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7 Fun Things to Do with a Leaf Blower

7 Fun Things to Do with a Leaf Blower

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You probably have a leaf blower so that you can easily take care of fallen leaves during the autumn season. They’re very nice to have around so that you can save time, but you can actually use leaf blowers for many other fun activities.

Take a look at some fun things that you can do with a leaf blower below. This will give you some interesting uses outside of what you would normally think of.

1 – Taking Silly Pictures

Taking silly pictures with your leaf blower is something that could be entertaining for your kids. You could make believe that the leaf blower is something straight out of Ghostbusters so that they can take fun pictures.

Using your imagination and framing funny shots could be something that will keep your kids engaged for hours. It wouldn’t be too hard to add some effects to the pictures after you’ve taken them using certain phone apps, too.

Many of these fun ideas will be centered around just tapping into your childlike sensibilities. This is certainly an idea that represents a willingness to just have fun and do something that’s just a little bit silly.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take nice shots with your leaf blower as a prop either. Just using a standard smartphone camera is going to be enough for everyone to have fun.

2 – Bowling with a Leaf Blower

One of the most popular fun activities to do with a leaf blower is known as leaf blower bowling. If you have some plastic bottles that you can set up, you’ll be able to bowl so long as you can find a rubber ball of some sort.

Your leaf blower is likely going to be powerful enough to move many different types of rubber balls that you might own. You could also seek out a somewhat lightweight plastic ball that is still going to be able to knock the plastic bottles down when it rams into them.

Making a little game out of this is something that could allow you to have some fun with your kids. Of course, your kids will need to be old enough to use a leaf blower safely, and you’ll also still need to take the necessary safety precautions.

If you’re into playing fun little games, this will be another good way to use your leaf blower. It’s simple to get a game of leaf blower bowling started, and just about everybody should have a good time with it.

3 – Snow Fights with the Family

Having snow fights with the family will be a very good time when you have enough snow on the ground. If you have a decently powerful leaf blower, you should be able to kick up a lot of snow with it.

This is something that can add another layer of complexity to the standard family snowball fight. Someone might be able to use the leaf blower during different snowball fight rounds so that they will have an advantage.

Of course, you should remember to share the leaf blower so that everyone can have a good time. If you have multiple leaf blowers, you could have snowball fights that involve all of them that you have.

The general purpose of these snow fights is just to have a good time and see who can throw the most snow at another person. Remember to dress warm and to try to have fun while also keeping everybody safe.

4 – Turn Cleaning the Yard Into a Competitive Game

If you have enough leaf blowers available to use, you could actually attempt to turn cleaning the yard into a competitive game. The basic idea is going to be to see who can get the biggest pile of leaves to be declared the winner.

You should lay down some important safety rules before you get things started. Everyone should have an area that they will need to try to stick to so that no one is running into each other, and it should be illegal to try to blow any of the other player’s piles away in an attempt to cheat.

Anyone who wishes to turn cleaning the yard into something that is a bit more engaging will like this idea. The only downside is that many households are not going to have multiple leaf blowers that they will be able to utilize.

Even if this is more of a niche idea that not everyone will be able to do, it’s still a fun concept. Of course, you must remember to practice leaf blower safety while you’re participating in this game as well.

5 – The Leaf Blower Obstacle Course

This next game idea is going to be very elaborate, and not everyone is going to want to take the time to set things up. The idea of this game is that you’re going to use crates or other items that you have in your backyard to set up a little obstacle course that you’re supposed to blow a ball through.

You could get elaborate with this idea and make it so that you have to blow a ball over some ramps, and you could also make it so that it has to maneuver through curves to reach the end of the course. This game should be timed so that you can compete with your friends or family to see who can run the course the fastest.

As you might expect, you’re only allowed to use the leaf blower to try to get the ball to go through the course. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure things out, and how fun this will be might be directly related to how much effort you put into creating the obstacle course.

6 – Leaf Blower Golf

You’ve heard of leaf blower bowling, and now you’re learning about the idea of leaf blower golf. This isn’t necessarily going to be perfectly like a traditional golf game, but the idea is to create an area with a hole that you can use as a goal.

Like normal golf, the idea is to take shots and try to move the ball toward the hole. You should allow the players to use the leaf blower while standing behind the ball, and they can have the leaf blower on for an agreed-upon amount of time.

You might decide that each player gets a five-second burst to see how far they can push the ball toward the goal. The player who manages to place the ball in the hole in the least number of attempts is going to be declared the winner.

7 – Clean Your Dusty House

Leaf blowers can actually help you to clean things that aren’t outside, too. You could bring your leaf blower indoors to help with a little indoor cleaning if you are so inclined.

One good thing that you can use a leaf blower for is to blow dust out of corners. Many types of vacuum cleaners will struggle to reach corner areas, and this might make it so that certain spots remain a bit dusty.

If you bring your leaf blower inside, you could use it to simply blow out the dust and make things cleaner. Overall, this is a useful little life hack when you’re trying to clean deeply during the spring months.


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