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8 Ways to Get Rid of Snakes Under a Concrete Slab

8 Ways to Get Rid of Snakes Under a Concrete Slab

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Snakes often look for a cool place to hide during the day, and a slab of concrete is ideal. If the snake can get underneath it, they will take up residence and make it their place to rest.

The problem for homeowners is that it isn’t possible to catch the snake or pull it out from underneath. Fortunately, there are ways to trap the snakes and get them out from under the slab, and you can take steps to prevent them from coming.

1 – Try Using Snake Traps

Snake Trap

Once a snake goes under a slab of concrete, they will stay there unless they are convinced that there is a reason to leave. It is a safe place for them, and it is comfortable.

The best way to lure them out is with bait and a trap. Some of the best bait includes mice, insects, frogs, and other small rodents that they eat.

There are several different kinds of traps that you can use. The first is a glue trap, and it is a surface that is covered in an adhesive that will hold the snake in place.

You can release the snake by pouring vegetable oil over the adhesive, but it may be difficult, and you need to be careful because snakes do bite and it may feel threatened.

Another type of trap is a maze trap, and it is usually made of wood and has a channel that guides the snake in, but it is too narrow for the snake to escape. You use bait in this trap, and you can remove the lid to release the snake once you catch it.

Finally, people use minnow traps, which are shaped like a funnel. The snake can get in but has trouble getting out, and you can use fresh eggs to bait the snake.

You need to choose a spot where you are likely to draw the snake in. You can try to make it blend into its natural surroundings and camouflage it.

2 – Use Snake Repellent

If you spray a snake repellent under the concrete slab, you are likely to drive the snake out. The important thing is to be ready so that you can block their entryway and prevent them from returning.

You can buy commercial snake repellents, or you can use moth balls or other scents that snakes don’t like. However, many people say that they don’t do an effective job at keeping snakes away for good, so you will need to secure the area where the snake is getting under the concrete.

3 – Seal Cracks in Concrete

Seal Concrete Cracks To Preven Snakes

One way to prevent snakes from going under your concrete slabs is to seal any possible openings. You should seal any area between your home and the patio, and fill any holes in your foundation.

If you aren’t sure where the cracks are, there are companies that have equipment that can detect them. Keep in mind that snakes can get through a very small crack, as little as a half-inch.

Fill in the cracks over the summer before the snakes are looking for their winter hiding spot. You can use expandable caulking, but make sure that they aren’t inside when you seal it.

4 – Eliminate Their Food Source

Mouse Poisening To Eliminate A Snakes Prey

Snakes move into an area when they can find the food they need easily. They love to eat rodents such as mice and rats.

If you have any mice and rats, the snakes will stick around. You should do what you can to eliminate them as much as possible.

You can trap the rats, poison them, and make sure that you don’t have anything for them to eat to keep them away. By getting rid of the rodents around your home, the snakes will not have food and will go find another place to live.

5 – Clean up the Yard

If you have a lot of vegetation and other items laying all over the yard, you are inviting snakes, rodents, and other pests to stay. They look for places where they can find shelter and hide from predators.

It becomes a vicious cycle because the rats come first, but then they attract the snakes, as well as other predators. You might have dog food in containers or bird feeders, which provide the food that draws the rats.

First, make sure that any food is stored in metal containers with a lid. If you have a bird feeder, you need to keep it away from your house and clean up the droppings.

Then clean up your yard by trimming back bushes and keeping your lawn short. You should also make sure that anything you don’t need is thrown out and keep your lawn as neat as possible.

6 – Try Fencing the Area

Another option is to try placing a fence around the area where the snakes are getting under the concrete slab. If you have a fence, you can place a layer of fine mesh that is small enough that pests can’t get through.

Make sure that it extends into the ground so that the snake doesn’t go into the soil to get under it. You can use many different types of fencing, but you need to cover it with a hardware cloth or aluminum flashing.

You need to protect your gates as well because the snake will find them. Be on the lookout for anywhere that rodents are burrowing and fill in holes and do whatever you can to drive them out.

7 – Customize Your Landscaping to Draw Snakes Away From the House

Landscaping At The Back Of The Yard To Move Snakes Away

Just as with other critters, there are some types of landscape that snakes prefer. You can take the items that are desirable to snakes and replace them.

For example, they like areas with large rocks or damp mulch, and you can replace them with smaller pebbles or gravel. They also love walls made with loose stones, so you may want to make a solid wall to eliminate the crevices between the rocks.

Make sure that you keep your grass short because snakes will come closer when it is long. They tend to avoid areas where they are exposed.

You should also keep your shrubs and trees trimmed and up off the ground so that snakes don’t hide in them.

8 – Call for Pest Control

There are plenty of pest control companies that will get rid of your snakes for you, and this is a desirable option for many people. They are experienced and know what to do, and you won’t have to deal with the snakes.

Snakes can be creepy to some people, and if they feel threatened, some of them will bite. If you aren’t sure what kind of snakes you have, you can always let the professionals take care of it for you.

Final Thoughts

Snakes are known for hiding in cool, dark places. If they have access to get under a concrete slab, they are likely to take up residence. They are looking for a safe place to relax when they aren’t out hunting.

If you have a snake under your concrete slab, there are a number of ways to lure them out and get rid of them, but you need to focus on preventative actions to prevent other snakes from coming.


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David joyal

Wednesday 4th of May 2022

I have heard if you place a hose pipe around a chicken pen a snake thinks it's another snake and won't go over it is this true