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7 Creative Pergola Side Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

7 Creative Pergola Side Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Building a pergola can be one of your best decorative decisions. It grants life and charm to what might be a bland outdoor space.

In addition to providing shade from the midday scorching sun, it can bound a dining area or give privacy to a pool.

A simple roof and four columns make for a typical pergola, but can a pergola have sides? In this article, we’ll highlight some creative ideas for pergola sides.

Can a Pergola Have Sides?

Yes, pergolas can have sides. In addition to the typical rafters and columns, you can close some sides off to provide more enclosure.

You can get as creative as you want as long as the purpose you have in mind is served. In other words, you can choose between glass screens, solid walls, lively plant covers, or others.

7 Smart Ideas for Pergola Sides

You can think of a pergola side as an interior partition. Partitions can be opaque, transparent, or anything in between.

Here are some of the best ideas for pergola sides:

1 – Solid Walls

A solid side will provide the optimum level of privacy and protection against unfavorable weather conditions. If your place gets low sunlight for most of the day, set a solid partition to protect a seating area from direct sunlight.

We recommend using rustic wood panels for this partition if you’ve got a lush garden to complement its natural beauty. You can also go for steel or stone, but it can seem dull or bulky in an outdoor space.

2 – Glass Screens

A solid screen might be a bland option for some homeowners. So, if you only need a solid patio side to act as a windshield, you can set a transparent screen made from glass or vinyl.

This way, you can enjoy the views from your patio with added protection from the disturbing wind. There are also translucent pergola screens that can protect against direct sunlight to varying degrees.

3 – Fencing Panels

If you only need to make the pergola space more defined without blocking the breeze, you can just use some fencing. This will also act as a great support to the back of couches in a seating area.

A fence can also direct visitors away from delicate plantations. Additionally, if your pergola is on an elevated deck, the fence can protect children from accidentally falling off the deck.

In most cases, we’d recommend you use the same style of fencing in the garden unless you want the pergola to stand out.

4 – Lattice Screens

This is another version of a pergola side that fulfills a similar role to a fence. However, a lattice screen provides more privacy because it’s higher.

What we especially like about lattice screens is their shifting decorative shades throughout the day. This adds interest to the seating area while giving hints of warm sunlight.

A more simple version of a lattice screen is some horizontal beams. Just make sure they follow the rhythm of the roof rafters to give a harmonious appearance.

5 – Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up covers are the smartest solution on our list of pergola sides. Although they’re not the best-looking addition to a pergola, you can easily roll up the covers to turn it into an open space in minutes.

Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy lounging in an outdoor room in winter as it can keep the temperature warm inside. It’s the best option for homeowners who want to have a spa or hot tub in the garden.

6 – Plant Covers

Why not add more life to your pergola with some plants? You can create a serene setting by allowing vines to grow on a wooden lattice screen.

Alternatively, you can use small trees, like dwarf conifers, on the pergola sides for spatial definition and privacy. It’s best to keep the plants in pots to freely move them around.

7 – Curtains

Finally, for an affordable and flexible solution, you can simply cover the pergola sides with some fabric. Similar to roll-up covers, curtains can be opened or closed to provide as much coverage as needed.

Admittedly, curtains aren’t as durable as the other screening options in the garden. However, their lightness and flow with the wind give a dreamy, romantic vibe to the pergola.

Not to mention that you can use a variety of curtain fabrics to control the amount of sunlight in the pergola zone.

Final Thoughts

So, can a pergola have sides? The answer is yes! You can add sides to a pergola to give some sense of enclosure.

If you’ve already got a pergola, make the best out of the space underneath. What you choose to place on the sides can transform a typical garden shade into a relaxing haven.


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