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How to Heat a Hot Tub (Without a Heater)

How to Heat a Hot Tub (Without a Heater)

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Hot tubs make for a great addition to any home or property. After all, a comfortable soak can be great after a particularly hard day or make for a great area to just hang out in. It brings a sense of luxury to your home as well as providing relaxation on demand.

But like any other appliance around your home, there is a chance that it could break down and stop working properly. One of those issues could come with the heater.

When the heater breaks down, it takes one of the most important elements of the hot tub out of the equation.

Thankfully, there are ways around that issue. Ideally, you will probably want to get your heater fixed in short order so that you can use your hot tub effectively and easily.

But if the hot tub heater stops working properly, use these methods to heat your tub up comfortably.

How Long Does It Take to Heat a Hot Tub?

This obviously varies greatly depending on what you are using, but a hot tub will generally heat somewhere between three and six degrees every hour. It also depends on a number of factors with your hot tub.

The first factor is the external temperature. On a warmer day, it won’t take nearly as long to heat up your tub. On a particularly warm, sunny day, it will take very little time at all to do so.

So, if the temperature is 75 degrees outside and you want to get your tub up to 100, you’ll need to give it four to five hours to properly heat up.

You can also cut down on that time by putting a cover on the hot tub while it heats up. Think about it like this: when the cover isn’t on, your hot tub loses heat at a steady rate.

When you put the cover on while heating it up, it is similar to putting a cover on your pot as it boils: it will keep all of the heat internal and make your hot tub heat up more efficiently.

The components of your hot tub are important, too. Obviously we are working without a heater in this instance. But if the pump and the jets are in good shape, too, you can get your hot tub to heat up even faster than if they were worn down or damaged.

Efficiently Heating Your Hot Tub Without a Heater

While a heater is the quickest and most effective way to heat up your hot tub for use, it isn’t the only way. You can let it warm up in the sun but this could take several hours if your hot tub is not working efficiently.

To cut down on that time spent warming up, there are a few things that you will want to do to help make the process as efficient as possible. Obviously, you should have your hot tub serviced if at all possible.

The heater will cut down on warm up time by a substantial amount and just make things easier.

Check the Cover

As stated, you will likely have an easier time heating up your hot tub if your cover is effective. The sides of your hot tub are built to be very well insulated. This is because it is meant to keep the heat inside the tub so that the heat doesn’t seep out.

The top of your hot tub, however, is open. Leaving your hot tub open while heating means that heat will drift out of it, albeit at a slower rate than it is heating. In any event, it will take quite a bit of time to get your hot tub to an optimal level.

When you have a quality cover, you can keep your tub secure when not in use and also keep all of the heat inside of your hot tub while it warms up.

So, before you begin to heat up your hot tub, check the cover for any holes or cracks. This will give the heat a place to escape and slow down the process.

Clean your cover whenever you can to prevent any issues from occurring or cracks from appearing. When it begins to show signs of age, consider replacing your cover so that you can effectively and efficiently heat your hot tub.

Your Landscaping Can Have an Impact

Believe it or not, where you place your hot tub on your landscape can have a big impact on your ability to heat your hot tub. If there is tree coverage in the area, it can create cooling shade that keeps your hot tub from heating up quickly and efficiently.

There are also decorative windshields that people put in their yards; this can restrict or prevent airflow and can cool your hot tub down too quickly.

Again, the key here is to give your hot tub exposure to the sun so that it can heat properly without taking several hours to do so.

Other Uses for Your Hot Tub

The best thing about a hot tub is that it does not have to be hot to use. Sure, the warm water makes for a great, relaxing soak that can do wonders for aching joints and muscles.

But if your heater has broken down and you are still looking to get use out of your hot tub, there is hope.

One of the most common ways is to treat it like a pool. On a particularly hot day, going for a cool swim can do wonders for comfort and morale. Even if your hot tub heater isn’t working, being able to use it as a smaller swimming pool can be great as well.

Even better, there are multiple uses for your new “pool.” The first is to just hang out and relax. Because it is a hot tub, you can enjoy the cooler water in the summer time and still get the benefits of the jets that come in your hot tub.

You can get the refreshing feeling of the pool and don’t have to feel like you are boiling in the water.

Of course, you can also turn your hot tub into an exercise tool. You might not be able to swim laps as you would in a full-sized pool, but you can definitely use it to keep your body in shape in other methods. The point is that the water offers resistance which helps to tone and shape your muscles.

Another great thing about doing your exercises in the water is that it is great for cramped or aching muscles. The water helps to loosen those muscles, bringing out the tension and making them feel better than they have in a long time.

Great for Relaxing

A hot tub is still a hot tub and it doesn’t have to be hot to provide a comfortable, relaxing experience. As stated, it can be great in the summer time to have a cool dip and enjoy a sip of a nice, cool beverage as well.

You can even use relaxation techniques such as water yoga. This will help to soothe your body and your mind, providing the most relaxing of experiences.

When you need to get away after a particularly hard or stressful day, you can retreat to your hot tub to enjoy a cool, relaxing soak and get your mind off of things.

Besides, that’s the point of enjoying a soak in a hot tub. Even if the water isn’t hot, you can still relax and get the most out of your experience in the hot tub. Never waste a hot tub just because the heater isn’t working the way that it is meant to.

While you may not be able to enjoy a warm soak at night, you can replace it with a relaxing night time swim. When things have settled down and you have a little time to yourself, there are few things that can be quite as relaxing as getting in a nice night time soak.

So, while it is ideal for all components of your hot tub to be working properly, there are instances where your heater may not. Just because the heater isn’t working the way that it is meant to, it doesn’t mean that your hot tub has to go to waste.

Implement any of the above methods to heat your hot tub up to proper levels for a nice, warm soak or enjoy the cool, refreshing dip that can be soothing in the warmer months. In any event, you have a hot tub that will still provide relaxation and comfort on a different level.

Retreating to your hot tub is viable regardless of the situation. It is up to you to figure out how you want to enjoy the situation and to make the most of that situation. You will be thankful that you have your hot tub at the end of the day.


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