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Frogs, Toads and Tree Frogs: Where to Find Them and How to Spot Them

Frogs, Toads and Tree Frogs: Where to Find Them and How to Spot Them

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Many people have nostalgic memories of catching frogs as a child. It is always a lot of fun, and there are many places where you can find them.

You can find frogs in your garden, your yard, or out in the wild. If you are looking for aquatic frogs, you will find them in freshwater, such as ponds.

Toads are a type of frog that live under rocks or in the soils in places that are humid. Finally, tree frogs live near ponds up in the trees.

No matter what type of frog you are looking for, you just need to understand the characteristics of different types of frogs, and you will be able to find them.

How to Find Frogs in and Around Water

Aquatic frogs need water to survive, so you will find them around ponds, marshes, and other sources of freshwater. They actually live in the water, and they have long legs.

They are excellent swimmers, and they have webbed toes. If you want to find them, the first thing you need to do is find their habitat.

If you don’t have any freshwater on your property, you will need to go out to find them. You should look for a pond, a lake, a slow creek, or a bog.

Looking for Frogs Near a Lake Shore

One of the places you can look for frogs is on a lake shore. Whether this is on your property or somewhere else, you are likely to find them here.

During the day, you will find them near the shore. They love to hide in areas surrounded by vegetation to stay hidden from predators.

They can be seen in the land by the lake early in the morning at sunrise, and they will be on the land again after sunset. They prefer these times because the sun isn’t as strong, and they can better avoid predators.

Make sure that you are looking for the frogs around lakes that are quieter without a lot of activity or water movement. You should also remember that they don’t swim out to the center of the lake; they are going to stay in quiet areas near the shore.

Frogs look for hiding spots where they can blend in, so you can find them when there is vegetation around.

Finding Frogs on the Banks of a Shallow Pond

Another great place to look for frogs is on the banks around a shallow pond. Ponds will have a lot of moss and decaying vegetation, along with lily pads, algae, oxygenating plants, and more.

During the day, the frog will stay under water with just their heads showing so that they can breathe. You can look around the vegetation and the lily pads, and try to spot their little nose and eyes sitting just above the water.

Go to a Slow Creek or a Brook to Find Frogs

If you go to a slow creek or a brook, you can find frogs in the areas where there is water that isn’t moving. They might be on the banks, or they could be off to the sides.

You will not find them in fast flowing rivers or streams, but in slow creeks, they are off to the side.

Check Around Bogs or Fens

Another place where frogs live is around freshwater wetlands. This type of ecosystem has a lot of vegetation, and they have a lot of great places for frogs to live.

Keep in mind that you will only find frogs in wetland areas that are freshwater, so don’t look around saltwater or brackish water areas.

Frogs Live Around Marshes, Swamps, and Bayous

Another type of freshwater environment that makes a great home for frogs is a marsh, a swamp, or a bayou. Frogs love these spots because the water is still, and there is plenty of vegetation.

If you live near a marsh, you will find frogs around the banks. They may be just inside the water with their faces and eyes sitting on top during the day.

Places Where You Are Unlikely to Find Frogs

Although you can find frogs in many different still, freshwater environments, there are a few types of water where you won’t find them. First of all, keep in mind that frogs only live in freshwater, not in brackish or saltwater.

If you have temporary water spots, such as puddles or seasonal pools, you aren’t likely to find frogs there. Frogs look for places where they can spawn during mating season, and temporary pools of water don’t work for them.

You also should not look for frogs in locations that have no shade. Direct sun increases the temperatures so that they are too high for them.

Frogs will want to be in the shade where they can stay cool during the day, and they need to stay hydrated. You won’t find them in small ponds that are exposed to the sun all day.

Another type of water to stay away from is water with currents or waves. Frogs need a place where they can anchor their eggs to vegetation, and they have instincts to avoid this type of place.

Fast paced water will wash away their eggs or the tadpoles, and frogs have survival instincts. You won’t find them in these types of locations.

How to Find Toads

Toads are a type of frog that lives on land. They love to hide under rocks or vegetation, and they can dig into the soil to stay cool during the day.

Toads are active at night, and they catch bugs and feel safe when it is dark and cool outside.

You can often find toads in your yard, as long as you live in a place where they can survive. They can live in urban or rural areas, and they are underground during the day.

Toads are nocturnal, so they are active at night and burrow during the day. The best time of day to look for them is near light sources during the evening hours or under rocks and soil during the day.

In the day, you will find them under leaves, rocks, branches, and logs or near tree stumps and in the mud. At night, they are usually under rock piles, near the base of trees or light sources, or in grass and vegetation.

Toads Love Land That Is Moist

Unlike frogs that live in water, toads are a type of frog that lives on the land. They thrive in humid conditions, and they are commonly found in backyards all over North America.

You don’t need a pond or any body of water in your yard to have toads living there. In spite of that, they are born in water, and they return to pools of water to reproduce during mating season.

You can search your yard in the lawn, grass, and garden, as well as wooded areas. They are likely to be out once the sun goes down.

Toads Hide Under Piles of Leaves

During the day, toads burrow in moist, cool places. One of their favorite spots is under a pile of leaves because they can stay safe from predators.

If you have any piles of leaves, this is a great spot to look for toads. It creates a perfect environment because it is humid and there are plenty of bugs for toads to eat.

You can slowly lift the leaves or weeds to look for the toads underneath.

Look Under Plastics in Your Yard

Another place that you can find toads is under plastic items in your yard. This includes garbage cans, playground equipment, tarps, and other items.

Plastic does a great job of holding humidity in underneath, and the toad will burrow in the grass below. It feels safe to them because there is little activity there.

You can approach one of these items and slowly lift it to see if there is a toad underneath it.

Look in the Window Wells of Your Basement

Another favorite spot for toads is in the window wells of your basement. Sometimes, the window well is deep enough that the toad gets in there, and it just stays because it can’t get out.

However, the environment is ideal for the toad, so it will often burrow and stay there very happily. This is one of the best places to look for toads because it is the perfect environment, and they often get stuck there.

Check Your Planters

Planters are another place where you can find toads because they hold in moisture. There is moist soil in the planter where the toads can burrow during the day.

You are most likely to find them under planters that are placed on dirt or grass because it is difficult for them to get between concrete and the planter.

Look Around Your Garbage Cans

Another place where toads stay is around your garbage cans. They are attracted to the moisture and bugs that are drawn to the garbage, and they often go under the garbage cans when they are placed on soil.

A lot of the contents in the trash will draw bugs and other wildlife, and toads will be there along with them. Check around your garbage cans when you want to find toads.

Toads Will Live Around Your Compost Bin

Another moist place in your yard is your compost bin, and it provides the perfect environment for toads. It has the moisture, bugs, and cover that toads need to stay safe.

They will burrow under the compost during the day and sit out near it in the evenings, and you can poke around it to find them.

Check Under Rocks in the Yard

If you have any rock structures in your yard, they make a great spot for toads. You might have rocks around a flower bed or as a wall on your property.

They have little nooks and crannies that offer toads the dark, safe shelter they need, along with a supply of bugs.

How to Find Tree Frogs

The third type of frogs are tree frogs, and they live on and close to trees. They have unique padded toes, and they can climb.

Tree frogs also need fresh water, and they often live near ponds that are surrounded by trees, as well as marshes and bogs.

Tree frogs can be more difficult to find than other types of frogs because they stay up in the trees. The best time of year to look for them is during mating season in the spring, when you can actually hear the males calling to the females.

You need to look in and around trees or on leaves. You should look for them in the early evening or at night.

Look for Tree Frogs in Trees Near Water

The best place to look for tree frogs is in the trees near a permanent source of water. It should be still water, such as a pond, a marsh, or a bog that has a lot of trees nearby.

Tree frogs don’t live in the water, but they rely on it for survival. They lay their eggs there, and they often choose water sources without fish because fish will eat the eggs.

Examine Trees for a Green Shiny Lump

When you are looking on a tree to find a tree frog, you should look for a lump that is shiny. Tree frogs have built in camouflage, and they are difficult to see because they blend in with leaves and branches in the tree.

The shininess comes from the moisture on their skin. Tree frogs aren’t able to conceal this because they can’t survive if their skin dries out.

You will find tree frogs more easily when it is dry outside because the moisture in their skin will stand out better.

Check Around the Base of Trees

Most tree frogs don’t climb up to the top of the trees, and they will be low enough for you to find them. Some of them stay down low just above the leaves on the ground under the trees.

During the spring, tree frogs are mating, and they stay near the base of the tree. You may be able to hear the males calling the females, and you can look around to find them.

Final Thoughts

There are three main types of frogs: aquatic frogs, toads, and tree frogs. There are many places to find them near water and in your yard.


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