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5 Clever Ways To Stop Animals From Destroying Your Yard (No Fence Needed!)

5 Clever Ways To Stop Animals From Destroying Your Yard (No Fence Needed!)

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It can be very frustrating to go outside and see that animals have messed your garden up. Even if you consider yourself to be an animal lover, it’s not going to be convenient to have all of your hard work get ruined.

What you need is a good way to keep animals out of your garden so that this won’t happen again. Many people will choose to use fences to keep animals out of their garden areas, but this might not be an option for you.

If you can’t use a fence for whatever reason, then there are still things that you can do to get good results. Read on to learn about how you can keep animals out of your garden without a fence.

1 – Install Motion-Sensitive Lights

Did you know that many of the animals that will bother your garden area can be scared off using lights? There are many rodents and small animals that will try to enter peoples’ gardens at night.

They like to try to steal food from your garden or tear into things when they think they won’t get caught. Installing motion-sensitive lights can keep them from being able to get to your garden area without getting scared.

The lights will turn on as soon as motion is detected and this will wind up causing the animals to run away in all likelihood. Of course, you could also just use standard floodlights and keep them on if you’d like to go that route.

It really just depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend. Consider using lights to your advantage to protect your garden area since this does work pretty well as a deterrent.

2 – Use Human Hair and Dog Fur

This next idea is going to sound somewhat bizarre at first, but it actually works better than you would assume. You could choose to scatter human hair clippings around the garden area to try to scare animals away.

You likely already know that animals use their senses to determine if areas are safe or not. Scattering human hair will make the area smell like humans and many animals will be wary of getting too close to the garden because of it.

If you cut your own hair, then you can simply save the clippings and scatter them in your garden. Not everyone has a lot of hair clippings that can be utilized this way, though, and that’s why it’s good to know that dog fur can also be effective.

Dogs are considered to be predators to many of the animals that would bother your garden. Your dog likely sheds fur often and you can gather that fur to spread it around the garden to act as a deterrent to local animals.

3 – Plant Things That Are Incredibly Fragrant

Many animals are going to want to stay away from certain plants that just smell too strong. There are many fragrant plants out there that can scare animals away because they just don’t like the smell.

For example, you could choose to plant onions and garlic plants in your garden area because of how pungent they are. This is a fantastic way to keep rabbits from messing up your garden area and it’ll work for chipmunks as well.

Marigolds will be a perfect option for those who are worried about rodents. Coleus Canina is a type of plant that can keep cats at bay due to the fact that it smells like dog pee.

While some of these plants might not be ones that you would normally want to plant in your garden, it’s still going to be worth considering due to the protection that they provide. You might have an easier time with keeping your plants safe and you’ll be glad that you chose to take action.

4 – Use Predator Urine

If you know the specific animal that is coming around and ruining your garden area, then you can simply use predator urine to scare it away. For example, you might see signs that raccoons have been coming by and eating the things in your garden.

You could try to use coyote, cougar, bobcat, and wolf urine to scare them off. It’s possible to buy sprays that contain predator urine that will do a good job of repelling animals.

This will involve you spending some money since you’re not going to go around collecting urine from various predator animals. Overall, this option is good if you know the type of animal that you want to repel.

It’s also notable that dog urine will work pretty nicely to scare most animals away. Letting your dog pee near the garden area might do the trick so that you won’t have to spend any money on repellent products.

5 – Ultrasonic Devices

Recently, companies have created ultrasonic animal repellent devices that can be used to keep animals away from specific areas. These are pretty good and they work to help keep animals from feeling comfortable in certain parts of your yard.

They play ultrasonic sounds that humans can’t hear but animals will be able to hear. Generally, the sounds being generated will be predator noises or other things that can scare animals away from an area.

Most of these products will be solar-powered for your convenience, too. You’ll be able to simply stake one of the ultrasonic repellent devices in the ground and it’ll receive all of the energy that it needs from the sun that will allow it to keep operating.

This could be a convenient way to try to keep your garden safe when you don’t want to put up a fence. Ultrasonic repellent devices are generally cost-effective and should be a helpful option to consider.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to protect your garden area even when you don’t want to install fencing. You can use the methods above to get good results and you shouldn’t have to worry quite so much about animals eating your plants.

Whether you’re dealing with raccoons, chipmunks, or rabbits, it won’t be hard to solve the problem. Just choose the options that make the most sense for your situation and you won’t have to worry as much moving forward.


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