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Can You Cook a Pizza On a Blackstone Griddle? (Tips for Good Results)

Can You Cook a Pizza On a Blackstone Griddle? (Tips for Good Results)

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Owning a Blackstone griddle is going to be so useful. You’ll be able to make so many different things if you have one that’s high quality.

Many people make things such as pancakes and rice on their griddles. You can also make big breakfasts for your family if you want to.

If you’re a bit of a pizza connoisseur, you might be wondering if you can make pizza on a Blackstone griddle. Is this going to be a good option for making pizzas or should you make them another way?

Keep reading to learn about making pizzas using a griddle. This will tell you how to go about doing things to get the best results.

Pizza is delicious, but you do need to approach things the right way or it won’t turn out properly. Once you’ve read all of the information below, it’ll be much easier to get great results.

You Can Make a Pizza On a Blackstone Griddle

It is indeed possible to make a pizza on a Blackstone griddle. In fact, many people say that pizzas made on griddles turn out really well.

Some might worry about making a pizza on a griddle. You might be concerned that it will damage the griddle in some way.

This is an unfounded worry. Everything is going to be just fine if you decide to make a pizza on your griddle.

Even if you’re concerned that the pizza will stick to the griddle, it’s easy enough to avoid such problems. You simply need to season the grill properly so that it won’t stick.

To get the best results, you should approach the process in a specific way. This will ensure that you can make a pizza that will taste amazing.

How to Prevent Sticking

Sticking is going to be a huge problem when making things on a griddle. Pizza uses a lot of ingredients that have the potential to stick to the cooking surface.

Specifically, the mozzarella cheese is going to stick to the surface if you’re not careful. Luckily, this can be prevented by taking the right steps.

The key to preventing sticking issues is to use a lot of oil on the griddle. The oil will make it so the crust and the toppings won’t stick to the griddle.

If you’ve been using a griddle for quite some time, you likely already know how to season a griddle to avoid issues. This is important for more than just keeping the pizza from sticking to the surface.

It’s also going to prevent the pizza from burning quite so easily. You still need to take the pizza off of the griddle at the right time to avoid burning issues, but using oil properly will help a lot.

How to Make a Pizza On a Griddle

Get started by making your pizza dough. You can either make your own dough or you can buy pre-made dough from a grocery store.

If you make your own dough, it’ll be necessary to knead it and proof it so everything turns out right. Follow a pizza dough recipe as you normally would.

It’s likely that you’re going to want toppings on your pizza. You should pre-cook all of your meats and veggies that you plan to use.

Use the griddle to cook all of the toppings and then set them off to the side in bowls. Once you’re done, scrape the griddle and get it clean before continuing.

Roll out your pizza dough and make it the right shape and size that you’re going for. You can hand-toss the pizza dough or you can roll it out.

Place the pizza dough in the center of the griddle whenever you’re ready to start cooking. The griddle should be set at medium-high or medium heat.

Close the lid so that the dough will cook. Your goal here is to make a good crust base.

Flipping it once might be a good idea. If you like crispy pizza, this is highly recommended.

It should take approximately ten minutes to prepare the crust. Once this is done, it’ll be time to add the pizza sauce and toppings.

Pour your sauce on top of the pizza dough. Put the cheese on top of the sauce whenever you’re ready.

Add the toppings that you want to use next. Try to position everything well so that the pizza will turn out exactly how you want it to.

Close the lid again and allow the cheese to melt. All you’re really doing here is melting the cheese and getting the pizza sauce nice and hot.

Once the cheese has melted, you’ll be ready to eat some pizza. Take the pizza off of the griddle and allow it to cool a bit before eating it.

You’ll really enjoy how tasty pizza is when it’s made on a Blackstone griddle. It’ll turn out fantastically if you follow the basic steps outlined above.

Of course, you might want to play around and do things a bit different. You might like thinner or thicker crust on your pizza.

Simply find a good recipe to follow that will allow you to make a pizza that appeals to you. You should be able to cook the pizza really well using the griddle.

Can You Cook Frozen Pizzas On a Griddle?

What if you’re not interested in making a homemade pizza? Perhaps you’re not feeling like you want to make anything complicated tonight.

You might have a frozen pizza in your freezer that’s calling your name. If you can make homemade pizzas on a griddle, is it possible to make frozen pizzas on a griddle, too?

Yes, you can do this if you want to. First, you need to allow the pizza to thaw completely.

That might take a little bit of time depending on how frozen it is. When the pizza is visibly thawed, you can preheat the griddle to either 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now place the frozen pizza right in the middle of the griddle. Allow the frozen pizza to cook for approximately seven minutes.

Use a spatula of some sort to remove the pizza from the surface of the griddle when it’s done cooking. It should be hot and ready to eat.

Is using a griddle to make a pizza better than using an oven? Not necessarily.

It’s just something that you can do if you want to. Some people might think that the pizza tastes a bit better when it’s made on the griddle, though.

Also, it’s useful if you don’t have an oven in your house. Some people don’t have normal ovens that they can utilize and that’s why they own griddles.

Does Blackstone Make a Pizza Oven?

Sadly, Blackstone no longer makes pizza ovens. In the past, there were Blackstone pizza ovens that you could purchase.

They discontinued the pizza oven line and no specific reason was given. The discontinuation of the pizza oven led to some confusion.

Some people started wondering whether griddles could cook pizzas well or not. They can if you do things right, but some people are going to prefer using a pizza oven.

Making a pizza in a pizza oven is different than using a griddle. You can go out and buy a pizza oven if you’d really like to have one.

It’s always possible that Blackstone could decide to make more pizza ovens in the future, too. At the time of writing, they simply don’t offer pizza ovens any longer.

Is Using a Pizza Oven Better?

Most pizza enthusiasts would agree that making a pizza in a pizza oven is a better option. If you seriously love making homemade pizzas, it’ll be wise to look into buying a pizza oven.

Pizza ovens are specifically designed to make pizzas. You can make some of the most delectable pizzas you’ve ever seen if you buy a good pizza oven.

It’s perfect for making homemade boutique-style pizzas. Pizza ovens can be pretty expensive.

The cost of a pizza oven might be prohibitive for some people. There are some more affordable options out there to look into.

Generally, pizza ovens will only be worth it for people who like to make pizzas all the time. If you only make pizzas once per month, it might make more sense to go with something else.

You have to be able to justify the cost of the pizza oven. If you can’t do that, it’s probably not a good option for you.

Griddles Are More Versatile Than Pizza Ovens

Even if you do want a pizza oven, it might not be practical to buy one. If you’re on a budget, you might have to decide between buying a griddle and a pizza oven.

Pizza ovens are fantastic and they can be used to make excellent pizzas. They aren’t really good for much else, though.

You might be able to use a pizza oven to make a few other things. Griddles are far more versatile, though.

You can use a griddle to make so many different types of food. It’s great for cooking rice, veggies, eggs, and so much more. Being able to make so many different types of food will really be great.

If you choose to buy a Blackstone griddle, it’ll do a lot more than make pizzas. It’ll be useful when it comes to making various Mexican dishes.

The high heat of the griddle is perfect for making many classic Mexican dishes. It’s also perfect for making stir fry dishes.

You can use a griddle as a replacement for a wok. If you’re on a budget, it’s easier to recommend buying a griddle than it is to buy a pizza oven.

Are Pizzas Good for You?

If you’re on a diet, should you really be eating pizza? Pizza likely isn’t something that you’ll want to eat every single day.

Even so, it’s not that unhealthy if you make it the right way. Some types of pizza can be very nutritious overall.

Try putting healthy toppings on the pizza instead of going with fatty meats. You can put more veggies on the pizza to make it more healthy.

You might also decide to avoid using cheese to cut down on calories. You could still use cheese if you want to use a healthier type of fresh cheese.

Use simple ingredients to make pizza such as flour, tomato sauce, basil, yeast, salt, and water. If you’re making pizza this way, it’s not going to be too bad.

Even if you want to eat a loaded pizza that isn’t good for you, it’ll be fine to do from time to time. Just don’t eat these types of food every single day of your life.

Many people simply choose to enjoy pizzas on the weekend. You might have pizza only on your “cheat day” where you don’t count calories.

Above all else, follow the advice of your doctor. If your doctor wants you to stay away from pizza, it’s best to follow the advice for the sake of your health.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that you can make pizza on a Blackstone griddle. The pizza that you make on a griddle will turn out really well if you do things right.

You can get great results by seasoning the cooking surface to avoid sticking. It should allow you to make pizza that has a satisfyingly crispy crust.

If you love homemade pizza, it’s well worth making it on a griddle. Many people say that making pizza on a griddle is much better than making pizza in a standard oven.

It might not be as good as using a pizza oven, though. If you don’t have a pizza oven, a griddle is going to be a good substitute.

Being able to make delicious homemade pizzas will make buying a griddle worthwhile. It might make you decide to make pizzas a lot more often moving forward.

You’ll wind up using the griddle for a lot more than just pizza, too. Enjoy your pizza and be sure to share it with your friends and family no matter how tasty it turns out.


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