perfect for making various Mexican dishes. The high heat of the griddle allows you to get many things to turn out perfectly.

You can even make various stir-fry dishes since a griddle is capable of emulating a wok. If you love stir fry, it’s certainly worthwhile to buy a griddle.

Many of the traditional foods that you would make on a gas grill will work excellently on a griddle, too. You can make amazing hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and grilled chicken.

Overall, a griddle is a versatile cooking tool that you will want to own. For some, it might be preferable to a standard gas grill.

The Benefits of Using a Grill

Grease Falling Through Grill Slats

There are benefits you can enjoy when using a grill to cook food. One of the best aspects of using a gas grill is that it’ll allow grease and water to escape.

The grease and water will go through the slats and it won’t pool up on the cooking surface. That can be a bit of a problem when cooking certain things on a griddle.

For some types of food, it might make more sense to cook on a slatted surface. The food will be directly exposed to the flame and you’ll be able to brown meat rather easily.

It’s also true that you can add flavors to the meat using a grill. Direct exposure to the flame is an important part of adding a smokey flavor to the meat.

Many people enjoy this aspect of grilling. Using a griddle is different and you won’t get the same smokey flavor.

It’s also worth noting that you can usually find gas grills being sold at reasonable prices. Some of the fancier ones might be more expensive, though.

Using a gas grill is easy enough and it’s not really much different than using a griddle. Both are similar when it comes to ease of use.

Other Differences Between Griddles and Grills

Flames Coming From Grill

You’ll find some other differences between griddles and grills that are worth knowing about. One of the most significant differences is the heat that you use to cook things.

Grills cook best when you’re cooking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is going to be good for ensuring that the heat will get through the metal slats and brown the meat that you’re cooking.

Being able to cook things at such a high temperature can be beneficial. It allows you to grill various dishes rather fast when compared to using a griddle.

Being able to sear steaks properly is important. You should have a simple time searing the outside while maintaining a pink center when grilling steaks.

Griddles are different because they cook best at temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This is still going to be plenty hot enough to cook food.

You’ll have an easy time cooking bacon or other types of meat on a griddle. It might not be quite as fast as cooking larger pieces of meat on a grill, though.

Griddles are way better at cooking things that are covered in sauce. You can also cook veggies without burning the skin when using a griddle.

That wouldn’t be possible when using a standard grill. Truly, it’s good to use griddles and grills for different things.

Which Option Is Better?

Steak And Vegetables On A Plate

Determining which option is better is not simple. You see, both griddles and grills are very useful to own.

It’s possible that you might want to buy both a Blackstone griddle and a gas grill of some sort.

For many, it’ll be better to cook large pieces of meat on a gas grill. If you’re trying to put a smokey flavor into the meat, it makes sense to use a grill.

Using a griddle opens up all sorts of new possibilities. You can cook different types of food such as rice or pancakes on the griddle.

Since both can be used for different purposes, it might be ideal to have both. It really comes down to what you want.

You could argue that a griddle is more versatile than a gas grill. This might be true from a certain perspective, but it’s easy to see why owning a gas grill would come in handy.

Take the time to think about what types of food you’d like to cook outside. If you could see yourself using both a grill and a griddle, it won’t be a waste of money.

Shop Around

Getting a good deal is an important part of buying a griddle or a gas grill. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most that you can for your money.

See what the prices of griddles and grills are like in your area. If you can get a great deal on a Blackstone griddle, you might be able to also buy an affordable gas grill.

Blackstone sells both griddles and gas grills that you can buy. Since they’re a company that’s known for making excellent products, you can’t go wrong if you stick with that brand.

Of course, you might be able to find something less expensive if you go with a different brand. Look at customer reviews to see how everything stacks up to your expectations.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read all of the information above, you should feel more confident. You know the difference between a griddle and a grill now.

Both griddles and grills can be very useful to own. They’re good at different things, but griddles are probably more versatile than grills.

Griddles make it easy to cook various foods. If you own a griddle, you’ll be able to cook rice, pancakes, and even stir fry dishes.

Grills are excellent when it comes to grilling large pieces of meat. They’re the best option when you want to enjoy meat that has a smokey flavor.

This isn’t a situation where one option is better than the other. It just comes down to personal preferences and what types of food you want to be able to cook.

You can buy whichever one appeals to you the most. It’s easy to find great gas grills and griddles being sold at local department stores.

It’s also easy enough to buy them online. Peruse the various options that are available and then pick out the one that suits you best.

You should be able to enjoy using a Blackstone griddle for a long time if you buy one. These griddles are built to last and can survive for up to twenty years.

Of course, you’ll need to take care of it properly or it won’t last that long. It’ll be necessary to keep it clean and to maintain it very well.


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