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5 Great Folding Chair Storage Ideas

5 Great Folding Chair Storage Ideas

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It’s definitely good to have extra seating options at your house in case you have company come over. This is why so many people choose to buy folding chairs that they can bring out when company comes over for backyard barbecues.

The only real problem with this is that you might not be sure where to store your folding chairs when they aren’t in use. So many people have five or more of them to use as extra seating in a pinch, but it’s inconvenient when you’re working with limited space.

Read on to explore some good folding chair storage ideas that can help you to put them away neatly when you aren’t using them. There are several ideas below, so choose the one that works best for you!

1 – Place Them in Your Shed or Barn

Backyard Shed

The most practical way to store your folding chairs will be to just place them inside of your shed or your barn. Assuming that you have a shed or barn on your property, you’ll be able to just place them somewhere inside these structures.

One of the reasons why this is the most common storage option is that it doesn’t take long to put them away. You just fold the chairs up when you’re done using them before placing them back in their designated spots inside the barn or shed.

Of course, not everyone has a lot of room inside of their barns or sheds that they’re able to spare. You should try to find a corner where you can lean your chairs against the wall without them being in the way.

If you already have a very cramped barn or shed, this idea might not be the best solution for you. However, it’s worth noting that most people will be able to use this idea if they have a barn or storage shed.

Sometimes you can make more room in a barn or shed just by rearranging what you have in there efficiently. For example, you might be able to fit the folding chairs somewhere in the back if you pull everything else out before putting it back in as neatly as possible.

2 – Hang Your Folding Chairs on the Wall

Installing A Storage Hook

Hanging your folding chairs on the wall could also be a great idea because they won’t be taking up any space on the floor. Anyone who is having a hard time with storage will love the idea of doing this and it isn’t that hard for you to pull this off.

All you really need to do is use some brackets on the walls of your shed or barn. You’re going to need to use brackets to hang some hooks that will be able to hold the chairs in place.

Some people take things a step further to secure the folding chairs to the wall, and it might be worthwhile to strap them down. You could simply hang them on the wall and then strap them together so that they will stay in place properly.

Anyone who has a barn or shed will probably find this to be an appealing folding chair storage solution. It’s simple to do this, and it keeps your chairs from taking up space on the floor. You want to try to ensure that it is easy for you to grab them when you decide that you need to use them.

As long as you can make it simple to grab the chairs off of the wall when the right time comes, it’s going to be good to entertain this storage idea.

3 – Use Folding Chair Storage Bags

It’s worth mentioning that some people have problems trying to store their folding chairs outside because of pests. You might live in an area that has a lot of animals and bugs and this could make it so that your chairs will get very dirty over time while in storage.

The easiest solution to this issue is to make use of folding chair storage bags that will keep things safe. You can buy bags for individual chairs that will keep them sealed up and safe while they’re in storage.

You will likely have a bit of a harder time leaning these chairs against a wall if you’re utilizing storage bags, though. Even so, this is going to be a good idea if you’re concerned about your chairs getting nasty due to being in storage for long periods of time.

Thankfully, these folding chair storage bags are going to be pretty easy for you to buy. They don’t cost a lot of cash at all and it’s really easy to start making use of them.

Storage bags can even be useful if you decide to store your chairs somewhere in your home. It’ll keep things from getting dusty and your chairs will always be able to be used by simply removing them from the bags when the time is right.

4 – Store Them Under Work Benches or Shelves

Wooden Workbench

Sometimes it’s good to try to think outside the box when you’re storing various items. You already know that your storage shed or barn will be a good place to store your chairs but you might be working with limited space.

If you have work benches or shelves of some sort in your barn, you could try to store the folding chairs underneath them. The basic idea is to fold the chairs up and slide them underneath the work benches or shelves so that they won’t be in your way.

When you need to use the chairs, it’ll be possible to just slide them back out from under their concealed locations. Of course, you might need to clean them off before having guests sit on them if you decide to go this route.

This idea makes a lot of sense for some people, but it might not be practical for others. You’ll need to have work benches that are deep enough and high enough so that folding chairs will be able to neatly fit underneath them.

If you don’t have the right situation for this idea to be sensible, you’ll want to move on and try something else. This could be a genius solution to your storage woes under the right circumstances.

5 – Store Them Inside Your House

Finally, you could try to find some room in your home for your folding chairs if storing them outside is not going to work. Many people choose to store them in their attics, basements, and closets.

You can just look for a reliably safe spot that won’t be inconvenient for you to have taken up. So long as you’re using your space wisely, this is likely going to be a good option for many people.

Not everyone is going to have space in their homes to fit the folding chairs, but some people will. Just consider your situation to come up with the best storage solution.


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